Top EU Online Casinos

Currently Online Gambling is illegal in USA, that is why we have no casinos to offer you at this time! But don't be dissapointed. Please bookmark our site and check it regularly for new casinos if the situation changes. We are still working hard to find the best online casino for you!

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Online Gambling in Europe

Welcome to the world of EU casinos and get ready for a unique experience that is innovative, thrilling, and exciting. In the business of online casinos, Europe is popular and acknowledged across the globe.

Hence, to select the top online casino, Europe can be difficult for beginners. Here, we endeavour to give extensive coverage of the top online casino venues in Europe.

Recently, the betting industry has seen exponential growth with the expansion of the internet. The modifications and alterations are rapid and even so extensive that the US which is supposed to be leading the market of gambling had to make amendments in its legal laws.

Apart from the US, the clientele of online gambling has developed an all-new era, where users are demanding more games, exclusive experience, and luxurious gaming through efficient sites, especially in Europe.

The days when dingy betting shops, cheesy casinos and dodgy fruit machine arcades were considered attractive are gone. The best EU casinos combine the glamorous experience of Las Vegas and the instant reach of local betting outlets.

The world is filled with innovation and it’s not a big deal to establish an online casino, however, it would be simpler to just go for a site that has better gaming, better bonuses, and a better overall experience.

The online betting or the on-street betting has brought some big players, who generally own the market, still, some of the newer brands are trying to establish their name in the list of top online casinos in Europe with novel games and fantastic gaming experience.

Players must make sure that the online casinos they are depositing their hard-earned money in are legal and safe. The increasing numbers of European online casinos are majorly concerned to provide a non-problematic gaming experience so that the investments of the customers stay safe. However, it is recommendable to look at the safety, licensing, banking conditions of the sites you are using.

Joining a EU Online Casino

joining a top online casino

Online casinos in Europe, or at an international level for that matter, fully reflect the rapid development of the worldwide web. Imagine a digital space combining the glamour, class, and elegance of well-established land-based casinos.

But online casinos have become even better and, sometimes, preferred because of their ability to provide gambling on-the-go through mobile devices. To join such a great place from Europe, you just need to find the right spot. Then, it’s easy:

Firstly, an online casino asks you to register and become a member before starting with the playing process. You have to prove that you are not a minor for gambling. EU casinos permit individuals above 18 years of age.

In all situations, you will be asked to share a payment means. The payment means could be anything including an online wallet, e-banking, and a bank card. Instead of PayPal, you can go for some giants like Paysafecard, Neteller, and Skrill.

The top online casino sites will accept several banking methods so that you can choose with confidence the one that suits your requirements best.

The gambling industry is also not set apart from innovations. Now players can access the mobile casinos as well. They bring better experience and designs every day. Such innovations also involve the latest pay-by-phone methods for online casinos. The greatest online casinos offer mobile gaming.

Open An Account at a European Casino

So for playing in a top-quality EU casino, you are firstly required to join the membership through sign-up, then your email address needs to be verified, and later the documents are verified for legal purposes. These things may sound a little old-school but are certainly important to have a safe and uninterrupted experience in European casinos.

The best European online gambling sites have so much to cover that it is not feasible to cover all in one article. However, we make sure that you get all the important information comprehensively, here.

The best casinos offer huge selections of various games, including but not limited to instant play, online video slots, live games, and casino table games. They are separated in comprehensive categories you are free to browse before even signing up. You can even try some in demo mode in some casinos, and in our own slots room.

Games which are like scratch cards and bingo are also offered on such sites as side games. You can easily find them if they are present in the casino’s selection, and hear us, if you’ve joined a high-quality casino, you’ll find them!

Mobile and Desktop EU Casinos

mobile and desktop europe casinos

The gambling market in Europe is filled with almost unlimited choices. The primary choice has to be made between a downloadable app or an online casino. This choice has captured the market due to the entry of mobile phones in the industry.

Online casinos gave the ability to gamble from the comfort of your home, but mobile casinos have expanded the possibilities. Unfortunately, there is much to be desired from mobile gambling sites, even though European operators have been making leaps daily.

This is evident from the figures. 65% of the gamblers use mobile phones for gambling, though the accuracy of this number is questionable. The experience over apps is far better than using a browser on a small screen. If you want to gamble on mobile, make sure your European casino of choice has an app to offer.

Remember that apps require regular updates if you want your gambling experience to be smooth. It will also add an icon to your screen that will set a different process by utilizing internet connection and memory spacing. Here comes the question about power consumption, but most apps are well-optimized, especially when it comes to the casinos we’ve researched.

Apps do give a kind of speed to you. However, you must be sure with its requirement before you download. There are many sophistications covered by an app. If compared to a website, then it can be a bookmark, hence you must look very carefully.

Throughout the guide, our objective is to focus on such options, that show an effort toward improvement, innovation, and generosity on behalf of the operators of those sites. It is possible only when customers are open-minded.

Go for an app but don’t stick to it if you have better opportunities and don’t limit yourself. Voice your needs as a player and push the industry toward more innovations!

Safe Gambling in European Online Casinos

safe gambling in the best european casinos

There should be ease in finding out safer sites. One can recognize the reputation of a gambling site by looking out its reviews and popularity. That’s why we created this casino comparison website in the first place.

A site must look good. The efficiency of a site can be analyzed if you can ensure it loads and works quickly and smoothly. The best EU casinos are required to be functional and well-designed, also they must be translated into multiple languages for their European players to choose from.

The symbol of the best casinos is that it always multiple options of help including the contact number of the country you are playing in. You can also go beyond, and that would be fine if you are acting extra careful.

You should pay attention to the licensing and the country where the casino operator has been established, to ensure further security.

How to Choose The Best EU Online Casino

finding the top casino for european players

If the above things do make you cautious, here we are with some additional thoughts. The evergrowing population of gamblers never go through a bad experience, instead, they appreciate the fantastic experience of European online casinos.

And one cannot judge the reviews of the entire market. Multiple new websites are coming in the market, that offer a better experience and improved quality. We have selected some of the best European online casinos out of which you can select.

The factor that attracts you depends upon your choice and outlook, what we have done is that we have listed some amazing factors one must consider while selecting an online casino:

1. Overall User-Friendliness: It may sound unreal, though, playing on a beautiful and well-optimized online casino site attracts everyone. Excessively colourful graphics may not be appreciated by everyone, hence one must look for clarity in the presentation of options. The presentation of the site is important when you are using a tablet or a mobile phone. Don’t go on just based on the written reviews, check the particular platform to assess if the site is working well.

2. Overall Performance: Before signing-up on any site, you must consider the functionality of a site by browsing it. Beware of the sites that won’t let you assess them. You must focus on clear designs and clear menus and categories that are quick to load and easy to access. A method of selecting slots as per their categories would be supportive to search from a wide range of online slots available in the market.

Well, in the end, you must sign-up to an online casino in Europe that supports your region but mainly supports you as a player. You can assess that by looking at the welcome bonuses.

The welcome bonuses of top online casinos in Europe may look great at first, but that may not be the case always. Its attractiveness may engage you in a site at first for some time. You should make sure the wagering requirements have been stated clearly and there’s nothing hidden.

But the most important thing is to have fun wherever you’re gambling at. Our expert team has made sure to select the best possible casinos for European players. We are sure you’ll find a good place there if you only browse our list.

The rest is in your hands. If you’re ready to enjoy some sweet winnings and juicy bonuses, there is no time like the present!