DraftKings, Mardi Gras Casino Opens Retail Sportsbook In Colorado

sportsbook in colorado

DraftKings Inc. and Twin River Worldwide Holdings launched a temporary retail sportsbook at the Mardi Gras Casino in Black Hawk, Colorado. 

DraftKings gave gamblers in the state the chance to place their starting July 10. Large screened TV, a cashier window, and eight services kiosk will be installed on the first floor of the casino floor to cater to the gamblers’ needs.

Sportsbooks are gaining influence in the country. After the amendments in the gaming regulations in 2019, sportsbooks and online casinos started applying for licenses. The new gambling regulations in the country paved the way for more than 18 states to allow and regulate online casinos and sportsbooks.

Land-based casinos started offering sportsbooks because of the high demand for betting platforms for major sports events. Sportsbooks allowed casino goers to place bets on their favorite teams during major sports events such as football, basketball, baseball, boxing, etc. American’s love for sports and gambling paved the way for the rising influence of the sportsbooks business.

DraftKings expands sportsbook operations in Colorado

Ezra Kucharz, Chief Business Officer of DraftKings, expressed the company’s excitement in working with Mardi Gras Casino. Kucharz said they are excited to provide real-time gaming opportunities to Mardi Gras Casino’s patrons as sports starts going back to life.

The officer assured the two companies’ commitment to providing a safe, immersive, and entertaining gaming environment as they aim to provide the most enjoyable experience to sports fans in Colorado.

The new DraftKings Sportsbook at the Colorado casino becomes the seventh retail outlet of the company.  It also has sportsbooks in Iowa, Mississippi, New Jersey, and New York.

The company plans on installing a permanent sportsbook operation in Colorado. The two companies plan on setting up a high-end sportsbook that features a large bar, wide TV, and a VIP area.

The opening of the sportsbook in Colorado gives everyone the chance to place bets on all major US sports such as professional and college football, baseball, professional and college basketball, hockey, golf, and auto racing.

Unmatched betting experience for Colorado

George Papnier, Twin River Worldwide Holdings president and chief executive officer, said the new sportsbook would allow Draftkings to provide unmatched sports betting experience to Colorado people. He said that they can now enjoy mobile betting and placing their bets on the latest retail sportsbook location.

The CEO said they are looking forward to welcoming guests in their fully renovated sportsbook facility, but, for now, they can enjoy the services of their temporary sportsbook outlet.  He added that they are glad to offer a safe start for gamblers to place their bets as professional sports starts to go back to life in the coming weeks.

The Mardi Gras Casino welcomed back guests adapting to safety and sanitation protocols of the state. The management required guests and employees to wear protective masks inside the property. Everyone is required to follow strict social distancing protocols to reduce the chance of transmission of the virus.

Employees are mandated to regularly clean and disinfect all the areas in the casino.

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