Bitcasino Taps XRP For Fast Crypto Transactions

Bitcasino Taps RIpple For Fast Crypto Transactions

Ripple, and its native cryptocurrency XRP, was recently picked by notable online casino platform Bitcasino. The deal will allow Bitcasino players to easily convert real-world currency into XRP crypto and use it on the platform.

This recent development came in the midst of some serious security issues that has recently plagued the cryptocurrency market. While some cryptocurrencies are already on the road to recovery, there are still some that are experiencing the quagmire of these recent attacks.

Ripple and XRP are not exactly the biggest or even the most lucrative of cryptocurrencies, that honor belongs to Bitcoin. Nevertheless, XRP has built its reputation over the years as one of the most secure cryptocurrency.

It also boasts fast transaction turnaround times, and a slew of security protocols that ensures malicious users cannot access or take advantage its platform.

Fast and Secure Transactions

Over the year, Ripple has built a global network of financial institutions, banks, and money remittances centers across multiple points of interests around the globe.

Through this massive web of partners, Ripple users can use its cross-border platform to easily transact business to people on the other side of the world. This is a great improvement compared to traditional bank transactions which could take days to push through.

This massive investment in platform and infrastructure has helped Ripple climb the top of the cryptocurrency board. In terms of market capitalization, XRP is now third just behind Ethereum, and Bitcoin which is on top of the leaderboard.

Perfect for Online Casino Transactions

Ripple’s features and services made it quite attractive to many online casino platforms. Chief among them is Bitcasino, which is also a crypto casino. Recently, Bitcasino announced that it will start supporting XRP on its platform.

This means that Bitcasino players can not directly place bets on the platform using the XRP cryptocurrency, eliminating the daunting task of converting the crypto into another form of currency.

As of this writing, Bitcasino users can deposit money into the platform and convert it into XRP. The minimum deposit is $10, which can be converted into 50XRP. There is also a relatively low cash out requirement. Players are only required to have at least 100 XRP for them to be able to cash out their winnings.

In a statement, Bitcasino Director Tauri Tiitsaar said, “It makes us very proud to say that we now have the three most used cryptocurrencies integrated with Bitcasino.”

Prior to recent developments, Bitcasino already supports Bitcoin and Ethreum. Now that XRP is also on its list of support cryptocurrency, the platform essentially supports the top three most popular cryptocurrencies.

It would appear that the recent security breach which had affected quite a number of cryptocurrencies did not deter Bitcasino to implement XRP support on its platform.

While some reports claim that support for XRP has been dwindling for quite some time now, the fact that Bitcasino still supported it proves otherwise. XRP still has a lot of hurdle to overcome to be the top cryptocurrency in the market, but from the looks of it, the crypto is well on its way.

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