Casino du Lac-Leamy Schedules Reopening July 23

Gatineau's Casino du Lac-Leamy

Gatineau’s Casino du Lac-Leamy reopens Thursday, July 23, following strict safety and health protocols, including physical distancing, because of the pandemic. 

The casino is among the eight gambling facilities to resume operations between July 3 and Aug.3. Casino de Montréal announced to reopen last on August 3.

Canada reported more than 110,000 cases of the novel coronavirus, with nearly 9,000 deaths. Health regulators continued reporting a high rate of new cases every day. Despite the growing cases of the virus, the government allowed the operations of the casinos. The gambling facilities shut down operations in March because of the deadly pathogen.

Casinos saw a massive decline in revenue because of the prolonged lockdowns. The reopening gives operators hope as they open doors to it’s their clients. However, many casinos around the world reported a downward trend in revenue even after the reopening.

Coronavirus protocols imposed during the reopening

The casinos in Quebec needed to ensure that social distancing during the reopening limited the facilities’ operational capacity. The gambling facility will impose 250 people per section, and the whole facility has a limit of 1,000 gamblers at a time.

Guests needed to enroll online to gain entry, and they needed to wear a mask all the time on the casino floor. The casino staff is mandated to clean the machines between each use and clean the whole facility every day. Some slot machines were turned off to ensure social distancing practices.

Gamblers in table games are limited, and they are restricted from handling cards or chips. Rubber-tipped styluses are provided to players to avoid physical contact with the slot machines. Bars and entertainment halls in the casinos remained closed, but food services are available.

Health regulators mandated the shutdown of the casinos on March 12 because of the virus. Details about the reopening of the casinos are available at the Loto-Québec website.

Casinos saw a decline in revenue in the second quarter

Global casino revenue declined in the second quarter despite the reopening. Health and safety protocols contributed to the decline in revenue of the casinos. Capping on operational capacity dragged income down unprecedentedly. Casinos in Las Vegas, UK, and Macau reported massive losses compared to their revenue last year.

Macau sees no hope as China reinstalled its strict travel restrictions to the world’s largest gambling hub. Casino stocks declined because of the restrictions.

Earlier this month, China’s Guangdong Province lifted travel restrictions to China’s exclusive economic zone. Hopes were when the travel restrictions were lifted, but experts saw little contribution to recovery since personal travel restrictions remain imposed.

Personal travel restrictions contributed largely to gambling tourism in the world’s largest gambling hub. Ninety percent of visitors in Macau came from mainland China.

The rising rate of virus spread in some provinces in China caused the government to reinstate the restrictions. Hong Kong, another Chinese-claimed territory, reported a rise in the rate of coronavirus cases in the previous weeks.

The country imposed stricter protocols, including the ban on ferry travel to Macau. Macau initiated coronavirus tests for employees of casinos on the island.

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