Fruit Warp Slot

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Game RTP %
Game Music
Game Design
Slot RTP: 97%
Min Bet: 0.10
Max Bet: 100
Reels: 1
Additional Details:
Paylines: 1
Software Provider: Thunderkick
Slot Type: Video Slot
Theme: Fruits
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Fruit Warp Slot Review

Thunderkick has taken the slot gaming to a whole new level with this innovative designed Fruit Warp slot game. One of its kinds, Fruit Warp slots’ theme is based on the Fruits but has a very unique design which is definitely not available in any other slot games.

The logo of the game is simple and features different colours in the background on which different fruits are placed. Let’s know more about this happening game of Fruit Warp slots.

Beginning the Game of the Fruit Warp Casino Game

Fruit Warp casino game does not actually have any reels to display. Instead, the fruits (symbols) on the screen are brought randomly in front from the background and they appear floating on the screen.

Nine of the game symbols can be seen on the screen at any given time. This design is what makes the Fruit Warp game unique. Thunderkick has really presented this way of slot gaming through an out of the box idea.

fruit warp slot home screen

At the bottom of the screen, you will find a control panel to set certain parameters of the game before you start your slot game journey at Fruit Warp. In this control panel, you get the following options:

Bet: Use this option to set your bets. You can set your bets from 10 cents to a maximum of ÂŁ100.
Cash: Displays your total winnings during the game.
Spin: Lets you click on it every time you want to bring the fruits on screen.
Auto Play: Lets you set a predetermined number of slots to run on the screen continuously without stopping.

The Fruit Warp slot game is now available to play on different devices. You can play the game on any Internet-connected device, both mobile and desktop. No need to worry about your operating system, both iOS and Android will work for your mobile devices.

Once you have an account at an online casino offering mobile gaming, you’ll even be able to play Fruit Warp on-the-go.

Symbols of the Fruit Warp Slot Machine

The Fruit Warp game has several fruit symbols to display on the screen. They are a total of nine fruits which float on the screen. These include Grapes bunch, Cherries, Bananas, Oranges, Plums, Strawberries, Dragon Fruit, Kiwano and Starfruits.

Among these, the low paying symbols of the slot game include Plums, Strawberries and Cherries. The high paying symbols of the game include Bananas, Oranges, Grapes bunch, Kiwano, Dragon fruit and Starfruits. Each fruit has its own importance and can pay you accordingly.

fruit warp slot win

Bonus Features of the Fruit Warp Slot Game

The Bonus features in the game are limited. But you will find the fruits paying amazingly every time you drop them in combos on the screen. Let’s know more about this below.

Dragon Fruit: The scaly pink fruit is the highest paying symbol of the game. Land nine of the Dragon Fruits on the screen and get a massive payout of 432 times your stake. For eight Dragon Fruits the payout is 108 times your bet and for seven Dragon Fruits 36 times your bet. This can go up to a minimum of three Dragon Fruit symbols on the screen for which you will get two times of your bet.

Kiwano: Kiwano is the next high paying symbols of the game with 9 symbols presenting you with a payout of 90.

Starfruits: For 9 of the Starfruits symbols on the reels, you get 84 times your stake.

Grapes: The luscious Grapes give you a payout of 72 times your bet, for dropping 9 of them on screen.

Bananas: They avail a payout of 60 times your wager when 9 of them land on the screen.

Oranges: Nine oranges can avail a payout of 54 times your bet.

Strawberries: Among the low paying symbols of the game, Strawberries pay the highest. Drop nine of them on the screen and pick a payout of 48 times your bet.

Plums: For nine plums, you get 36 times of your bet.

Cherries: Cherries are the least paying symbols of the game. For nine of them on screen, you will get paid 30 times your wager.

fruit warp slot four of a kind win

Special Fruit Warp Meter Feature: To trigger this feature, you need to land any fruit symbol of five or more on the screen. When landed, they have the ability to activate Warp Meter. Warp Meter is seen at the bottom of the screen. It contains several steps, different multipliers and free spins in it. All you need to do is go on landing and collecting the same symbol (that activated the Fruit Warp Meter feature) to the Warp Meter. For each symbol matching the symbol of Fruit Warp Meter, you cover one step in the meter. When you land different Fruit symbols in different combos, they get added to multipliers. If there is no symbol matching the Fruit Warp Meter, the activated extra life presents players with one additional re-spin.

Theme and Design of the Fruit Warp Slot Game

As mentioned earlier, the Fruit Warp slot game takes the theme of inspiration from the game of Fruits. The slot game is uniquely designed and lacks the reels feature. You will find the fruits floating on the screen whenever they land.

At the beginning of the game, you will find a plain Pistachio-coloured background on which the symbols will be landing. As the game proceeds and you play the Fruit Warp Meter feature, you will observe the colour of the fruit in the background which had initially triggered the Fruit Warp Meter feature.

If Strawberries triggered the Fruit Warp Meter feature, you will find a light red colour in the background. For Bananas, you will find a yellow colour and so on. After the feature ends, the colour of the background turns back to green.

The graphics of the game are amazingly done. The fruits designed to look much real on screen. The animations too are smooth and the symbols appear and go in a spectacular manner.

fruit warp slot cherry win


The highlighting feature of the Fruit Warp slot game is its design. You will not find anything like this in the slots world. Thunderkick has done a great job at it. The symbols of the game pay amazingly well, depending on your wager.

Speaking of the bonus features, you will find the Warp Meter as the enticing one here with its multipliers and free game rounds. The music of the game is soothing at the beginning but when you play the Fruit Warp meter round, the music is exciting and energetic.

Overall, the game is simple and if you do not like complexity during gaming, this surely is the one for you.