Digital Casinos Boosts Online Gambling During The Pandemic

digital casinos

The novel coronavirus limited people’s movement as the government mandates strict stay-at-home protocols for months.  The lockdowns trapped everyone inside their homes, shutdown entertainment facilities such as movie theatres and gambling houses. 

During the pandemic, the traffic volume of people searching for online gaming platforms massively increased.

Google reported an increase in search volume since the weeks of March. Operators reported the rapid increase in subscriptions and logins in their online gaming platforms as people seek an alternative source of entertainment during the prolonged months of lockdown.

Online gambling saw the massive potential for expansion and growth during almost four months of lockdowns. The closure of casinos and major sports events led to fast growth in the popularity of online gaming.  Digital casinos are one of the most significant contributors to the gambling industry.

The rising fame of digital casinos

Sports betting gained approval from the Supreme Court to operate in the US in 2018. The decision allowed lawmakers to propose laws that regulate digital casinos and sportsbooks. Ten casinos started regulating and setting guidelines for online gaming operations and how they are taxed.

Experts forecasted a fruitful year for digital sports betting after regulations were in place. The Division of Gaming Enforcement of New Jersey announced that its total gaming revenue declined from $265.4 million to $82.6 million in May of 2019 and 2020.

The regulating body also reported that online gaming increased 118.6 percent from $36.6 million to $80 million during the same period.

Digital gaming became an option for many during the lockdowns. Many gamblers of traditional casinos shifted their interests to digital gaming because it offers a broader range of choices of games and platforms. Its accessibility also adds to its growing popularity.

Gamblers enjoy playing their favorite casino games without the need to go out of their homes. Digital casinos are changing the landscape of the gambling industry. More and more people of various ages get hooked to digital gaming.  People without access to bricks and mortar casinos were given a chance to enjoy casino and sports betting experience.

Challenge to be faced by digital casinos

It is a common challenge for digital casinos to remedy the speed gamblers receive their earnings.

Digital casinos wanted a fast and accessible collection of their winnings. The monetary transaction is one of the most significant challenges digital companies needed to face.

Like the Ingo Money, many companies, in partnership with PayPal, are seeking to ease and speed up disbursement methods. Disbursement is one of the leading factors that provide faster access to winnings to clients. Digital casinos needed a reliable means of payment.

The rise of digital gaming comes with a high risk for internet-related fraud. In Asia, online gaming, such as online casinos are always related to crime and fraud. Critics of offshore gaming in the Philippines claimed that online casinos are linked to kidnappings of Chinese nationals.

Online casinos are also linked to human trafficking in the region. Industry regulators in Europe and the US also warn everyone of the growing cases of internet fraud related to digital gambling.

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