Europe’s Guide on Safer Online Gambling and Responsible Advertising During Pandemic

Health and wellness became the priority of everyone after the covid-19 killer virus started terrorizing the whole world.  Your government took extended measures that protect you from infection of the virus. The welfare of the general public trapped at home during quarantines and lockdowns are also taken into consideration in the healthcare policy maker’s contingency plan.

The European Gaming & Betting Association issued Guidance on Safer Online Gambling and Responsible Advertising to protect the online community from excessive gambling habits.


EGBA’s role in regulating online gaming

The European Gaming and Betting (EGBA), a Brussels-based regulating agency, represents licensed and regulated online gaming and betting operators in the EU.  The agency works with the authorities in Europe to provide you with a fun and safe gaming experience.  The agency advocates a safe and reliable environment for both clients and operators in the EU.

EGBA is responsible for the protection of more than 16.5 million EU online gaming and betting users enrolled in its members’ platform.  The regulating body spearheads responsible for a reliable and sustainable online gaming industry.

The agency ensures that its members provide you with quality services by requiring compulsory auditing of their requirements for the CEN Workshop Agreement on Responsible Remote Gambling Measures.

The regulating body released the Guidance on Safer Online Gambling and Response Advertising, a directive that advocates social responsibility to operators and online gaming advertisers during the spread of the pandemic, to protect Europe’s online gaming and betting customers.


Europe’s Guidance on Safer Online Gambling and Response Advertising

The agency said that they are against relating online gaming advertisements to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The released guidelines ask online gaming and betting companies to stop making advertisements referring to the virus and related statements or developments published by the World Health Organization.

The regulating body also instructed the companies to never portray gambling as an answer to a customer’s social, personal, and financial problem and to stop portraying that gambling solves the issue of boredom.

It is also advised that the firms should include minimum age restrictions in their advertisements.  They also need to discuss the national problem gambling helplessness and the national self-exclusion registers.

EGBA also advised its members to monitor the gambling behavior of its clients closely and facilitate interventions if it is necessary.  It is also recommended that their website should enforce a Know Your Customer (KYC) measure that will verify the identities of new users and to prevent minors from joining their platforms.

The regulating agency also mandated that gambling and betting platforms should include responsible gambling tools like deposit limit and self-exclusion tools. Client limitation awareness is encouraged in the platforms and their advertisements.

The members of the EGBA already practice some of the rules since they are part of the European Commission’s “Recommendation 2014/478/EU on consumer protection in online gambling.”

EGBA urged other online gaming companies to set as an example and follow the regulations. The agency calls for cooperation to ensure that the online gambling and betting industry provides ethical and responsible gaming for players like you.


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