DraftKings Inks Virtual Sports Deal With Inspired Entertainment

DraftKings Inks Sports Deal With Inspired Entertainment

Inspired Entertainment recently confirmed that it has signed a contract with fantasy sports giant DraftKings. The deal stipulates that Inspired will provide DraftKings access to its proprietary V-Play Plug&Play technology.

The will allow the latter to rollout a comprehensive end-to-end digital sportsbook product. Inspired’s technology can be easily rolled-out with an almost minimal configuration. It also promises fast speed-to-market integration.

DrafKings Expands Its Portfolio

The deal will further expand DraftKings portfolio. Inspired Entertainment is bringing some of its most sought after products, including 14 of its Virtual Sports variants. These games include Football, Basketball, Car Racing, Soccer, and Horse Racing. All these new variants will be rolled-out into DraftKing’s platform.

However, not all DrafKings players can have access to it from the get go. The games will have a limited rollout, with New Jersey customers accessing its services both on the mobile and desktop platforms first.

In a statement released after the contract signing, Inspired Entertainment President and Chief Operating Officer Brooks Pierce said, “We are looking forward to working with DraftKings on bringing a continual stream of betting content to their customer base, especially at this time when there is limited live sports content available.”

Inspired Entertainment is widely praised for its innovative and exciting titles like “V-Play Basketball” and V-Play NFLA Legends Football.” The “NFLA Legends Football” game, in particular, received an official license from the NFL Alumni association.

This allows the game to bring some of the most recognizable and legendary games into the field. The game features some of the greatest players to have ever graced the sport. They are featured in 11 teams, and players can pick one and play head-to-head in a single game format.

On the other hand, “V-Play Basketball” provides a highly-stylized games with great graphics and immersive gameplay. It has realistic game components and it was built using the latest in motion capture technology. The game was launched in 2019, and has since then garnered a lot of users. Many analysts have noted that it is easily one of the best online Virtual Sports game to hit the market in recent memory.

Inspired Entertainment’s Growing Reputation

Inspired’s Virtual Sports platform supports online and mobile betting 24/7, even on holidays. With DraftKings further expanding its market to a much wider audience, only time can tell what Inspired Entertainment games can achieve in the future.

Inspired Entertainment has a growing portfolio of products and services that covers a number of markets. Among the company’s top businesses are on technology, content, betting, lottery, hardware and services for regulated gaming, and licensed entertainment operations. The company’s products and services are available both on retail and on the mobile platforms.

Inspired Entertainment operates in at least 35 jurisdictions around the world. It has provided some of the latest gaming systems, terminals, and contents to more than 50,000 machines spread across counts pubs, betting shops, and gaming halls.

It has also provided virtual sports technologies and services to more than 44,000 retail platforms and digital games to more than 100 websites. The company claims that its entertainment products have been installed in more than 19,000 devices.

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