If you wish to learn more about the close and dedicated team behind The10BestCasinosOnline, this is the place to do it. Read our story, our motivation to put up this website, and what outlines our work. Get a glimpse at our core values and allow yourself to feel like a part of our community.

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Our team started out small at first. We are all professional researchers and investigators, focusing our skills into reviewing platforms, products, and services for various niche markets. The casino niche has been our passion for a long time, in a personal aspect. Nothing like unwinding after a long day at work with a couple of spins.

But we’ve had some challenges finding platforms, games, and online casinos we like and make us feel appreciated as players. Being a part of the community taught us we’re not the only once struggling to find the best and most fun places to have an enjoyable gambling experience.

So we thought, why not hone our research skills and focus our investigative expertise on the things we enjoy doing in our free time? And help ourselves, as much as others, learn more about what can be found in the gambling world.

We gathered a dozen professionals with gambling experience and set out to establish The10BestCasinosOnline. This is the team you’ll meet here, and this is who we are.


Evaluating online venues, casino games, and casino game providers is not an easy thing to do. There is always a subjective moment to an evaluation, but we strive to stick to a firm codex of values, to provide as objective an opinion as possible. Here are the core values we adhere to.

  • Independence

We’ve developed our own independent methodology you can see in our Ranking Guide. It is our mission to express unbiased and objective opinions about the online casinos we evaluate, about the quality of the game providers we come across, and about the experience casino games offer.

In order to provide you with an adequate assessment, we research thoroughly, going through active players’ feedback and opinions, sifting through resolved and unresolved complaints, and considering what each online casino has to offer and under what conditions.

The type of reputation we assign is based on our own judgment and cannot be swayed by third parties. The only way a reputation rating can be changed once we set our mind is if we see a significant improvement or deterioration on part of the online casino’s services.

  • Fairness

We’ve made it our priority to provide you only with up-to-date and accurate information. Our editorial team constantly monitors already reviewed online casinos to update promotions and bonus information, to reflect reality to the dot.

We report information without any bias and strive to update information in time. Our work here does not try to encourage gambling, as gambling should be handled with responsibility, as we advise you in our Responsible Gambling section.

The goal we strive to achieve here is to give you access to authentic feedback about the online casino games and platforms you can come across and expect to give you a fun experience.

  • Excellence

In our practice, we’ve always looked for top quality and excellent services, and online casino services make no difference. The focus of our research falls on the quality and reliability of the services.

It’s not enough to have a fun time on the slots. You need to be sure games won’t lag, RTPs are reasonable and fair, and that you’ll be able to win without unfair limitations in place. Many online casinos place limits on daily wins, on withdrawals, and unnerve players.

Some daily or monthly limits are totally reasonable and can be explained with the sizes of the online casinos. But some casinos just aim to keep as many of your funds as possible so that you play them instead of withdrawing them. We aim to introduce the casinos that will respect your decision to withdraw winnings and provide you with fair terms and conditions.


Our resources are your resources and they are here to give you a glimpse into the world of gambling, strategies, and help you have fun. Because playing games in online casinos is all about the fun experience and excitement.

Visit our educational section for a deeper grasp of this thrilling world. As we strive to make The10BestCasinosOnline better every day, we want to help you become better and find the best gambling venue that will meet your gaming needs and desires for winnings in the most beneficial way.


We aim to create a welcoming and trustworthy community where you’ll be able to explore great online casinos, gather unbiased information, and decide for yourself where you’ll have the best gambling experience. Making that informed decision makes the difference between having fun and being frustrated.

If you have anything to say to us, to share or ask, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]