Big Bad Wolf Slots Review

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Game RTP %
Game Music
Game Design
Slot RTP: 97.3%
Min Bet: 0.25
Max Bet: 125
Reels: 5
Additional Details:
Paylines: 25
Software Provider: Quickspin Gaming
Slot Type: Video Slot
Theme: Fairytale, Fantasy
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Big Bad Wolf Slot Review

Are you afraid of wolves? The Big Bad Wolf slot game will make you bolder and tougher to spin and smash those bad wolves. The game’s theme is based on a mystical Big Bad Wolf and three little pigs.

It’s a popular children’s bedtime story that is common, and it brings out the best you can get from slot machines. The design from Quickspin Gaming is impressive and outstanding.

Welcome to the Big Bad Wolf Slot Kingdom

The game comes in a cascading reels design which has 25 paylines and five reels. The characters on the reels showcased are cartoon-styled cute pigs and a mean-looking bad wolf.

The backdrop of the game is a straw house that resembles what the pigs were building to protect themselves from the wolf. What will capture your attention are the swooping reel features used in the game.

big bad wolf welcome screen

There are a lot of unique features or benefits like additional wilds, free spins, and also swooping characters which makes winning to be easy. A gambler can work on bringing the straw house down with values from 25p to €250.

The winning symbols and characters on a spin would disappear, and the elements above replace them. The standard characters in the game are low paying, and three pigs are the top-paying if a bettor manages to get a winning combo.

The reels in the Big Bad Wolf slots game keep dropping provided there is a winning combo. Quickspin Gaming offers different bonus symbols like the moon, wolf scatters, and a beehive Wild which are sure to increase the players’ enthusiasm during the game.

How to Play Big Bad Wolf Slots?

Big Bad Wolf Slot has a 5×3 design, in which every five reels, three characters are in use. There are a total of 25 paylines where a punter can choose the number of levels they need to place their bet.

There are buttons at the bottom of the screen that offer different functions. A gambler can adjust the game settings using these buttons to specific preferences. There is also a gear button that edits or changes the paylines in the game and even the wager per bet line.

The scope of prizes depends on the amount of money you place on your bet and the symbols on the paylines. If you need to win high amounts, you have to be ready to spend huge chunks of wagers.

During the game, you can easily change your settings to meet your needs. The Big Bad Wolf slot gaming screen shows the credit balance on the left side of the screen. It makes it easier for one to keep an eye on their total credit when they are playing.

You need to set your bet amount in the game before you run the game. For you to run or spin the game, you can strike the ‘Play’ button placed at the right-end side of the gaming screen.

big bad wolf main

It lets the selected spin to rotate and land on their combinations. When spinning, hold your horses hoping that you will get multiple winning combos. All rewards are added automatically to your credit balance once a spin is complete.

For gamblers who want to keep their spinnings unbroken, there is an “Auto Mode” button on the gaming screen. Clicking this button allows the computer to take control of the game for the pre-set number of rotations.

If you feel like playing on a single spin style, you can pause the auto mode and take control of your game. Unique spins allow a gambler to make as many modifications as they need.

You will enjoy the game’s design more as you switch between different game modes and choose the style that entices you the most.

What are the Outstanding Bonus Features in the Big Bad Wolf Slot Game?

Who doesn’t love big wins from video game slots? The Big Bad Wolf’s cascading features help in increasing the victories of a player. The bonus features help in increasing the RTP of the game.

Quickspin gaming offers different bonus features which make the process of winning to be straightforward.

Swooping Reels: If you get a successful combo in your bet lines, you activate the swooping reel, and it’s also known as cascading reels. Once you hit this combo, all the matching characters on the grid are wiped off. New elements fill in the space that is left by the winning combinations. The new symbols fall from above to fill the reels. The swoops continue until there are no winning combinations. Swooping reels help in raising your winning chances.

Free Spins: The scatter symbol or the wild wolf activates free spins in the game if you get three or more in a successful combo. The wolf starts blowing the grass thatched house down, and the gambler gets a number of free spins. If three moon signs appear on the reels during this duration, you can get 2 to 6 extra spins. Also, the wolf blows down the brick house down. If you are lucky enough to get six moons, the game offers two more turns and double prize on your wager.

big bad wolf free spins gameplay

Wilds: The wild symbols are of two types in this slot video game, the beehive, and wild pigs. If the beehive feature appears, it will replace all the other symbols that don’t work for you on the reels. The wild pigs are also regular features in the gaming mode. When the swooping style turns on, one pig element converts to a wild symbol. Also, on the 2nd, 4th, and the 6th win, another pig turns to a wild symbol. The pigs will be wild until there are no more winning combinations.

Blowing the House: For a gambler to activate the blowing house element, they need to watch out for the moons when they appear on the reels. For this action to activate, you need at least three moons. They blow away the house and give the player two extra spins. If you get six of them, the house can fall, and it leaves you with two turns and a double reward.

Big Bad Wolf Slot Offers a Stylish Design & Theme

In slots video games, the theme and the design usually matters a lot to a developer. Quickspin Gaming theme is based on three little pigs and a big wicked wolf fairy tale to come up with an innovative slot.

The color blend in the game is top-notch, which makes the final look to be outstanding. The reels on the game take the shape of a thatched hut. The backdrop or background of the game is beautiful farmland. The farm contains beehives, pigs, high-value cards and moons.

big bad wolf free spins trigger

The classic design also comes with simple control buttons which makes the selection of the controls to be more accessible. The bonus features will carry you away when you see them crushing the symbols on the reels. The soundtracks create a classic feel, and when you get wins, the rhythm will make your heart thud in joy.

Mobile users’ aren’t left out by the developer on this, and the game is 100% compatible with all mobile phones, iPads, and tablets. All the features that you enjoy on your slot machine are still the same features that you can enjoy and access on all your mobile devices.

There are a lot of benefits and freedom when you are playing Big Bad Wolf Slots on your mobile devices. Online casinos have a lot of special offers, and also you can play your game at any time of the day.


The Big Bad Wolf casino slot video game might be one of the most exciting games you can play. The game has a fantastic design, and the graphics are superb. The symbols are in brilliant 3D animation, which creates a realistic feel.

During your gameplay, you can trigger free spins which might give a player handsome pay-outs. If you are looking for a slot game with outstanding farm graphics, look no further.

Where Can I Play Big Bad Wolf Slot?

Videos slots games are becoming common across the world, and now you can easily play them from a broad range of devices. The Big Bad Wolf casino game is mobile-friendly, and you can access it from any mobile device.

Also, online casinos offer a lot of benefits when compared to real casinos. The Big Bad Wolf can be played for free and in demo in several casinos. You can always try it out in our lobby.

Remember to gamble responsibly, and that the games are only legal in regions where gambling is not a crime. In addition, the Big Bad Wolf slot might be restricted in some countries, and if yours is one of them, you probably won’t be able to play it. Happy gaming!