Best Free Spins Casino Bonuses 2020

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What Are Free Spins

Free spins add excitement to any casino game. Players look forward to enjoying free spins upon registration as well as free spins awarded to VIP account holders who have been playing in the casino for a considerable period of time.

Online casinos have also realized that a free spin bonus can go a long way in establishing customer loyalty and increasing the chances of a player playing for a longer time.

Free Spins Types

Every online casino offers bonuses, no matter how big or small, often including free spins upon registration. Some of the best free spin bonuses that you will come across are:

free spins upon registrationFree spins upon registration

A very common type of free spin bonus offered by most casinos is the free spin upon registration. Once you sign up on an online casino and confirm your email or mobile number, you will be eligible to receive a certain number of free spins.

Casinos offer this mostly to make sure that new players will have the opportunity to get comfortable with the online casino environment and use their free spins on different slots to try various games and slots before they could get started with making a deposit and betting their own money.

This type of a free spin bonus is also known as free spin no deposit. Casino ratings often depend on their bonus offerings for new customers, so this is why you will find all reputed casinos have free spins on registration available for new players.

You will, however, find that such free spins will have certain wagering requirements before you are able to cash out your winnings. Such bonuses also have a limit to the maximum amount of money you can cash out from the winnings.

Free Spins for First Deposit

When players make their first deposit, casinos award them with free spins and may even include additional promotional offers to encourage them to explore the games offered by the casino.

They help you get started on a game before you begin using your deposit money to bet on a slot or any of the other casino games. The advantage of free spins from a first deposit is that you can try various slots before you settle on the one that you like.

Or you can pick a slot and begin a winning streak with free spins before you start betting money from your deposit. You must go through the terms and conditions of the casino for these free spins to benefit from them.

Casinos set a minimum deposit amount, which will make you eligible for the free spins. It is important that you go through the details about the minimum deposit to get your free spins.

no wager free spinsNo Wager Free Spins

There are some casinos that make it possible for players to claim their winnings from the free spins without having to roll over the money on other games. This means that players do not have to go through a certain number of wagering before they cash out their winnings.

As good as this means, there are few casinos that offer such an opportunity. Additionally, casinos also tend to place a cap on the maximum amount of money that can be cashed through no wager free spins bonus.

VIP Free Spins

Once you start using the services of a casino regularly, you will notice that every now and then, you will receive emails or other communication from the casinos offering VIP free spins.

Such spins are reserved for VIP casino guests who usually play very regularly and hence end up making deposits regularly. Casinos usually have certain rules or guidelines about the eligibility of customers to the VIP section.

Some casinos put these guidelines in black and white for all their customers, while others may not have clear rules about the eligibility criteria. If you’re eyeing VIP free spins, make sure you’re aware of the conditions.

Free Spins for New Games

When new games are launched by the game suppliers, casinos find it easier to attract customers to these new slots by offering free spins. Even the players are more willing to try a new slot when they get free spins instead of having to deposit money to try it.

Offering free spins for new games has its benefits for players as well as casinos. If players end up liking the new game, then they will begin playing it regularly and using their deposits for playing the game.

These are the main types of free spins that you will come across in casinos. All of them have specific rules and regulations set by the casinos to make sure that free spins benefit the players as well as the casino.

Know Before You Enjoy Free Spins

Know Before You Enjoy Free SpinsWhether you get VIP free spins for being a loyal customer at an online casino or you start with some free spins upon registration, it is best to go through the terms and conditions attached to these free spins before you begin using them.

It is important to consider the reputation of the casino as well before signing up with the casino for their free spins.

Free spin bonuses come as a result of certain actions. To unlock these free spins, you would either have to register, make a deposit, or play regularly at casinos.

A casino usually does not lose anything at all, even after offering several free spins to customers every day. Since these free spins have so many terms and conditions attached to them, customers are rarely able to enjoy big winnings.

Free Spins Bonus Not loaded All at Once

Your free spins bonus may not be loaded to your account all at once – if you receive a notification which makes you eligible for 100 free spins, then you may not receive all the 100 spins at one time. It is possible that you will receive them as a few free spins per day and if you do not use your free spins in 24 hours, then they will be removed from your account. You will not have the option to accumulate your free spins and enjoy them in one go.

Payment Method May Not Be Eligible for Free Spins

Your payment method may or may not make you eligible for free spins upon registration or first deposit – many casinos do not offer a joining bonus to customers who make their deposits through Skrill or Neteller. For certain reasons, the method of payment you use may or may not make you eligible for the free spins.

Details about the free spins bonus can be found under the bonus terms and conditions set by the casino. Check for exclusions and eligibility to make sure that your method of payment will make you eligible for the bonus.

Max Cash Out Policy

Casinos may have a max cash out policy for the free spins bonus they offer – free spins that are not tied into wagering requirements will usually have limitations to the amount of money you can cash out. If you win $500 from a free spin and the maximum cash out policy limits you to cashing out only $200, then you will be forfeiting the rest of the money.

This is often seen as a fair means to allow you to benefit from a free spin without the casino having to lose out on too much money. Casinos set these limits to avoid losses and at the same time, make it possible for players to enjoy cashing out a considerable amount of winnings without rolling over their winnings.

Max Bet Limits for Free Spins

enjoy free spinsYou may find yourself limited on the max bet per free spin – casinos may even set the limit of a maximum bet per free spin to the lowest bet. This way they lose very little even if a player wins.

Keeping in mind that the entire concept of free spins is based on increasing customer loyalty and attracting new customers, casinos are willing to part with such small winnings as a marketing feat. So when you get free spins bonuses, check for the details about the maximum bet to figure out if the casino limits the betting amount on free spins.

Some Games Excluded from Free Spins Bonus

Some games may be excluded from the free spins – free spins are not always available on all slots of your choice. You will get a list of slots on which you can utilize the free spins. The slots on the list may or may not be of your liking, but you are limited to these slots only. Go through the terms and conditions to find out which slots you can play to claim your free spins bonus.

Country Restrictions

Some countries may be excluded from the free spins bonus – casinos run certain bonus offers which can be country-specific. If your country is excluded, then you will not be able to participate in such promotions. Free spins bonus usually work in the same manner.

If a casino does not offer the welcome bonus of free spins for players from your country, then you can talk to the customer support about it. Sometimes, there isn’t much that you can do about it so you can either check other casinos where your country is eligible for free bonuses or continue with the same casino without any welcome bonus.

Wagering Requirements

You may have to meet certain wagering requirements – according to casino players, one of the biggest catches of free spins is the wagering requirements that are a part of the terms and conditions of the free spin bonus.

New players, as well as VIP free spins, may involve the condition that your winnings from the free spin must be wagered a certain number of times before you can cash out. Based on the casino you choose, you may have to wager it 20 times or even 100 times before you can claim your winnings – that is if you are left with any.

casino offers free spinsThe chances of losing your winnings through the several wagers are so high that players feel that casinos rarely lose money in free spins that come with wagering requirements. Additionally, you will also have to check on details about the games on which you can wager.

Some games will be excluded from the wagering. These are usually games with high RTP. Slots have a 100% contribution to the wagering fulfilment while other games like roulette and blackjack have less than 25% contribution towards the wagering fulfilment.

So if you wager $1 on a slot, then it is counted as $1 contribution to the total amount that you have to wager. But if you pick a live game like blackjack and its contribution is 5% then the same $1 wagered on a game of blackjack will only be considered as $0.05 contribution towards your total wagering goal. You will have to carefully check how a game contributes towards your wagers if you choose anything other than slots for wagering.

Sometimes, VIP free spins may even require you to wager your deposits along with your bonus funds before you can claim your winnings from free spins. This may make the whole game less fair and you may end up with more losses than winnings so you must be careful about such terms for free spin bonuses.

Free Spins are Limited by Period of Time

They may be limited only for a short period of time – casinos may limit the amount of time in which you can use your free spins. They may be credited to your account for as less as 24 hours to create a sense of urgency, which leads you to playing the game at least for the free spin.

In other cases, they may last for a week or a month. Whether you were credited free spins upon registration or you received VIP free spins from the casino you use regularly, make sure you check the terms of how long the free spins would last to make sure that you can benefit from them.

Why Would a Casino Offer Free Spins?

It may seem odd that a casino would be willing to give away free spins to new users. Wouldn’t they end up losing money doing that? Or is there a big catch to it all and free spins are not free after all? Here’s why casinos offer free spins:

free spins to attract new customers1. To attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Casinos are aware that their profitability comes from their customers. Offering free spins to new customers gives their new users a chance to try their luck at different games.

Since players tend to get addicted to the constant tug of war between winning and losing, they are likely to end up playing further even after their free spins are over. This is why free spins bonuses work like a charm for casinos when it comes to attracting new customers.

At the same time, some existing customers may need that little nudge to try a new slot and VIP free spins can get them started on new games. Customers also like to know that casinos care for their existing customers and free spins are one such gesture.

2. To encourage customers to explore different games.

Free spins come with several terms and conditions. The most common kind is that you will have to roll over your winning several times through other games before you could cash out your winnings.

Depending on the casino you choose, it can either be 40 times or even 100 times. By wagering your winnings in different games, you end up exploring other slots that you may not have tried otherwise. Next time when you make a deposit, it is possible that you can play one of those new slots or games.

free spins bonusesCasino players love the fact that they can enjoy free spins upon registration and that casinos are willing to award loyal customers with bonuses like VIP free spins.

Since they offer an opportunity of playing a game without putting any additional money at stake, these spins happen to attract lots of players. In fact, casinos often end up making a considerable amount of money by offering free spins.

As we discussed, there is very less that casinos tend to lose by offering free spins. As a player, you also get the opportunity to make money without losing any, if you carefully go through the terms of the free spins.