Alkemics’ €21 Million Funding Might Digitize Las Vegas Resort And Casino Malls

Alkemics’ €21 Million Funding Might Digitize Las Vegas Resort And Casino Malls

Businesses in Nevada resumed operations aiming to recover from the economic impact of the novel coronavirus. Casinos in Las Vegas started accepting guests since June 4, following strict hygiene and sanitation guidelines. Operators were required to implement social distancing protocols and constant cleaning of their machines and gambling mechanisms.

Casinos started adapting technologies that ensure safety, hygiene, and social distancing in the whole entertainment venue. As much as possible, casinos implemented less human-to-human contact inside the venue.

Minimal contact was imposed during deals and in payments.

Operators are moving towards the digital era in gambling. Many tech companies started developing gadgets and software that help companies operate while abiding with the safety guidelines required by regulators.

Operators also aimed at digitizing other services in their hotel and casinos, including payments and orders in restaurants, bars, and malls. A UK-based company paved the way for mall owners and other retailers to purchase items in a single network.

Digitalized Retailers

Alkemics, a Paris-based startup, raised a €21 million in a Series C funding round as it plans to launch products retailers all over Europe. The company is working with large grocery retailers in France and the UK. The financing might digitize operations of retailers in Europe, including stores in resorts and casinos.

There is an increasing demand for an interconnected network where suppliers could launch their products. Alkemics, established in 2011, is a platform for omnichannel shopping. The company worked with leading grocery retailers in France and the UK, including E.Leclerc, Intermarché, Casino, Tesco, and Ocado.

The company accumulated funding to launch its supplier-retailer platform across Europe. The coronavirus pandemic made the retail industry realize the importance of real-time response to consumer needs. Using the Alkemics platform, retailers could easily acquire new products to replace those out of stock. They can also secure new lines of supply remotely.

Malls and shops are excited to resume operations in Vegas

Companies in Vegas, like the Miracle Mile Shops, continued work on Tuesday, with high hopes of recovering losses during the shutdown. Miracle Mile wanted to serve clients while ensuring their safety. Wendy Albert, Miracle Mile Shop senior director of marketing, said they are pleased to know that people are eager to come back.

Malls in Las Vegas resumed operations, ensuring that the employees and guests are safe. Albert said they are continually cleaning touchpoints, and they have social distancing reminders all around the shops. They also installed hand sanitizers inside the malls.

Malls are prone to the transmission of viruses since person-to-person deals are needed.

Digital payments and other advancements in technology could minimize physical contact in the venues. Shopping malls and restaurants are taking all necessary precautions to protect the lives of both employees and clients.

Going digital is the new trend in almost every industry. Software that allows customers to pay for items through QR code readers installed in phones is now available in the market. Digital payment is a fast and reliable solution to the need for non-contact transactions in malls and other retail outlets.

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