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Blackjack by 1×2 Gaming

1×2 Gaming has been operating in the industry for over a decade and it’s known for its fabulous line of slot machines. Though over the years the developer has also produced a good number table and other traditional games.

One of these stunning games is Blackjack. Blackjack provided by 1×2 Gaming is built around the traditional Blackjack rules but with a slight touch of modern practices. Wanna try it for yourself?

blackjack casino game selecting bets

Well, you can start with Blackjack free play and then move on to the real money challenge.

The Basic Gameplay in Blackjack Casino Game

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1×2 Gaming has used the core Blackjack rules in this version but with slight variations. As always the main aim here is to beat the dealer without exceeding an overall hand value of 21. The game is played with eight decks of 52 cards.

All of the cards hold the same values as appearing on their faces except the Jack and Queen and King which hold a card value of 10. While the Aces can either be counted as 1 or 11.

The game allows you to place your bets anywhere between 0.5 and 200 credits with the chip denominations of 0.1, 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 25 or 100.

Payouts in Blackjack by 1×2 Gaming

Blackjack holds a pretty high RTP percentage, reaching as high as 99.54% hence the payouts are almost guaranteed. There are no lines or reels in her it’s a straight-up bet and wins setup that will pay you with each ending game.

blackjack casino game split push

All of the wins pay 1:1 except for the blackjack that pays as high as 6:5. If the dealer scores a tie half of your stakes will be consumed and the other half will be credited to your balance meter.

Looks and Theme in Blackjack Casino Game

Visually Blackjack holds an extremely soothing outlook with a simple sleek design. The game begins with animation that leads you to your designated table that is placed right in the middle of a Brick and Mortar casino.

With a wonderful soundtrack and a shocking red colure scheme, the game is all set to inspire you at every level.

How to Play Blackjack Online Game?

1×2 Gaming has loaded this game up with a clear set of buttons to maximise betting speed. These controls are designed simple enough to understand and easy to get along with. you can follow the following step for a faster more convenient gambling session:

After the game loads up, you can proceed by selecting a chip for betting by clicking on any of the chips appearing at the bottom of the screen.

After selecting your chips, you’ll have to click on the STACK logo appearing just above the stack of the reels. Clicking here will place your selected chips on the table. To place more chips on the table you can simply click on the STACK again. Each click will add one more chip to the stack.

blackjack casino game placing bets

As soon as you place a chip on the table two buttons ( Deal and Clear Chips) will appear just under the placed chips. The Clear Chips button will allow you to cancel your bet and you will again return to the first step while the Deal button will begin the game.

You can place from one to three bets to be dealt from one to three hands. That will lead to the dealing of the respective sets of two cards (face up). The value of each hand will be placed next to them.

For each hand you’ll get to choose whether to hit, stand or double the bet. Once you’ve done that for every hand you’ve got dealt and the corresponding action has been taken, the dealer will reveal its hand.

Each of your hands is considered separately. Let’s say for example, you’ve placed two bets. You have two hands now, one of 17, one of 20, and you decide to stand for both. If the dealer scores a hand of 19, you’ll lose one of your bets and win the other.

If the dealer fails to beat you or busts his hand you’ll win the game. If the dealer scores a tie, half of the stakes will be returned to you and the game will end. If you have a score of 21, the dealer can’t beat you though he can score a tie.

After the game ends two buttons appear on the screen. One of these buttons will allow you to place fresh bets and the other one will repeat the previous bet.

Check Out Blackjack Games’ Free Demo

Even though we have explained the game as far as its possible still you’ll need to implement what you have learned here. One way to practice your skills is by playing Blackjack for real money but it may cost you some serious bucks.

blackjack casino game win

Another more convenient way to do so is by trying our Blackjack game free demo version that holds the exact same gameplay as of the paid version. It will give you enough time and demo credits that you’ll easily be able to beat the dealer and get yourself a healthy reward.

Ending Lines for Blackjack

Undoubtedly 1×2 Gaming has done an exceptional job in keeping as near to reality as possible. Nice sleek design and eye-catching colour combinations really trigger the gambler hidden inside the players.

As far as the payouts are concerned you can have a look at Blajack’s RTP percentage that is as high as 99.54% and we think that’s more than enough for us.