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What is a Casino Welcome Bonus?

A casino welcome bonus makes online casinos a lot more likeable and tends to attract more players who can enjoy a casino game from the comfort of their homes. Almost all online casinos have some sort of a welcome bonus created to attract new players.

But each new players bonus has certain terms and conditions which you may overlook – a mistake that can allow casinos to scam you. So make sure you go through all details about a welcome bonus and don’t fall for bonuses that seem too good to be true.

Competition has encouraged online casinos to come up with new and innovative ways of offering welcome bonuses to their players. So you will find a lot of different types of online casino bonus available for you.

Depending on your game preferences, you may find some bonuses to be more advantageous than others. Make sure that you pick the most suitable welcome bonus to benefit from the extra money or spins that come your way.

It is also peremptory to look for reputed casinos that are less likely to put their reputation at stake by complicating the bonus system. Very new casinos offering big bonuses can be a red flag since they may end up scamming customers and going dark.

Look for reviews and details of various casinos before you pick the casinos suitable for you, then you can go through the welcome packages to choose the one that is most lucrative.

Popular Bonuses Offered by Online Casinos

Match Deposit Welcome Bonus

When a casino offers a welcome bonus which will match your deposit, it means that your deposit amount will be doubled by the casino, allowing you to play with twice as much money. Usually, an upper limit will be fixed by the casino for a welcome bonus.

match deposit welcome bonusSo if you deposit $100, the casino will match the bonus and you will have $200 available in your casino account to play the games. But if you deposit a $1000 and the casino’s upper limit if fixed at $300, then you will see $1,300 available in the casino account.

Match deposits are considered to be a good welcome bonus since players can get the opportunity to make more from the welcome bonus if they deposit more. You may, however, find certain terms attached to the withdrawal of winnings from the welcome bonus. This would apply to most types of welcoming bonuses.

They are different from first deposit bonuses, which may offer a set amount of free cash on your first deposit no matter how much you deposit for the first time. This kind of new players bonus may not be lucrative enough for players who deposit higher sums of money.

No Deposit Welcome Bonus

A few casinos offer you bonuses even before you make a deposit. Casino players love this bonus because it has a lot of advantages like:

  • You can try out the casino before you start depositing real money to play
  • You can try out new and different games in the casino
  • It establishes trust in the casino

A no deposit bonus can be of two types. One will give you free cash to play in the casino, the other will give you free spins. Players prefer getting free cash since they are not limited to slot machines only.

But if you like playing slots, then free spins will be a good bonus especially if they do not require any deposits. You may have to wager your money a few times before you could actually withdraw your winnings.

Free Spins

Free spins are a popular type of online casino bonus loved by players who prefer slot machines over table games. Free spins can either be credited after a deposit, or they may be a part of a no deposit welcome package. Casinos offering no deposit free spins usually advertise it clearly to attract more audience.

free spinsTill the time you have free spins in your account, you will see a number of limitations on your games. The maximum bet amount will be reduced, and you may have access to a limited number of slots only. Slot machines with high RTP are usually excluded from free spins. Some casinos are more flexible, while others are extremely rigid with the terms and conditions for free spins.

You will also find that your winnings from free spins will have some wagering requirements. Only if you meet these requirements will you be able to cash out your winnings. Usually, when you are using your free spins, then jackpots will be very small because of small betting values automatically set by the machines.

Once your free spins are over, the machines will reset the betting values and you will have the opportunity to deposit money and play the slots with higher betting values.

Sometimes, casinos may limit the amount of money that you can cash out from the winnings. If a casino allows you to cash out a maximum of $100, then you will have to forfeit any winnings more than $100.

No Wager Bonus

The advantage of a no wager welcome bonus is that you will be able to cash out your winnings without having to fret about rolling over your winnings on different casino games.

Since a casino welcome bonus often includes wagering requirements where players have to roll over the winnings several times before they can cash it out, the chances of actually having money left at the end of your wagers are low. Some casinos even increase the wagering requirements very high to make it very difficult for players to cash out their winnings.

A no wager bonus, on the other hand, takes away all concerns related to wagering requirements by simply allowing you to use your welcome bonus on different games and then cash out your winnings.

Casinos are, however, likely to set a maximum limit for cashing out your winnings. This means that even if you win a $1000, you may be limited to withdrawing only $100 if the maximum limit for cash out is $100. It is best to read the terms and conditions regarding cash out when you choose a casino that offers no wager bonus.

High Roller Bonuses

High roller bonuses are a fantastic way to attract big players who would usually tick all boxes required for a player to be eligible for becoming a VIP. It is a deposit bonus paid to players who deposit large sums of money.

high roller bonusesCasinos use different terms for players who deposit big amounts of cash. They may be known as high rollers, VIP players, big fish or whales. That’s how the bonus gets its name.

In most cases, a casino may not advertise high roller welcome bonuses. If you plan to deposit a considerable sum of money to play in a casino, then you must check with the customer services team through chat if any special high roller bonuses are available.

Other casinos may automatically add some perks like free spins and bonus money to your account as a high roller welcome bonus.

The terms and conditions play an important role. Since you will be depositing a big sum of money, you must be careful with the casino you choose. Pick a reputed casino even if the high roller bonus is not very lucrative, instead of choosing a less known casino for attractive bonuses.

In some cases, a code will be sent to your email for claiming your bonus, you can use the code for adding cash to your casino account.

You may realize that some casinos may have certain conditions for withdrawing your winnings from your bonus. These winnings may have to go through certain wagering requirements.

Mobile Welcome Bonuses

With casinos going mobile, you will find special new players bonuses being offered to those who install an app to play the game. These mobile bonuses are pretty new, but they are already gaining the attention of many players.

mobile welcome bonusA mobile bonus can include either deposit bonuses or no deposit bonuses. Some may offer welcome packages, which include a combination of free cash and free spins after a deposit.

Mobile casino gambling can be done either by visiting a mobile website or playing on an app. Both have their advantages and both can offer you the ability to play at a casino even when you are outside in a park or at a café. You are not limited to a computer screen and it offers greater comfort, especially for regular players.

A good mobile casino would usually work across a variety of platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry OS. If you are just getting started with mobile casinos, then it is good to check for reviews and find a reputed casino to play.

Casinos that have a reputation to maintain will have better quality apps which are stable and function smoothly. Many mobile casinos offer no deposit bonuses, which may have to be redeemed with the help of a code.

If the app does to support the redemption of the code, then you may have to visit the website from your phone’s browser to redeem your free cash bonus at the cashier.

First Deposit Bonus

This is a welcome bonus offered to new players when they deposit a sum in the casino for the first time. This first deposit bonus works as an encouragement for players who are just getting started on a casino.

With more cash available to play the casino games, new players are also able to try out various games in the casino. But a first deposit bonus may not always offer more cash. Sometimes, it can simply include free spins for you.

If you prefer the slot machines, then free spins can be a benefit, but if you are more of a table game person, then you would prefer a new players bonus which gives you free cash. These details must be checked even before you decide to register with a casino. It will help you save unwanted hassles and improve your casino experience.

Certain casinos will ask you to deposit and wager a certain amount of money like $10 to be eligible for the first deposit bonus. This is done to make sure that the casino rewards new players who are genuinely interested in playing the casino’s games with their own money and will not be using the bonus only.

You will also have to check wagering requirements for casinos that give you a welcome bonus. You may be expected to roll over your winnings 30 to 40 times before you could actually withdraw it. Some may have an upper withdrawal limit if they offer wager-free spins.

Welcome Packages

Welcome packages have become more common in recent years as competition in the online space increases. Casinos are now trying to include more attractive offers in a bid to get more customers to play on their online casinos.

These welcome packages, however, can get tricky. You may see welcome packages that offer “wager free spins and a 100% match deposit bonus up to $200” and you would feel that you have the opportunity to enjoy a wager-free bonus.

welcome packagesBut if you check the terms, the match deposit bonus may include certain wagering requirements. Reading the fine lines to know exactly what the casino is offering in its welcome packages will be important.

Some may limit the free spins on a particular game only. If you do not prefer that slot machine, then look for other welcome packages that offer free spins on a bigger list of slots. The free spins may not be deposited at the same time. You may find the free spins being credited to your account in intervals.

Wagering requirements in some casinos may be as high as 50 times, which can make it difficult to withdraw your winnings. Try to look for casinos with lower wagering requirements even if the bonus spins are not very high, your chances of withdrawing the winnings will be higher in these casinos.

Finding the Best Casino Welcome Bonuses

The reason why there are so many casino welcome offers available to claim is because different players have different preferences. Casinos try their best to cater to all with one ultimate casino welcome package, but the truth is – someone would need something different.

But this gives you the great opportunity to choose the venue with the best online casino welcome bonus, the one that fits your needs exactly! But casino welcome bonuses come with a catch in the form of wagering requirements. That’s why the most important step when finding the best casino welcome offers is to always read the fine print.

It might prove difficult to scour all casinos for all of the casino welcome bonuses. That’s why you need to shortlist casinos first, find the most trustworthy ones. We’ve tried to do just that with our recommended gambling sites. There you’ll find the fairest and most reasonable terms and conditions for claiming a casino welcome package.

Pay attention to:

  • what amount you’ll receive when claiming casino welcome bonuses;
  • what is the minimum deposit you’ll have to make to claim a casino welcome package;
  • potential limits – how much you’ll be allowed to withdraw from winnings made using a bonus;
  • the strings attached – the bonus terms and conditions, and the applicable policies for the specific bonus, and are they clearly stated;
  • what are the turnover times and wagering requirements, and can you afford to spend as much for the given amount of time.

Being vigilant and paying attention to the details is the only real thing that will help you with choosing the best online casino welcome bonus. If you simply accept any offer out there because it sounds good in the promotion, you might cause yourself unnecessary headaches.

Claiming Casino Welcome Bonuses

This one’s easy. When you sign up for a casino, you’ll be given the option to accept or decline a welcome offer when you make your first deposit. At this point, you must’ve reached a decision.

Avoid casinos that do not give you the option to decline a bonus! That means they’re looking to trap you with impossible wagering requirements. You should always be able to choose whether to opt for a casino welcome package or not.

Do know that casino welcome bonuses might have restrictions on them. Those might vary – depending on your current location and the applicable laws, on the payment methods you use (most Neteller and Skrill users are not eligible for bonuses) and so on.

Such restrictions and limitations should be clearly stated by the casino, making you aware of the details before you decide to sign up in the first place. The point of a casino welcome package should be to equip you with the resources to have even more fun!

Things to Remember

things to rememberWhen you visit an online casino and decide to register, there are lots of things that you must check before you get lured by the new players bonus. By knowing the terms and conditions and understanding how good or how poor the whole welcome bonus scheme is, you will be able to pick a casino suitable for your playing preferences.


Make sure you are aware of the following details about the welcome bonus when you visit a casino online:

1. Are there wagering requirements attached to the welcome bonus?

Wagering is the biggest concern for players. If you are required to wager your winnings, then check for the number of times the winnings have to be rolled over. Usually, casinos would want you to wager at least 30 times. Casinos offering big bonuses may have wagering requirements as high as 50 to 100 times.

You must also check how different games would contribute towards your wagering goals. Slots usually have a 100% contribution, but table games have a very low contribution. Some may be excluded completely.

2. Are the free spins available for various slots or just one slot?

Casinos usually mention it clearly if the free slots are available across different slots or if it is available for a particular slot only.

If you are looking forward to free spins because you would want to explore different slot machines, then free spins on a single slot may not make sense. Make sure you check the details of your welcome bonus carefully before you register on a casino.

3. If you get a welcome package, does every aspect of the bonus have different terms?

A welcome package has many different terms that you must carefully check. Sometimes a package will offer more than one type of bonus. For example, you will get free spins as well as a 100% match bonus in your welcome packages.

Now the free spins may be advertised as wager-free, but the match bonus may involve some wagering requirements. Finding out the details can make a big difference in your experience with a casino.

Is there a time frame within which you must use the free spins4. Is there a time-frame within which you must use the free spins?

Free spins may expire with 25 hours or in a week. Check the terms and conditions of the free spins carefully to find out if there is a limited time frame to use up your free spins. Otherwise, you will end up losing your welcome bonus.

5. Is there a maximum limit with respect to cashing out your winnings?

A maximum limit is usually set for cashing out your winnings. A casino may allow you to withdraw only up to $100 of your winnings. This means that the rest of your winnings will automatically be forfeited.

6. Casinos may pre-set the slot machines to the minimum value for the bets

When you are using your free spins on a slot, you will find that the bets are usually set to the minimum value.

But whatever bonus you might aim to get or receive by default, bonuses are a great opportunity to gamble to your heart’s content. Make sure you’re aware of the requirements and don’t hesitate too much before accepting or claiming a bonus!