Casino Barcelona Welcomes Back Patrons With New Set OF Rules

casino barcelona reopens

Casino Barcelona welcomes back patrons, imposing new health and safety measures. As casinos worldwide rush to resume operations, coronavirus contamination continues to rise and threaten the lives of everyone. Health regulators warn everyone to strictly follow government guidelines to help curve the spread of the infection of the deadly disease.

The novel coronavirus continues infecting people all over the world. Currently, more than 10,000,000 people were infected with the deadly virus, and more than half a million have died. In the US alone, more than two and half million caught the virus, and more than 100,000 died. Europe has nearly 2.4 million coronavirus infection, with Russia at the lead with more than 600,000 numbers of cases.

Despite the continuing spread of the virus, governments allowed the reopening of many establishments, including casinos and malls to gradual recover from the economic impact of the pandemic. Governments worldwide needed to choose between people’s health and the chance to recover economically.

Casino Barcelona’s 12-point checklist

Following the reopening of casinos in other parts of the world, Casino Barcelona resumed its operations following a list of rules for employees and guests. The casino released its 12-point checklist before the reopening. The new rules were based on experiences of other casinos in other regions.

Since arrival, casino guests needed to pass screening facilitated by well-trained employees. Guests are required to pass a temperature test as they pass through the entrance. Anyone with symptoms of infection is restricted from entry to the gambling venue.

The management placed markers on the casino floor to ensure social distancing within the casino floor. The use of elevators is restricted to one person at a time to reduce the chance of infection. Employees of the casino will assist patrons, as they maintain order, health and safety in the gambling facility.

The management installed hand sanitizer stations in many parts of the facility. Disposable tissues will be provided to guests and employees at all times to ensure cleanliness. Hand-free trash cans are in place in many places in the casino floor. Staffs ensure that the whole facility is disinfected regularly, including games cards, screens, and tables.

The management will continuously check the ventilation of the building and ensure airflow and humidity. Plexiglass was installed in slot machines to ensure social distancing is practised at all times.

Casinos imposed stricter measures as coronavirus cases continue

The continuing increase of cases of coronavirus around the world caused regulators to impose more stringent measures. Casinos in the US started implementing mandatory wearing of masks to help reduce the risks of transmitting the virus. In Las Vegas, casino properties followed the government mandate, requiring casino guests and employees to wear masks and practice social distancing.

During the first weeks of the reopening of US casinos, it was observable that guests are not wearing masks. The casinos advised wearing the masks, but it is not a requirement for entry.

Last week, Harrah’’s resort was the first to implement the wearing of face masks in all its properties. Las Vegas casinos followed the move, as Nevada’s governor urge everyone to follow the restrictions.

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