Ecuador Gold Slot

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Game RTP %
Game Music
Game Design
Slot RTP: 96.10%
Min Bet: 0.2
Max Bet: 100
Reels: 6
Additional Details:
Paylines: 4096
Software Provider: Elk Studios
Slot Type: Video Slot
Theme: Aztec, Mystery
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Ecuador Gold by ELK Studios

It’s time to explore the treasures of Aztec – Play the Ecuador Gold slots game and have a relishing experience for one! Don’t worry- you won’t be exploring the treasures alone.

In fact, you will have the company of another explorer in the game named Kane. The theme of the game is based on exploring treasure kinds. Get ready to play some amazing bonuses including wilds, payouts, expanding the game window, and much more!

The logo of the game features a stairway to an abandoned ancient Aztec temple somewhere in a luscious jungle. Let’s know more about this thrilling game below.

Ecuador Gold main screen

Begin the Quest for the Ecuador Gold Casino Game

Ecuador Gold casino game is a 6 reels slot game which showcases 4096 paylines. The game can be set using different settings. The Spin button is the one that starts your hunt for the Ecuador Gold and spins the reels!

Autoplay will help you spin the reels for a predetermined number of times without stopping. Players can set that number beforehand. There is a ‘Stacked Coins’ button which can be clicked on to open a different panel.

This is the betting panel where players can set the bets. Here you can either increase the bet amount or decrease it as per your needs. Here you can also select a Betting Strategy for your game.

Betting Strategy is an option in the Betting Selector Panel which will help players set the stakes automatically. In this, players get three different Strategies. These are Optimizer, Leveller and lastly Jumper and Booster.

If players select Optimizer, it will access their balance and based on the chosen percentage, it will set the bet automatically. Leveller Strategy comes up when players lose five times consecutively. Its Strategy is to raise the bet after five losses. If players lose again, the bet will be raised by two levels higher.

This will continue till the players hit a win after which the Strategy gets a reset. Booster Strategy comes into the picture to increase the stake by one level after a player’s loss. This again gets a reset when players hit a win.

All these Strategies will rise until four levels on top of the base bet. After each winning round, Jumper Strategy will increase the bet 1 level. This will go on until players reach four levels on top of the base bet. This will again reset if players face a loss.

Ecuador Gold slot game is accessible on different devices. Players can pick their favourite device to play the game quickly, including handheld ones like smartphones and tablets. This means that if the casino you choose offers mobile gambling, you’ll be able to hunt the Ecuador Gold on-the-go!

Ecuador Gold home screen

Symbols on the Reels of Ecuador Gold Slot Machine

Ecuador Gold slot machine hosts a number of dynamic symbols. Enter the ancient Aztec temple to find the variety of symbols on the reels. These include three different golden Aztec masks and Kane, the explorer.

The three different masks come in three different colours – purple, blue and green. These are the high paying symbols of the game. The low paying symbols come designed in stones.

These include a cross symbol, a staircase symbol, two different Sun symbols, a Snake symbol, Crocodile, Eagle, and Leopard symbols.

The Kane symbol is the highest paying symbol among the regular symbols. Five of the Kane symbols on reels will present a payout of 60 coins. Five of them pay 50 coins, four symbols 40 coins and three of them pay 36 coins.

The purple Aztec mask presents a payout of 40 coins for six of them on reels. Five symbols pay 36 coins. Four of them present 32 coins and three symbols pay 30 coins.

Blue Aztec mask pays 40 coins for six of them on the reels. Five symbols pay 34 coins, four symbols pay 30 coins and three of them pay 24 coins.

Six of the Green Aztec symbols on reels pay 40 coins. Five of them pay 30 coins, four symbols pay 24 coins and three symbols pay 20 coins. This is the last of the high paying symbols.

The low paying symbols pay as follows. The Leopard, the Eagle, the Snake, and Crocodile symbols present a similar payout. For six of Leopard or Eagle or Snake or Crocodile symbol on reels, players receive 16 coins.

Five of either symbol pays 10 coins. Four of them pay 8 coins and three symbols pay 6 coins.

Ecuador Gold win

Next in line are the orange Sun, Staircase, Cross and other green Sun symbols. Four of these symbols pay similarly. For six of the orange Sun or Staircase or Cross or green Sun symbols on the reels, players will receive 6 coins.

For five of any of these symbols, players get four coins. Four symbols pay three coins and three symbols pay two coins.

A golden Sun symbol in a cement tile is the Wild symbol of the game. The bonus symbol is represented by a pyramid picture and Bonus written on it.

Bonus Features of the Ecuador Gold Casino Game

There are different Bonus features in the Ecuador Gold casino game. Players can expect enticing wins during these rounds. Let’s know the details below.

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol substitutes all the symbols except for the Ghosting wilds and Bonus symbols.

Ghosting Wild Symbol

The golden Sun symbol on cement tile is the Ghosting wild symbol. Ghosting wild is designed to land on columns 3, 4, 5 and 6. It works by moving randomly on different steps, and leaves behind Wilds.

Avalanche Bonus Feature

All the symbols of the game which are included in the Avalanche Bonus feature will explode. When they explode, they provide space for some of the extra symbols on the reels.

The Avalanche Bonus remains active till there are new succeeding combinations on the reels. As soon as the combos stop appearing on reels, this Bonus feature stops there.

ecuador gold wild win

Free Drops Bonus Feature

The Bonus symbol featuring the Pyramid stairs comes in action for Free Drops Bonus rounds. Land three or more of these symbols and activate the Free Drops bonus feature.

For three of Pyramid stairs Bonus symbols, players win 10 Free Drops. For four Bonus symbols, 15 Free Drops. For five symbols on reels, 20 Free Drops wins. For six symbols, 25 Free Drops wins.

Free Drops Bonus feature will begin with a 4 rows safety level. This Safety level will increase by one row for each new Free Drop Bonus triggered wins.

Each new Free Drop feature is designed to begin at the safety level whichever is active at that time. Payline will rise up to a massive 262144 numbers during the Free Drop Bonus Feature. So get ready to trigger some lucrative wins during these rounds.

Big Symbols

Big Symbols are another of the Bonus features in the Ecuador Gold casino game. These come in Super, Mega and Epic symbols.

Different sizes are featured by each of these symbols. 2×2 features the Super symbols. 3×3 features the Mega symbols. 4×4 features Epic symbols. Big symbols are designed to land on reels at random.

Theme & Design of the Ecuador Gold Slot Game

Ecuador Gold Slot game features the theme of the ancient temple quest. Elk Studios has done an amazing job in presenting the theme in the most unique way possible.

In the background, the game features an ancient Aztec temple with several elements from the same period. You see two huge pillars on which massive snakes are curling.

The pillar also has different animal designs on it. Behind, you will see the masks of the Aztec and other similar game elements. On this rich background, the reels are placed. All the reels come with colourful symbols.

The Control Panel, however, is not placed below like in several other slots games. You will find it on either side of the gaming window. The graphics of the game perfectly ooze out the theme.

The animations run smoothly according to the game music. The soundtrack of the game is awesome and makes the game more enjoyable.

ecuador gold winnings

Play Ecuador Gold Online

The Ecuador Gold game theme has been presented in the most distinctive way possible by the Elk Studios. While the usual Egyptian themed quest slots games seem similar, Ecuador Gold truly stands out for its uniqueness.

All the elements in the game come awesomely designed. Be it the background, the symbols, graphics, music, everything will add on to an amazing gaming experience. The Bonus features of the game are distinctive too.

They present a chance for players to win up to 2,500 times of players’ bet on each spin. Also, with 4096 paylines, the game definitely is in players’ winning favour. The Return to Player percentage is 96.10.

This means the game lies in the medium to high variance category. Overall, the game is awesome and players must try this for epic entertainment. Join a trusted casino to play for real money, or start an Ecuador Gold free play right here on this page!