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The following Cookie Policy expands on what cookies are, our methods and reasons for using them. We also discuss third-party cookies that can be found on our Website and we’ve provided you with access to their Privacy and Cookie policies.

What are Cookies?

Websites you visit send and store in your web browsers small text files, which are known as cookies. The main use of cookies is to determine returning visitors from new visits, collect relevant analytical data from the browsing sessions, in order to use it to improve and provide better user experience and services.

There are two types of cookies that would be sent to your browser:

  • Persistent cookies – these cookies are stored for the time of their predetermined duration which varies from service to service or until you manually delete them.
  • Session cookies – these cookies stay in the memory only for the duration of the session and get deleted the moment you close your browser.

How Are Cookies Used?

Websites use cookies for the benefit of the user so that they can provide relevant information and an improved experience. Here’s how to differentiate between the different types of cookies:

  1. Essential cookies – these are necessary cookies that allow visitors to access the website and browse through it in the first place. If you decline essential cookies, some websites might restrict your access.
  2. Performance cookies – these cookies help website owners collect data about visitors’ sessions, how the website is used, visitors’ interactions and behavior on the website. These cookies help website owners with improving the user-experience provided by the website.
  3. Functionality cookies – such cookies help the websites recognize you when you return as a visitor and enact the preferences you’ve had the previous time, for example – the language of the website, so that you don’t have to set your preferences for the website again and again.
  4. Advertising cookies – also known as targeting cookies. They are used to display advertisements and content that have been deemed more relevant to you based on your previous sessions, your location, etc.

Managing Your Cookies

If you do not wish to accept cookies from our or other websites, you can adjust your browser settings. Here’s where to find out how to manage your cookies according to your browser:

Keep in mind that disabling cookies or deleting them will cause changes to the way you browse websites, eliminating the chance for a more tailor-made experience and diminishing the amount of relevant information you’ll receive.

Our Third-Party Cookies

Here’s a list of the third-party cookies we use to provide you with a better and more relevant experience on the Website, as discussed in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

  • CloudFlare – these cookies and services help us to determine your geolocation. This allows us to provide you with more relevant and country-specific information. Refer to CloudFlare’s policies here:

  • Google Analytics – such cookies allow us to analyze your behavior on the Website so that we can provide you with a more user-friendly and fulfilling experience on the website. You can learn more about Google’s policy here:

Upon your first visit to the Website, you will be informed about the use of cookies on this Website. If you continue using the website without adjusting your browser settings, you accept our use of cookies.