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Currently Online Gambling is illegal in USA, that is why we have no casinos to offer you at this time! But don't be dissapointed. Please bookmark our site and check it regularly for new casinos if the situation changes. We are still working hard to find the best online casino for you!

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Online Gambling in Australia

Australia has one of the biggest markets of online casino gambling. The locals are fanatic for most of the casino games, however, the most liked game by Aussies are the so-called pokies. Pokies are actually the well-known slots, as they are known in the common world and comprise a major share of betting. The gambling we are talking about includes Mac, smartphone, tablet, laptop, and PC at an Australian casino.

For a fact, no country is this much crazy for pokies as Australia is. You can find this to be true once you take a glance at any Australian casino we have listed. Several Aussie online casinos have plenty of instant play, video slots, classic games, progressive pokies, and bonuses to satisfy a nation.

Probably the second most popular gambling game here is blackjack. But it pales compared to the hype around pokies.

The transition of video poker from land casinos to online casinos was quite smooth, as well. The factor that attracts people towards this poker-based game is that it has several numbers of variants.

Do not forget the table games, when it comes to the online world of an Australian casino. They have all of them. The games include but are not limited to baccarat, roulette, and even craps. If you are interested in bingo, scratchies and keno, then you would possibly get lucky with an online AU casino. Fans of specialty games like Keno, bingo and scratchies will encounter many of these online.

Best Betting Sites in Australia

One must have an open mindset while selecting an Australian casino, especially one should not make a judgement based on its initial appearance. What we mean to say is, you might get attracted to flashy or colourful homepages, but that is not the thing which should trigger you to register on it.

Apart from the display, there is something more significant you need to focus on before signing-up with an online casino. These significant factors play a vital role in selecting, reviewing or leaving a particular casino.

Legal Status of Online Gambling in Australia

Current Legal Status of Online Gambling in Australia

Any online casino is advised to operate only if it gives you fruitful results and satisfying experience. The licensing and fair regulation of a site makes it safe to invest real money. We advise going for such sites that are completely licensed and regulated. It also assures the games are tested and are certified fair from their random and independent use.

Apart from this, there are more benefits of selecting a licensed and legal casino, like speedy payouts on winning, 24/7 customer support, several genuine promotional offers and bonuses.

But what you should keep in mind is the following – only casinos licensed by the state can make offers to Australian citizens. Currently, no online casino there holds such a license. There are however several companies that offer online gambling in Australia via Sportsbook, which is currently regulated.

With unlimited and various opportunities, Aussie casinos have always encouraged the gambling industry. In the present scenario, the market of gambling is growing at an exponential rate with customers motivating all sort of games. To meet the cut-throat competition, players encourage the casinos to be updated with the latest tech.

This severe competition has led to a significant improvement in what is offered to gamblers looking to join an Australian casino online.

History of Online Gambling in Australia

Gambling for the Aussies has a long history. The settlers of the 1700s introduced it there. Gambling became prevalent among the natives of Australia when card games were introduced by Chinese settlers. Apart from a way of socializing, gambling took a form of entertainment and competition attracting all the generations. Also, it became a medium for the trade of necessities.

The laws and regulations of Aussie gambling have always been one step behind the rapid industry developments. This has required for swift decisions to keep up with progress in the gambling industry.

best betting sites in Australia

In 1852, the first law for gambling was passed. To restrict the games such as tan-tan and two-up, the government of Australia passed the “Vagrant Act” and “Act to Restrain the Practice of Gambling and the Use of Obscene Language” in 1853, however, other types of betting including horse racing was allowed.

There have been wide speculations that these types of activities could be harmful to the general public so the legislators tried to ban them completely.

Before the 1970s the ban on card games also included casinos, however, this law was changed after generation of new public sentiments. Adding to that, the government focused on generating income through casinos by putting taxation and regulation duties. It even added to the tourism of the country. The territories and states got most of the gambling rights, and in 1973, the first-ever casino was launched in Hobart.

The offering of international games through poker sites and online casinos made internet betting a factor involving the entire world to its network including its operations in Australia.

To limit the real money games of Aussie online casinos and their other services to the Australian public, the Interactive Gambling Act was passed by the Australian Commonwealth Parliament in 2001. Although the enforcement of the law was a great deal due to international online gambling. The Aussie market was getting caught by the attractive games and bonuses offered by international operators of casinos.

There was an amendment in the Gambling Act in 2017, this amendment was made to safeguard the gamblers facing problems by opting them out of such problems, as the online betting sites would require to have extra licenses from Australian authorities. As per this amendment, there is also a ban on free bets and it will also overcome play betting.

The Aussie casinos dealing in live gambling are afraid of the government due to the extensive reach of the betting platforms in the country and exclusive slot machine and table games offered by the casinos. The tournaments and cash have great popularity of live poker games, and Sydney and Melbourne offer some of the biggest casinos in the world.

Play Online Pokies in Australia

Play Online Pokies in AustraliaThe plenty of games available on online casinos for Aussies, ranging from baccarat, craps, poker, blackjack, roulette, video poker, sports bets and much more allows the players to select their preferred online casino.

The players are fully authorised to play on sites for online poker and online pokies. Australia has sites with poker and pokies though, the government is trying to put their regulations on international pokies and poker sites but are still far away.

The authorities are still going on with the changes and amendments in the laws so that the players are getting best of the latest technologies and it also ensures that any of the activities followed by the players are involved in criminality.

There is a higher concentration of market share by the casino industry. Out of the total market share of the casino industry, there are just 2 companies who cover 90% share in the revenue.

In addition to their prospects, both the companies regulate major 5 casinos out of 13 available in the market. The 2 casinos established in Perth and Melbourne help the Crown Resorts to secure approximately half of the total revenue generated by the industry.

In the last 5 years, there are multiple renovations and improvements done in its prevalent entertainment outlets, casinos and hotels. There is a substantial increase in the shares of Echo Entertainment Group now Star Entertainment Group over last 5 years, besides the fact that Colonial Leisure Group purchased its Jupiters casino located in Townsville in 2014.

How to Select an Australian Casino

What to Look For in Top Australian Online Casinos

1. Security
One should never compromise with the security while checking any online casino, regardless of the destination. The best Australian casino we would recommend would probably show a green lock beside the “secure” word in the search bar. In addition to this, there must minimum encryption of the site up to 128-bit SSL.

2. License
You can notice the license at the end of the homepage, it is necessary to get assured whether they take you to the site’s actual license. The fairness of the games can be tested through auditing seals, it also ensures the security of the transactions.

3. Banking
For all the Australian players, the Aussie casinos must have speedy and secure payment methods, and the casinos should accept the AUD as a currency to play in.

4. Rewards
There should be clarity in the requirements of the promotional and bonus pages so that you can easily understand the wagering requirements, terms and conditions.

5. Gaming
Our reviewers majorly focus on the quality of experience given by top AUS online casinos to their customers. The casino games offered by Aussie casinos should have a higher quality of sound and graphics, irrespective it is been played from desktop or a mobile device.

6. Support
There must be a 24/7 contact facility, either through email or live chat. The Australian players must have a phone call option which should be toll-free on the site.

To have the best experience of online gaming, you must try every game. More than blackjack and roulette, some people give preference to video slots and online pokies. However, the top Australian Online casinos give a variety of gaming options to its players.

Important Facts about Australian Online Casinos

Why & How to Use Top Australian Online Casinos

1. The government does not impose any taxes on jackpots or winnings, as online gambling by Aussies is considered as a recreational activity.

2. In addition to an entertaining environment, the top online casinos have to provide a secured gaming experience to its players.

3. You can analyse a casino to be the best online casino for Aussie players if it gives free gaming options to its players. This is required to get familiarise with a particular game and with the features of online gambling.

4. Often, the players there go beyond while betting, which is alright, as playing games and trying out your luck is supposed to be fun. But if you feel like you might have a problem, use the advisable methods to stop or limit gambling if some personal damage is occurring. You must utilize discretion while gambling so that you can get a fun experience while gambling responsibly.