Best Exclusive Online Casinos 2020

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What is a VIP Casino?

what is a vip casinoWhen we say exclusive, we talk about casinos that cater to specific types of players. You could argue that any casino favouring crypto-currencies like Bitcoin (after all you need e-wallets and the set currency to play), or that any high roller casino requiring minimum buy-ins exclude certain demographics or types of players.

So when we talk about exclusivity, we’re going talking about either crypto-currency casinos, high-end casinos, VIP programs within general casinos, and mobile games featuring live dealers.

When it comes to playing, everyone wants to be the best and brightest at the table. Better yet, they want to be treated as such. That’s why most online casinos will offer exclusive rewards and to very important people, private tables.

This exclusivity is reserved for the best, most loyal, and most consistent players, and comes equipped with VIP bonuses and VIP players. This means higher quality gaming- and doesn’t necessarily mean harder games. Sound promising? It’s meant to!

Exclusive casinos offer this in order to reward loyalty, attract exclusive players for high-quality gaming, and attract consistent players to fill tables. VIP bonuses can go a long way in stretching deposits, which is why we think these casinos listed are the best deals on the online casino platform.

Why be a VIP Player?

why be a vip playerWho doesn’t like a bit of attention? Becoming a VIP means that you get showered with bonuses, special promotions, and rewards for your loyalty, high bids, and attention to the table. It’s enough to make any player giddy.

There are thousands of ‘elite’ online casinos, but the discerning player is after exclusivity (meaning you can rely on your casino, the game, the RNG, and the other players) and rewards for their hard playing. Most VIP offers are invitation-only, with the benefits unlocked after gaining enough loyalty points or VIP points (depending on your site of choice).

Most sites will automatically start adding up your loyalty points with your first bid, meaning you might be on your way to being a VIP without even realizing it! In general, becoming part of a sites exclusive club means faster cashouts (your winnings to your pocket faster), higher deposit and withdrawal limits (we all know the more you place down, the more you can pick up), account managers that are more responsive and dedicated, entry into special draws, and early previews of new games.

That’s pretty exciting stuff. These VIP schemes often exist at different tier levels, meaning the more points you earn by playing, the higher you rise in the VIP ranks. This can mean greater perks, greater returns, and greater access. It’s all a question of how much you play and how much you play with.

The question of maintaining your VIP status is another matter. Depending on the site terms and conditions, it can take a considerable amount of resources to maintain a high tier of VIP status- it might mean consistent playing or consistently high bets.

This can erode your playing money and mean you’re putting in the time for sake rather than reward. It pays (literally) to do your research and find a VIP scheme that suits your needs and playing style best. We’ve compiled our favourite VIP reward systems and exclusive online casinos above for you to choose from.

Exclusive Online Casinos using Cryptocurrencies

Crypto-currency is a growing market and a buzzword on the internet for the past 5 years. Cryptocurrencies basically refer to peer-to-peer, delocalized currencies. Instead of being tied to national reserves, base interest rates, and political, fiscal policy, cryptocurrencies cut out banks and brokers (the middlemen who shave away your cash) by tying a currency to a network.

This means any computer, mobile device, or network can host and control it’s said currency. These cryptocurrencies rely on software called e-wallets, like PayPal and Payoneer, to store and control your currency, such as Bitcoin.

exclusive online casinos using cryptocurrenciesWith online gambling, many casinos have options to bet and play using cryptocurrencies, withdrawing, and depositing windows straight into your e-wallet of choice. This is often one of the fastest methods of payouts and, thus, preferred by many online players.

But what does this mean for exclusivity? Buying and selling cryptocurrencies requires access to the crypto exchange market and a basic understanding of internet exchange fluctuations and values.

This can mean that only the truly internet savvy play at these tables and maybe using quick transfers (meaning lots of movement amongst the table and players) to benefit playing style. Remember exclusive means any casino that uses some method of barring certain players, or aims to appeal to particular VIP’s.

If you like crypto-currencies, have a PayPal account, or are interested in the quick payout and transfer times using cryptocurrency casinos might offer than perhaps these exclusive online casinos are the ones for you!

These exclusive gambling sites also have a habit of favouring exclusive bonuses that rest on cryptocurrency fluctuations and values. This means more bang for your (virtual) buck through a VIP scheme aimed at your e-wallet!

Exclusive Casinos, High Rollers & VIP Players

exclusive casinos high rollers and vip playersHow seriously do you take your gambling? Are you a player looking to build a career at exclusive online casinos, or looking to hack the systems to find the best exclusive bonuses and exclusive games?

If you take your playing seriously and are regularly placing larger bets for larger rewards, it might be time to look at high roller casinos that attract VIP gamblers through higher minimum bids and larger buy-in requirements.

This means a faster accumulation of loyalty and VIP points to assist you in rising in the VIP scheme ranks. The benefits of high roller exclusive online casinos are, among others, more experienced players, so a higher quality of gaming, and bigger payouts.

Most online exclusive gambling sites tie bonuses and rewards to the amount a player places on the table and how often they brave the game. This means exclusive casinos (with the best reward systems and exclusive games) rely on regular, high bidding players to fuel their VIP programs and schemes.

They want the bigger and more regular players to sign up and stay with them! And they will happily build reward systems and exclusive bonuses to cater to this! With high roller casinos, which bar lower-paying and funded players from games, there are often much more lucrative and rewarding VIP schemes because they know the quality of players and stakes are higher.

This means if you have the financial backing and gaming know-how high roller casinos are the place to pay for their exclusivity and VIP treatment.

How Is a High Roller Defined in Money?

how is a highroller defined in moneyA high roller, sometimes called a whale, refers to someone who brings a large sum of wagers to the table consistently. This means entering a game prepared to play large stakes and placing these gambles on the table consistently.

Obviously, this is a casino’s dream. Their profit comes from the house winning, and if people are playing big, the house is going to win big. Remember, on average, in 2016; each online casino was making roughly $600 000 USD in profit per month.

That’s a lot of high rollers. But high rollers also have the benefit of entering games with potential on big wins. It’s all about the risk you’re willing to take.

And no. There isn’t a monetary value for being a high roller. It’s a variable term and will change with the nature of each game and each table. If you enter a game where the buy-in is $10.00, and pots rarely rise above $150 in total, then entering the game prepared to throw down over $300.00 would make you a high roller.

If you consistently entered this $10.00 game with over double the normal pot total, then you might be referred to, by someone less polite than me, as a whale.

Being a high roller sometimes garners a bad reputation, but any smart player can tack into exclusive bonuses and exclusive games to benefit their bank account and gameplay, especially when using our informational lists of the best exclusive casinos for VIP gamblers.

Mobile Games & VIP Casinos

mobile games and vip casinosOver half of all browsers now use a mobile device to access websites, gaming sites, and information. Chances are you’re reading this on your tablet or phone. Everyone has a pocket-sized network nowadays, and exclusive casinos know this. Who even uses a laptop?

When we discuss exclusive online casinos and VIP offers, we have to mention the casinos made for and operating best on mobiles. These platforms know you want to play on the go, and they use their exclusive bonuses and exclusive games to target this.

Some games cater specifically to the Android operating system. iOS and Apple devices have their own niche exclusive online casinos made and catering for those mobile users (and often have their own VIP schemes and exclusive bonuses too)!

These online casinos are exclusive in that they ‘belong’ to users with a certain app, mobile type, or degree of access. Their biggest benefit is, obviously, that of ease, portability, and convenience. Do you want constant access to online games?

Then exclusive online casinos in the form of mobile platforms are made for you! Not to mention, you can easily gain points for consistent time spent on the virtual tables, meaning your loyalty points and subsequent rewards are sure to shoot up! We all know what that means.

More loyalty points mean more VIP bonuses, which lead to better deposit rates, faster withdrawals, and exclusive access. This means better gameplay and exclusive players that will match your passion, bids, and skill level.

VIP Bonus Schemes

vip bonus schemesBonuses most commonly take the form of free spins on roulette and chance games. They can also mean fee-free deposits, or buy one get one free type schemes. In addition, VIP programs often raise the maximum single bet and deposit limits.

This is because casinos know that you have the knowledge, know-how, and security to place and pay these bets. They claim perks and benefits you can’t access or experience outside of gaming VIP programs and can even mean raising competition points with wages.

What are ‘Competition’ Points?

If you’ve spent any time on online casinos, you know that all they run periodic competitions to attract new users and to keep old players entertained and engaged. These usually run in the form of points, with a luck of the draw-type scenario deciding the winner of either a set or variable pot.

A set pot means the casino declares the prize in either monetary value or number of free spins or chips, and this number stays the same through the competition. No matter how many people enter or how the chances change, the prize stays the same. In a variable pot, the more people who play and enter, the bigger the prize gets.

This is the fun of probability and statistics theory.

what are competition pointsMore people enter, we have less chance, but the reward gets bigger and bigger. This is a variable pot, where the reward size changes throughout the competition. Regardless of how the pot is decided, casinos use a point system to define you, as the players, odds of winning.

The number of points you have determines the number of entries or chances; you have in the competition pot. Going VIP in casinos that link exclusive bonuses with competition points means that for every dollar you play, you earn more points than other standard players.

This means, as a VIP player for a casino that runs regular competitions, you have higher stakes and chances at winning the grand pots. These can be HUGE payouts and would likely be enough for you to fund a good number of games (thus maintaining your VIP status). The casino wins a valuable player, and you, well, win.