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Baccarat By 1×2 Gaming

Finding it hard to pick up the pace on slot machines? Well, now you can try your luck on Baccarat, presented by 1×2 Gaming. Holding the real casino settings with a clean, sleek design the table is all set for your bets in Baccarat.

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Beat the banker with higher cards and win some tremendous amount of money. It’s simple, it’s easy and the best thing is it can pay enormously. So what are you waiting for? Bring up your strategy with Baccarat free play and turn the table in your favour.

Technical Overview of the Baccarat Casino Game

Technically this game follows the traditional Baccarat rules and is played between two hands, players and bankers with 6 decks of 52 cards each. The game proceeds with comparing the cards of both hands and the higher card win hence you’ll have to predict the bigger cards to turn the tables.

Baccarat by 1×2 Gaming allows you to bet anywhere between 0.50 and 200 credits with possible chip denominations of 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 25 and 100.

Theme and Design of Baccarat Casino Recreations

1×2 Gaming has loaded this game up with excellent theme representation. Baccarat holds a Brick and Mortar casino theme and once you load it up, it will take you right through the casino floor and will lead you to your designated table where you can place your bets.

Red is the dominated colour on the screen and that really enhances the overall experience. Still, if you find the gameplay boring, you’ll always have the liberty to turn on the soundtrack that will accompany you throughout the session.

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Baccarat holds the highest quality graphics that are nicely rendered to support the overall theme. All in all, Baccarat by 1×2 Gaming will surely have you hooked and it will impress you in every possible way.

Scoring in Baccarat Casino Game

As this version of Baccarat follows the traditional rules hence the value of a hand is determined by adding the values of the cards in a particular hand. The number cards ( 1 to 9 )are counted as the face value while the Aces are counted as 1.

The Kings, Jacks, Queens, and 10s are counted as 0. If the value of a hand becomes 10 or more, 10 is subtracting from that value and the remaining value becomes the value of the hand.

For more detailed information you can visit our how to play baccarat guide or the Baccarat Strategy page.

Payouts In Baccarat

The game pays a 1:1 for both Players wins and Banker’s wins with 5% commission on all of the wins. You can also bet on a tie, even though that may be a little risky but it’s worth trying as it can pay you with a higher payout of 8:1.

Game’s theoretical RTP or Return to Player percentage stands at 98.94% which supports the fact that the game will give a great value to your hard-earned money. Moreover, it’s a low variance game hence offer a higher bet to pay ratio so once you start playing it, you’ll be in for quite some prizes.

baccarat casino game placing bet

How to Play Baccarat Online Game?

Playing Baccarat is way easier than it seems and you’ll just have to follow these steps for a smooth gambling session.

The first step here is to adjust your bets by clicking the 3 lined setting and information icon presented on the right-hand side of the screen. After adjusting your stakes, you can proceed to select a chip denomination appearing on the lower end of the screen.

After that, you can either click on the player’s betting area or banker’s betting area. The area you’ll click will decide whether you have placed your bets on the player or the banker and with each of your clicks in the area, 1 chip of the selected value will add up to your bet.

Now you are ready to start the hand and you have to do here is to click on the DEAL button. After the game reveals the results you can either click on Rebet to proceed with your previous bet or you can also click the Rebetx2 to double your previous bet. The New Bet button will allow you to start right from the beginning.

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Check Out Baccarat Game’s Free Demo

Still, have any questions regarding the payouts? Well, here is a chance for you get answers to each of your questions with a Baccarat free play in demo. It holds the exact same gameplay as the real money version dose.

It will allow you to have all of the important insights into the gameplay and you can use those insights to plan a wagering strategy before you proceed to play Baccarat online for real money.

Ending Lines For Baccarat Game

As the online casino industry is dominated by slot machines. games like Baccarat brings a swirl of the fresh air for punters, Especially this version of Baccarat is a real treat for the players looking for some easy money.

It holds as competitively higher payout ratio and an even higher RTP percentage that really makes it stand out. This game really impressed us with its overall outlook and tremendous payout potential.