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What are Free Slots?

free slotsFree slots are every gambler’s fun mode. Online slot machines operating on the same chances and luck as the real deal, but not requiring actual money. This means you can play and enjoy the spin and thrill of slots, without the risk of loss. Most online slot machines will have a free or fun mode option.

This is especially useful for gamers to practise slot rules or work out which games most appeal to them as a unique player. You can view it as guilt-free gambling, or a training ground for your monetarily charged gaming pursuits – it’s completely up to you as the player!

This freedom has appealed to countless players, and thousands of demo slots (those still being developed by gaming companies, or those used to test out slot games) and free games have cropped up online to satisfy this demand.

Playing Slots in Demo Mode

Any game you’ve come across on a carpeted casino floor or accessed on online casinos will, most likely, have an online free slots counterpart you can access and play. These you can spin on without wagering and simply refresh when your “play” money hits zero.

The most common use for these online slot games is to get a basic understanding of slot games before wagering your real money on online casino games. Gone are the old school slot machines with three fruits equaling a payout.

Scatter symbols are themed and complicated, and each slot machine makes itself unique through artistic and thematic choices. That’s not even delving into the prevalence of bonus rounds! This can be an intimidating discovery for many new or returning players, who expect the classic, simple pull and spin models of the 90s.

playing slots in demoIf you’ve dabbled in gaming before and find yourself favouring slot machines, you know that these games are games of luck. However, unbeknownst to non-slot players, not all games have the same level of luck. The fickle lady works better with some machines than others, and these differing levels are measured variance.

Most machines on the casino floor, either online or real life, will have a mixture of low variance and high variance slot machines. Low variance machines and games will dish out numerous small wins throughout the play, but very rarely dish out the BIG jackpots. This can be a more responsible method of play.

High variance games promise bigger wins and jackpots but award these prizes infrequently. This means players can enter dry streaks between these bigger payouts – with no telling how long these dry spell will last. Games don’t often display their variance, but reading other gamblers reviews and practising on free mode provides a players’ impression and a decent approximation of the variance levels.

You have to ask yourself if your play budget can last through a dry streak, or whether smaller, more sustainable payouts are more suitable for your bank account.

Online free slots have a crazy appeal. It can be compared to a more adult version of candy crush. The colours, rewards, clips, and themes are bright and colourful, and more than anything? It’s just good fun.

The games are increasingly interactive, with movie clip bonuses, dynamic bonus rounds, and recurring characters. It’s very much worth exploring which game appeals to you the most in terms of themes, dynamics, variance, and play style.

To help you make informed choices, we’ve researched some of the most popular slots available to play free slots online to help direct you to your best gaming fit!

Play Online Slots for Real Money

play free slots for real moneyThe promise of ‘free money’ is a mile a million online, especially in the world of gambling. The purest of players argue that the beauty of gambling includes the risk of a loss, but that’s certainly not practical advice for most of us. So when we ask how to play free slots online for real money, two answers come to mind.

Firstly, as aforementioned, free games nearly always have a button that precedes you onto the real money version. If you like a game, like your odds, and have the funds, then proceeding onto playing with and for real money is as simple as a click of a button and an upload of your e-wallet details.

Paid games will follow the same rules as free play, meaning it’s just the real cash version of a game you’ve practised and played before. And we do recommend playing and practising beforehand. Logging on to an online slot casino can be a disorientating process.

So many games, so many flashing lights, pop up adverts, and so many promises of big wins and payouts – the only way to know is trying it all out. Follow your interests and reviews to try on free play first.

Secondly, when discussing playing free slots online for real money, there is a way to stretch your dollars and deposit a little further. In fact, there is a whole section of online slot games that operate on a no deposit basis or offer casino sign up bonuses.

Many casinos will offer free spins (without a deposit) or free cash rewards for signing up. These casinos do this to try and get you to stay within their site and pour your cash into their machines. They do this by offering free rewards on entry or free signup bonuses. These are essentially free money rewards you can try and turn into your winnings.

Simply Play Slots for Fun

Maybe you’re not interested in gambling your money? Not a problem, at all! You can still play slots entirely for the fun of it! Online slots come in so many shapes and forms, a lifetime would not be enough to play them all.

With the evolution of game development, slots have evolved accordingly. It’s not just the graphics or ambient music, at this point. There are hundreds of online slots to play for fun and explore their features and stories.

Many of the top development studios have walked the mile and have featured superb storytelling into the games. Those are really entertaining, you explore their features and unlock new ones to further reveal the story! And all that – without staking a dime if you play slots for fun.

The Hottest Online Slots

Sometimes in forums and comments, you’ll hear players describing slots as hot or cold. ‘Hot’ means that the machine or online slot is dishing out plenty of regular winnings. This can give the illusion that one type of machine or game is ‘lucky.’

This is not the case. Generally, ‘hot’ slots give this impression because they are of low variance. More importantly, however, it is worth noting that any previous performance, that means any streaks of wins or lucky spins, does not necessitate what comes afterwards.

Each spin is completely independent of others. Hot or cold slots are really a bit of a myth. Just because a slot seems like its dishing out more wins doesn’t mean it actually is – it’s all about perception.

The Top Free Slots to Play

the top free slots to playWith all these categories, a player can get confused. Even once you’ve narrowed down the niche or category you want to brave, wading through the neon lights and advertisements of different slot games can be a lot.

No wonder so many gamers drift back into familiar territory in the form of classic or fruit slots. Even then, with classic slots boasting a whole range of game types picking just one can be an overwhelming experience.

That’s why we’ve tried, trialled, reviewed, and summarised some games for you! You can trust us to give honest summaries of these free slot games from a range of producers, themes, categories, and online casino sites.

All offer free slot play, which is the best way to ‘try before you buy.‘ We are strong advocates for learning the rules of the game and experimenting with different themes, styles, and stories before committing to a particular game type.

Age of Gods

Welcome to the Age of Gods! With progressive jackpots and multiple pay lines, Age of Gods is high variance, high octane trip back to the Pantheon. It offers demo plays and free slots, great graphics, and opportunities to hit multipliers and big bonus spins.

You can download free slots in the form of this game in most major application stores. Paid spins run cheap, and there is a brilliantly addictive bonus feature where 4 free spins based on Greek God characteristics can be played.

With mythology like backing a game, it’s hard to discredit. Playtech is fair and reliable, and this is a great game for those looking for progressive jackpot stakes.

Aloha Slots

aloha slot machinesGrab your surfboard and hula skirt and head to the carefree paradise for free slots players! This slot game works on the ‘cluster’ rule similar to those of Megaways slots. When symbols match up in a cluster around the reels, they will randomly trigger bonus spins.

Winning symbols will stay in place during these bonus spins, allowing you a higher chance of winning. Winnings for paid version offers up to 2 000 times your stake, but demo slots are just as rewarding!

This is a beautifully designed game that offers a unique gameplay mode. NetEnt consistently churns out reliable and visually appealing games, making Aloha just another notch on this game producer’s proverbial belt.

Gold Rush

Put away your pickaxe and mine for gold in this video slot. Using 25 Paulina and three reels, this game is themed on the California gold rush. You can download free slots like Gold Rush on the Pragmatic play website, but there is also no harm in playing free slots online to test out the product. Play Gold Rush Slot here for free!

Dynamite is the wild symbol here and acts as a blank symbol placeholder. You can also build up points to trigger a progressive feature increasing the rate of your winnings. It’s a lot of fun and much less work than panning for gold in the old Wild West!

Golden Slot

golden slot machineGolden rooster’s big drawcard is not only its charming farm-themed visuals or fun characters. The game appeals to classic slot players by sticking with the tried and true. It boasts five reels and 3 rows. That’s a bite-sized screen with bite-sized possibilities.

The game has surprisingly high return rates, with some reviewers placing it at 97%. This is a very nice rate for those of us putting down deposits. The game has fixed pay lines and 243 different ways to win. It also offers great demo slots and free slots to experiment with and play on.

It’s a loud game, based on the Chinese New Year, and it hopes, like we do, that the year of the Rooster is lucky for you!


We’re talking girls, casino slots, fantastic winnings, and VIP “playboy club lounge” access (sorry this is actually just thematic code for bonus rounds and progressive reward play). Playing regularly will be rewarded with free spins and wild symbols.

If you place a deposit down as a new player, rewards can rise up to 225% of your original stake. This game can be placed in the high roller category. It models itself around exclusivity, luxury, and expensive things.

This fantasy is provided through video slot clips and character interactions, while maintains classic slot game motifs.

House of Fun

house of fun slot machineHouse of Fun lives up to its name. The online casino is fair, social, visually rewarding, and popular. In fact, it boasts over 20 million players worldwide and is free on Apple and iOS app stores.

This means you can download free slots within the application and spend your day in the funhouse! House of Fun also gives opportunities to play free slots for real money in the form of attractive beginner bonuses and free spins for those signing up or downloading the app. The casino sells itself really!

It honestly is one of the best places to start, and within the confine casino, you can find a massive array of free slots and demo it’s to play.

Reel King

Reel King prides itself on promoting free slots and demo slots to free slots players from around the globe. Playing free slots online has never been easier through this game producer’s website.

Reel King Slot is quick, colourful, and frankly delightful. It is a classic slots game with up to 20 pay lines. Rewards are fair and variable, and bonuses build up until you unlock bonus spins rounds.

For those playing, this is where the real winnings arrive, with returns between 5 to 500 times your original stake. It’s hard not to feel like this is a seriously underrated game. Reel King Slot by Novomatic needs more attention for its simplistic and charming gameplay.


starburst slot machineWith a return to player rate of 96.09%, the Starburst slot by NetEnt boasts low volatility and low variance. It’s reliable, rewarding, and fun. You don’t even need any count to play this on free online, making it a great quick play you’ll surely fall in love with.

The game is wildly popular with straightforward gameplay and explosive visual rewards for winnable pay lines. The visuals are a little dated now, and the sounds often feel reminiscent of the VCR version of ‘HotSeat’, but the game is popular and trusted for a reason! It pays back its players and is a simple, fast-paced, a great way to delve into the slot game genre.

Types of Demo Slots

types of demo slotsOpening an online slot casino can be a whirlwind of colour, sounds, promises, and confusion. So here is a low down on what to expect in the most common slot categories. We will be discussing a wide array of the most favoured slots you can come across.

It’s important to remember two things: firstly, all slot games follow the same basic rules, and all operate on chance. Try not to judge the likelihood of luck on what has happened before. Every spin is a completely new spin, and all machines are designed to help the casino win. Learn how to play slot machines to understand why.

Secondly, while all slot games follow the same basic tenants, they can also all be wildly different! You will never get bored with endless homes, variance levels, symbology, bonus rounds, extra level games (like pick me levels), and unlockable collectables.

Read on to find out some of the common categories on an online casino slot front page and discover the secret behind how to win on slots!

Video Slots

video slotsYou can download free slots in video style on most major app stores. Video slots are much more immersive and dynamic. They are made for the technological, Millenia age and offer interactive bonus features and artistic animations.

These types of free games online are much more responsive and are ideal for those who love action movies, high stakes, and visual rewards. Video slots operate on largely the same basis as classic slots; however, engage with players through bonus rounds, themed movie clips, expanding reels (which can be triggered by certain combinations), and multiple ways to win.

There really is a whole new world of immersive gambling to be had, and Video slots offer a gateway to this! Another unique feature is non-monetary prizes in free mode or ‘pick me’ bonus rounds. Non-monetary prizes are usually collectables you can unlock through certain combinations, and in video slots, these visual collectables are usually videos.

This seems obvious when looking at the name. These videos can be original shorts that unlock a story, the more you play or movie clips from all our favourite franchises. Another unique feature of “pick me” rounds is that random symbols are unlocked for players to pick from. With each choice, additional prizes are revealed, adding another level of chance and reward.

Top Video Slots for May, 2021

  • Zoom Slot
    Zoom Slot
  • Zeus III Slot
    Zeus III Slot
  • Yule Be Rich Slot
    Yule Be Rich Slot
  • Yokozuna Clash Slot
    Yokozuna Clash Slot
  • Yeti Battle of Greenhat Peak Slot
    Yeti Battle of Greenhat Peak Slot
  • Xmas Joker Slot
    Xmas Joker Slot
  • Wonder Woman Slot
    Wonder Woman Slot
  • Wolf Gold Slot
    Wolf Gold Slot

Play All Video Slots

Classic Slots

classic slotsWhen we discuss classic slots, the image is that of the three-reel slot machine, leather stool in front, and the ticking theme music blasting out over the casino floor. Classic Online Slots are very easy to play machines.

Press the slot button, symbols will be generated by a random number generator, and we sit with fingers crossed that the symbols along the top, middle, or bottom line match to win. Each reel, generally, has about 20 symbols. The more symbols, the less chance of a win, so always make sure to check the symbol amount and variance.

One symbol on each reel will also be the jackpot. The reels are weighted, so remember that success on one wheel doesn’t necessitate. As with hot or cold machines, a prior performance has zero to do with what is to come. These slot machines tend to be low variance, but this differs between casinos.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to variance or game type. Classic slot themes used to be restricted to fruit symbols with the occasional lucky shamrock thrown in for diversity, but that is no longer the case. Themes, artwork, symbology, and odds all differ greatly between classic slots.

Top Classic Slots for May, 2021

  • Zoom Slot
    Zoom Slot
  • Xmas Joker Slot
    Xmas Joker Slot
  • Wild West Slot
    Wild West Slot
  • Vegas Magic Slot
    Vegas Magic Slot
  • Vegas Diamonds Slot
    Vegas Diamonds Slot
  • Twin Spin Slot
    Twin Spin Slot
  • Thunderstruck Slot
    Thunderstruck Slot
  • Super Fast Hot Hot Respin Slot
    Super Fast Hot Hot Respin Slot

Play All Classic Slots


High Roller Slots

High Roller SlotsThe name of these slot games seems a little self-explanatory. Online casinos group games together on this title by the cost of a spin and the size of the jackpot. Commonly this would mean that high roller slots have a high variance with dry streaks that break in grand prize money.

But there’s really no predicting when and how these dry streaks will break, or how much you will be down when they do. High roller slots are a bit more exclusive and tend to carry more prestige. The graphics tend to be flashier, and they appeal to the higher budget gamblers. High roller games are very popular in more exclusive and VIP casinos, because they offer the biggest rewards.

Just remember that the biggest rewards also come with the biggest risks. Casinos will never set up a game that doesn’t put money back into their system. The casino always wins, even when you think it’s losing. High roller games are a lot of fun, especially in fun mode, where that risk is nullified by the fact you’re not actually spending your hard-earned cash.

High roller slots will appeal to players with big budgets who love the thrill and enjoy flashier graphics and themes.

Top High Roller Slots for May, 2021

  • Wonder Woman Slot
    Wonder Woman Slot
  • Wolf Gold Slot
    Wolf Gold Slot
  • Winterberries Slot
    Winterberries Slot
  • Wild West Slot
    Wild West Slot
  • Wild Spells Slot
    Wild Spells Slot
  • Wild Robo Factory Slot
    Wild Robo Factory Slot
  • Warlords: Crystals of Power Slot
    Warlords: Crystals of Power Slot
  • Viking Gods: Thor and Loki Slot
    Viking Gods: Thor and Loki Slot

Play All High Roller Slots


Egypt Slots

egypt slotsThe Pyramids, the Nile, mummies, ancient Pharaohs, and Cleopatra. What other empires can claim to capture the same romance, history, or majesty of Egypt? It fascinated Indiana Jones, is argued to be the cradle of humanity and has a whole slew of slot games modelled after the imaginary Far East Egypt.

The pharaohs were buried with massive riches, and that seems to be the idea that these thematic slot games are aiming to recreate. Egyptian style slot games operate on the same chances, random number generators, and variation rules as other slot machines, but they do it with a style all their own.

With music reminiscent of ‘The Mummy’ and visuals that looked to be pulled straight from ‘Cleopatra’ (1963), these games capture a mirage, build experience, and transport players to another time and land. All this with the added bonus of the same base rules as other slot machines, and the same thrill of chance.

Game symbology will include hieroglyphs, classic Egyptian iconography, and bonus symbols that will trigger interesting and unique rewards, both monetary and visual. For a free player, Egypt Slots are a great way to marry visual experience with classic slot games and chance.

Top Egypt Slots for May, 2021

  • Tut's Twister Slot
    Tut's Twister Slot
  • Treasures of Tombs Hidden Gold Slot
    Treasures of Tombs Hidden Gold Slot
  • Treasure Of The Pyramids Slot
    Treasure Of The Pyramids Slot
  • Tales of Egypt Slot
    Tales of Egypt Slot
  • Rome & Egypt Slot
    Rome & Egypt Slot
  • Riches of Ra Slot
    Riches of Ra Slot
  • Pyramid Quest For Immortality Slot
    Pyramid Quest For Immortality Slot
  • Mercy of the Gods Slot
    Mercy of the Gods Slot

Play All Egypt Slots


Fruit Slots

fruit slotsThey say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. While maybe the old saying wasn’t proverbialized with fruit slots in mind, it can’t hurt to be too careful, can it? Based on the classic slots reel design, and operating on roughly the same variance and chances, fruit slots revert back to old school slot themes and uses minimal symbols and reels.

Fruit slots were made popular when the gambling era was just starting out. They stood in every gambling bar and land-based casinos, and now they’ve expanded into the World Wide Web. Fruit slots feel a little retro – they belong to the golden age of gambling before the internet slot land-based casino thunder.

Every online casino nowadays will have a fruit slot section of their games. They are easy to play – sticking with 3-5 pay lines. They rarely venture into the complicated bonus rounds popularised by video slots, and they are a great place for beginners to start playing online free slots. They also have that nostalgic charm, bright and colourful, looking like they stepped out of the 90s. So go get some Vitamin C and enjoy a few free rounds on fruit slots today.

Top Fruit Slots for May, 2021

  • Zoom Slot
    Zoom Slot
  • Wicked Circus Slot
    Wicked Circus Slot
  • Super Fast Hot Hot Respin Slot
    Super Fast Hot Hot Respin Slot
  • Sunny Shores Slot
    Sunny Shores Slot
  • Sizzling Hot Deluxe Slot
    Sizzling Hot Deluxe Slot
  • Seven's & Fruits: 20 Lines Slot
    Seven's & Fruits: 20 Lines Slot
  • Second Strike Slot
    Second Strike Slot
  • Phoenix Fire Slot
    Phoenix Fire Slot

Play All Fruit Slots


Jackpot Slots

jackpot slotsJackpot slots are characterized by big opportunities to win! We’re talking jackpots obviously. Jackpots, by their very nature, are high variance. They can roll up long dry streaks to justify the big payouts. This means to play jackpot slots, you need to make sure you have the financial backing to account for it responsibly.

Remember, even with jackpots; you can never play what you can’t safely afford to lose. In free play, of course, this rule doesn’t apply! Yet another reason that free play is a fantastic way to play – you never have to worry about budgeting or limits! Jackpot games and the jackpots they reward players with can operate progressively or with a fixed jackpot.

Progressive jackpots are much less flexible when it comes to odds. The maximum payout will rise the more you play. The jackpot often will have a ceiling as high as a million dollars and can be won by multiple people. Once someone wins the jackpot, the jackpot resets itself and begins to climb according to the number of turns spent on that game.

This means someone can play 100 spins, driving up that jackpot, only for the person who next hops on the game to win after just one spin. It is both a team game and a competition and remains a popular way to gamble.

Additionally, jackpots can offer fixed pots. They are set amounts that do not differ with the number of players or spins. However, they often pay out more frequently than progressive jackpots.

Top Jackpot Slots for May, 2021

  • Wild Gambler Slot
    Wild Gambler Slot
  • Viking Gods: Thor and Loki Slot
    Viking Gods: Thor and Loki Slot
  • Valkyrie Queen Slot
    Valkyrie Queen Slot
  • Turning Totems Slot
    Turning Totems Slot
  • Ticket to the Stars Slot
    Ticket to the Stars Slot
  • The Rift Slot
    The Rift Slot
  • The Lab Slot
    The Lab Slot
  • The Grand Slot
    The Grand Slot

Play All Jackpot Slots


Megaways Slots

megaways slotsMegaways slots work by putting a random number of symbols on each reel, which change as you start each spin. The size of these symbols changes as well, and the size is the thing that determines the number of pay lines. So there are a lot of variables in Megaways slots and multiple ways to win.

Many of Megaways games report over 100 000 different ways to win. In addition, you can build up multipliers during free spin rounds and other rewards. The game opportunities are endless, and it takes a few spins to quite work out what’s going on.

But that’s the fun of free slots! You can test and try different ways to spin and different game types to see what works for you, and to get a grip on the game rules. These games also include jackpot symbols and varying payline amounts.

Megaways has only become popular very recently and almost solely lives online. It uses software to randomly generate bonus rounds and oscillating reels and is a thrilling game to play. Megaways spins, for something with incredibly diverse ways to win, is relatively inexpensive.

It is also a gambling fad that seems to be gaining traction and popularity, so it might be worth trying this game out before it becomes so popular prices per spin track upwards.

Top Megaways Slots for May, 2021

  • Valkyrie Slot
    Valkyrie Slot
  • Tiger's Glory Slot
    Tiger's Glory Slot
  • Tahiti Gold Slot
    Tahiti Gold Slot
  • Stampede Slot
    Stampede Slot
  • Reel Rush Slot
    Reel Rush Slot
  • Rainbrew Slot
    Rainbrew Slot
  • Rainbow Ryan Slot
    Rainbow Ryan Slot
  • Raging Rhino Slot
    Raging Rhino Slot

Play All Megaways Slots


3D Slots

3D SlotsGosh, how far has our technology come? You can now play free slots in 3D, and no, we aren’t talking about the real-life, location-based thing! We’re talking about high graphics, pop out art, and all virtual, all captivating 3D fun!

3D slots work similarly to video slots. They follow the same rules as a regular, classic slot game but use animation, visuals, and rich effects to build a storyline within a game. 3D games are a very new development, so you will stumble across lots of free play opportunities as developers try to work out kinks, collect gameplay data, and search for those elusive user reviews that separate the mediocre games from the truly great.

Mixing the thrill of gambling, with dynamic characters and storyline utilizing the best of technological 3D graphics, makes for a truly memorable and exciting experience. If you are keen to see new world developments mix with classic slot gaming, then direct yourself towards 3D slots. With a mix of old and new, modern, and classic, 3D slots are the blazing path forward in online free slot frontiers.

Top 3D Slots for May, 2021

  • Wild Gambler Slot
    Wild Gambler Slot
  • Viking Gods: Thor and Loki Slot
    Viking Gods: Thor and Loki Slot
  • Valkyrie Queen Slot
    Valkyrie Queen Slot
  • Turning Totems Slot
    Turning Totems Slot
  • Ticket to the Stars Slot
    Ticket to the Stars Slot
  • The Rift Slot
    The Rift Slot
  • The Lab Slot
    The Lab Slot
  • The Grand Slot
    The Grand Slot

Play All 3D Slots

Why Play Free Slots Online?

Slot games cast you up to Lady Luck and ask whether she loves you that day. It’s a thrilling way to pass the time, and with free play, you make no loss. Demo slots and free slots are fabulous and risk-free.

They hit that craving without the danger of financial ruin, and they are becoming so accessible. You can download free play slot games to play offline. You don’t even need WIFI connections anymore!

Most games are rendered best on smartphones, which means you make no sacrifice for screen size and portability. The video slots can operate in up to 720p on a smartphone making for a delightful and immersive experience, especially when those Hollywood cut scenes and collectible clips start playing!

What Free Slots to Play for Fun?

If you want to play slots for fun, your search is over! You can join us at our extensive collection of free games to play online, without staking your money!

Another way to get a taste of games and to discover free slots to play for fun is to navigate to a top casino. Those always make sure to give you a taste of their game’s collection. Free slots to play for fun can also be found on the websites of gaming developers that offer first-looks of their newest releases!

How do Slot Games Work?

how do slot games workWe’ve discussed reels and paylines, but this lingo has little meaning without a basic understanding of how slot machines work. The draw of slot machines is, and probably always will be, the fact that anyone can win at any time. As long as you are playing, you can’t be excluded from the chance to win big.

It all seems so simple. Place a bet or wager, click the button, and the computer will do the rest. But when we discuss online slot games, we are talking about incredibly complicated technology that relies on software and computer generators, the likes of which were previously unimaginable.

We’ve mentioned RNG or random number generators before, but what does this mean? An RNG is a piece of software that is bias-free. It randomizes all possible outcomes and uses each spin to generate a completely independent result.

This is why a machine running hot or cold isn’t an indicator of future performance. The last spin should not affect in any way the next spin because the results are random.

How can the casino always win, you ask? It’s an old question. If each spin and each result is totally random, what does it mean when we say that the casino always wins. How do they always make more money than the players do?

Take a 99% return to player average as an example. That means that 99% of the money put in the game will be returned to players. So if you play 100 spins valued at $1.00 each, you should get back 99 of those dollars.

This is an incredibly high RTP, but it still guarantees that the casino is keeping more than you are. Return to player amounts will never be higher than 100%, and if they are, the game is not legitimate. Anything 100% or higher would mean the casino lost money overall and would cease to exist.

The benefit of RTP and some players win big no slot machines rests in the number of people playing. If the RTP rate is again 99%, and 1000 people put 10 dollars into that machine, then we are looking at 9900 dollars worth of winnings.

But they won’t return evenly all to the players. Some players will walk away with nothing; some players will walk away with double their money, and, if everyone else loses, it is even possible for one person to walk away with all 9900 dollars played on that machine. It comes down to chance, luck, and looking for machines with reasonable RTPs.

This is what people mean when they say casinos always win. One way of getting around this is to use free slots and demo slots to practise and play without losing or giving away your money. This allows you the fun of chancing it without the risk of monetary loss. Plus no need to budget if you can just refresh when your imaginary pool hits zero.

What are Paylines & Reels?

what are paylines and reelsA pay line has many names. It can be referred to as a betting line or a winning line. The number of pay lines on a game is one of the most important features of a slot machine. The pay line is the row where any combination or symbol will be valid for a win.

You can choose which pay lines to bet on and often how many. The more pay lines you activate obviously, the more chances you have of winning. Classic slots and the old fruit slots that populated pubs and casino floors used to have just one pay line.

You spin the reels, and they have to land in the exact place you need in order to cougar winnings. Sometimes games like to mix up pay lines by making them run across reels or in zigzags. They might be horizontal, diagonal, or vertical. They might be adjustable or fixed.

All this variety means you will never get bored, but is yet another reason why we all would benefit from some free and demo slots play! With zig-zagging and variable pay lines in the mix, it’s best to familiarise yourself with a game before resting money on it.

The crux is this. A pay line is where you want the winning to land, and you wager on the chance of that happening.

A reel is fixed. It’s the wheel or spinning part of the machine that changes over the pay lines to place symbols randomly on the screen, or in the pay line area. It also could refer to the part of a rod used to pull in fish, but this isn’t a fishing website!

A reel is in a vertical position and spins around after the wager is placed. Reels are universal to all slot games. They are, in a nutshell, what makes a slot game.

This article has aimed to break down some of the lingo used in online gambling on free slots, recommend demo slots as a way of free play, describe ways of playing free slots for real money, provide pathways to download free slots, and overall convince you to give all these wonderfully mastered and diverse slot games a try!

Remember to always gamble responsibly and try free versions of the games before putting your real money into wagers. Most importantly, have fun.

Not Enough Slots? Enjoy More Slot Types Below:

Top Holidays Slots

  • Xmas Joker Slot
    Xmas Joker Slot
  • The Nutcracker Slot
    The Nutcracker Slot
  • Taco Brothers Saving Christmas Slot
    Taco Brothers Saving Christmas Slot
  • Spellcraft Slot
    Spellcraft Slot
  • Secrets of Christmas Slot
    Secrets of Christmas Slot
  • Merry Xmas Slot
    Merry Xmas Slot
  • Ho Ho Tower Slot
    Ho Ho Tower Slot
  • Halloween Jack Slot
    Halloween Jack Slot

Top Las Vegas Slots

  • Vegas Magic Slot
    Vegas Magic Slot
  • Vegas High Roller Slot
    Vegas High Roller Slot
  • Vegas Diamonds Slot
    Vegas Diamonds Slot
  • Sizzling Hot Deluxe Slot
    Sizzling Hot Deluxe Slot
  • Reel King Slot
    Reel King Slot
  • Reel King Potty Slot
    Reel King Potty Slot
  • Playboy Slot
    Playboy Slot
  • Mr Vegas Slot
    Mr Vegas Slot

Top Movie Slots

  • Wonder Woman Slot
    Wonder Woman Slot
  • Tomb Raider Slot
    Tomb Raider Slot
  • The Wizard of Oz Slot
    The Wizard of Oz Slot
  • The Nutcracker Slot
    The Nutcracker Slot
  • The Invisible Man Slot
    The Invisible Man Slot
  • Terminator 2 Slot
    Terminator 2 Slot
  • Tarzan Slot
    Tarzan Slot
  • Tales of Dr Dolittle Slot
    Tales of Dr Dolittle Slot

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