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What is an Anonymous Casino?

An anonymous casino is a term that was introduced recently and now has emerged as a whole new market. A large number of these casinos are now operating in every corner of the world providing safe and secure gambling opportunities for punters looking to keep their identity hidden. Although the number may not be the same as of the regular online casinos hence you will have to choose from a small lot.

best anonymous casinosCryptocurrencies are the main reason why these anonymous gambling sites exist in the first place. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins allow you to make your deposits and withdrawals without proving your identity but payment methods available on regular casinos do need quite a lot of personal information including your address, age and bank credentials.

While regular casinos do need a ton of your private information before they allow you to play games, anonymous casinos on the other hand only need an email address to get started.

Anonymous online casinos are fairly a latest and only a little is known about these casinos. Even though it’s exciting to play at such casinos that don’t require a lengthy registering procedure but these casinos also come with quite a lot of drawbacks that you may have to look at.

Anonymous Online Casinos Credibility

anonymous casinos credibilityAnonymous online casinos often operate unregistered as there quite some hurdles for these casinos to acquire a gambling license from a gambling authority. And that’s the main reason why these casinos are blacklisted in most of the countries.

But are they credible? Well, that depends on the casino you choose to play at. There is a good number of online anonymous betting operators that are known for their fair dealings and according to customer reviews, they are credible enough.

On the other hand, there are casinos that have caused players with some major losses and we won’t recommend you to go anywhere near those casinos. If you really want bet anonymously, one thing you can do is to choose your anonymous casino very carefully. You can have a look at our best anonymous online casinos list to find the most reliable online options out there.

Anonymous Casinos Security

anonymous casinos securityNow let’s talk about security which is one of the most important aspects for the players at regular online casinos. But it’s not the case with the anonymous players, as their identity is completely hidden and there is no way anyone can harm them.

Anonymous casinos use state-of-the-art tech and tools to operate under hard circumstances as the governments are always looking to shut these down. So it’s safe to say that if the government can’t trace their data, no one can. The private information stays private

Moreover, Cryptocurrencies are based on a blockchain network that is hard to trace down hence you get the secure path for your transactions. Furthermore, the only you only need to provide your eWallet number in order to make a transaction and no private information is required hence the security is maintained at the highest level. After looking at all of these facts it’s not hard to say that these casinos are one of the safest platforms to bet at.

Advantages of Such Casinos

advantages of anonymous casinosAnonymous casinos bring a whole lot of benefits and below we have listed a few of those:

Anonymous Bets: As mentioned above, these casino doesn’t require a whole lot of private information and you can signup at any of the online anonymous gambling sites simply by providing your email address and start placing your bets.

Ease of Use: Regular casinos take a whole lot of time before you can actually play your favourite games as first you will have to wait for the online casino to approve your account and then wait for the first deposit to show up in your casino vault. These casinos, on the other hand, provide instant gambling services as you can signup via email with instant approval and make your deposit via Bitcoins with instant transactions and start playing.

Security: Security is always one of the most important aspects of online casinos players. They have to provide their address, banking credentials, phone numbers and there is always a chance of identity theft. But at anonymous casinos, you don’t have to provide a single piece of your private information.

Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrencies are the currencies of the future but unfortunately there are not a lot of markets where you can spend those. The casinos provide a chance for you to bet, win and cash out your cryptocurrencies easily. The Use of Bitcoins also enhances the security as the transaction data is stored on the blockchain that’s continuously on the move hence it’s very hard to track down.

Fast Transactions: As there are no banks or third parties involved Crypto transactions are much faster than the transaction made through regular means.

Everyone is Welcome: Such casinos have no restriction of age, jurisdictions or countries hence everyone who wants to enjoy a nice gambling session is welcomed with open arms.

Unlimited Transactions: Most of the online casinos has a few limitations when it comes to deposits and withdrawals but it’s not the case with these casinos as you can gamble as much as you want to and take your money home at the end of every session.

anonymous casinos advantagesZero Processing Fee: Cryptocurrency transactions are absolutely free unlike traditional banks or Debit/Credit cards. Although the casino may charge you a small fee for processing your requests.

Regular Payments: Most of the anonymous casinos allow you to take your money out of the club in any currency you like to hence that’s a huge benefit for players willing to convert their Cryptocurrencies into regular hard cash.

Disadvantages of Anonymous Casinos

Along with a lot of benefits, you will also have to face a few of drawbacks while playing at any of the anonymous online casinos:

  • Uncertainty: The value of Cryptocurrencies is extremely volatile as it depends on plenty of factors hence there is always a factor of uncertainty while dealing in Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins.
  • Lack of Authorization: There are plenty of reasons that anonymous gambling sites can’t possess a gambling license and that’s a bit alarming as in case of any disputes or issues players will have nowhere to go and players’ fate will be in the hands of the casino.
  • Lack of Credibility: These casinos are not legal in most of the cases hence it’s often hard for the players to trust on such platforms. But according to the facts and figures, all of the major anonymous sites are operating fairly and are credible. Still, it’s recommended to chose wisely.
  • Limited Software Providers: Anonymous gambling sites are unregistered hence most of the major software providers such as Microgaming and NetEnt haven’t licensed any of their games to these casinos.
  • Limited Games: These casinos have a very limited number of games to offer and it’s unlikely that you will find any of your favourite on anonymous casinos.

Ending Lines

top anonymous casinosEven though it’s pretty hard to remain anonymous and that also on the internet but somehow anonymous gambling venues have managed to do that. Privacy does matter and in most of the cases it’s necessary but in the case of online gambling, we think that it’s not a fair trade.

You are giving so much including your favourite games, trusted software providers and plenty more. But if you really want to stay anonymous while gambling these online anonymous casinos are definitely a recommendation.