Baccarat Tricks to Win

baccarat tricks to winSince you are on this page, it’s obvious you are looking for some baccarat strategy. You are searching for great tips & tricks to become an excellent player or baccarat tricks to win daily.

No matter what the reason you are looking for the knowledge that will boost your winning efforts, the first rule of thumb is to practice what you have learned. Practice makes perfect they say. If you are looking for baccarat rules and how to play this card game you can visit our comprehensive guide here.

Therefore, before proceeding further, know that practising is as important as learning the different baccarat strategies.

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Don’t Bet on Tie

One of the very major baccarat strategies and tips is to avoid the subtle pull to make a Tie. It is true that out of baccarat’s three bets, Banker, Tie, and Player, the game has short house limits on two bets.

The player has a house edge of 1.24% and the banker has 1.06%. In every 100 units, for every bet on Banker, you are expected to lose 1.06 units, and every unit bet on Player, the expected loss is 1.24% on every 100 units.

Where does the Tie come in and why is it the wrong idea not to make a tie. Here is why!

The Tie bet comes with a house boundary of 14.4% approximately; which means when you make a Tie bet, you waste 14.4% out of 100 units. This technique of playing this game is indeed a very bad baccarat betting strategy, avoid it.

Bank on the Banker

bank on the banker baccaratWhen playing a game a lot of people try to adopt a difficult strategy and ignore the obvious and real working strategy. A good example is this Baccarat tips, bank on the banker.

Yes, the Banker is an obvious and excellent choice for baccarat winning strategy, and the reason is simple. At the baccarat table where you need to make a bet, your best choice should be the Banker. Why?

A simple strategy will come through about 50% of the time. Normally, a 5% commission is set on every win to checkmate player’s advantage on a bet; therefore, under this circumstance, it’s logical to go for the Banker.

Keep Betting on the Banker Until They Lose

The idea here is to capitalize on winning patterns and that is what the Banker brings to the table; a slightly predictable winning pattern compared to others like Player, and the Tie. A good baccarat strategy is to focus one a streak and use it for your advantage.

In your first game if you discover the banker provides that baccarat winning strategy streak for you, by all means, go for it. The baccarat game is about finding your comfortable stand-point. Everyone has a unique baccarat betting strategy, all you have to do is find yours and improve on it.

Before you run off to start using these baccarat tricks to win on your next game be warned that a streak is not constant, there is no 100% certainty that it will always occur.

So, don’t let go of your defences, take necessary precautions at all times, and never bet what you cannot afford to lose. You will still encounter house limits on virtually every wager you make; and when it happens, you cannot bet your way out of it.

Await Banker’s Decision

await bankers decision baccaratIt is possible that your best strategy may lose and when that happens, what should you do? A great baccarat strategy is to bet on the Banker; but what happens when the banker loses?

You are bound to be disappointed no doubt, and the urge to just let go and make a hasty decision will arise. What do you do? In any betting game where you have to win by making predictions, there is always a chance of becoming reckless and making the wrong decision.

In this baccarat winning strategy, you are advised to wait especially if your favourite “banker” bet lost and the player wins. Do not panic, or jump to another bet immediately, simply wait patiently for the next decision.

Your bet will be anything that decision is; remember that if it’s a Tie, it means neither the player nor the banker lost the game – it’s a tie after all.

Bets are Not Considered

In this recommended baccarat strategy, tie wagers are not seen; that means they are invisible, and therefore, don’t count. In the baccarat games, the Tie is meant to signify a pause in the whole gaming process.

Should there be a tie after having “a Banker” in 3 consecutive times, simply overlook the tie as if it didn’t happen. A good example, bankers, bankers, bankers, tie in four successive games.

The Player Bet: Follow the Streak

follow the streak baccaratIf you are having a winning streak during a baccarat game, it is advisable that you continue playing it until it loses. For example, if you are using the Player baccarat betting strategy, ride it until it loses.

Here is a secret baccarat strategy. When a player bets eventually lose to a Banker, don’t delay waiting for the next decision, wager on the Banker immediately. The banker is a winner any day.


Follow Money Management Strictly

In any game where you have to make predictions, it is very crucial to have a solid money management habits in place. Having the best baccarat winning strategy is useless if you don’t know how to control your investments.

When you play baccarat you are wagering on a coin flip. Betting on a coin is very risky, and because you are not a magician, it is therefore not easy to be right 100% of the time.

Even if you have an 80% winning rate, you can still lose all your money on the 20% loss rate if you don’t practice money management.

So if you are receiving 10 units in every decision, offer yourself 200 units as a bankroll in your session, but if you lose it, handoff; take a break.

Taking a break here means you should give yourself some quality break like, take a walk, take a nap, get something to eat, any activity as long as it is refreshing. Baccarat is a fun-filled game, treat it as such, don’t make it a do or die affair.

An excellent way to manage your money when playing baccarat is to keep aside a portion of your winning all the time. Never make the mistake of re-investing all your money including winning; you may lose everything you have.

Avoid Mini-Baccarat

avoid mini baccaratAnother baccarat winning strategy that you can count on is avoiding the mini-baccarat as it can make you lose big. The mini-baccarat is the regular version where baccarat card counting is involved; this is because it represents the old version of dealing with the card.

It is a leisure game that may require playing 40 decisions every hour. The bad part of playing mini-baccarat is that it is very fast as some dealers can get off with 150 to 200 decisions. Another reason why mini-baccarat should be avoided is that dealers and not players deal with the game.

Although the bets for table minimum is less than the regular baccarat card counting game, 200 decisions even with 1.24 or 1.06 house limits can be upsetting if the games go against you.

So, just follow the Banker only baccarat betting strategy, should you decide to play mini-baccarat. Simply bet on Banker until it fails you. After you lose to a Player, continue betting on the Player until it loses; when it does, go back to betting on the Banker.

Avoid Note-Taking on Baccarat

Avoid Note Taking on BaccaratDo you take notes when playing betting games? If you do then you are not alone. A lot of people think that they can record a pattern on a sheet and recall it on their next playing session.

It is not that simple, writing down patterns will not help you because prediction is based on the chance of something happening in the future. Unless you have a magical formula or you are a super-human with supernatural powers, you cannot predict what can happen the next second, minutes, or years; so take betting games as it is; fun and nothing more.

If the Banker wins 4 times in a row, you cannot prove that it will win the next time.

Baccarat is a game and it should be taken like one. It is not a bad idea to stake money, but it is a bad idea to play as if your life depends on it. If you decide to make a living from playing the game, learning some baccarat winning strategy is a good idea.

The strategy you learn will equip you with the skills to win and stay in control of the game. Importantly, practice all baccarat strategy before investing your hard-earned money. Don’t just start investing your money without really discovering if the strategy you have learned will work for you.

Another very important aspect of learning the strategy is developing money management skills. The skill is as vital as any strategy you know.