Gemix Slot

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Game RTP %
Game Music
Game Design
Slot RTP: 96.6%
Min Bet: 0.05
Max Bet: 100
Reels: 7
Additional Details:
Paylines: 7
Software Provider: Play'N Go
Slot Type: Video Slot
Theme: Fantasy, Magic
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Gemix Slot Review (by Play’n Go)

Do you love cluster paying slots games with classy gems to keep you entertained? Well, the Gemix slot from Play’N Go is the game for you then! It’s colorful with a simple set up which means anyone can easily play the game.

During the gameplay, a gambler can progress through different levels. This slot game is addictive, so be careful not to spend massive amounts of money in the game.

gemix home screen

You can classify the Gemix slot game under arcade games. You can access the game from different devices which would make you spent most of your free time playing the game.

Let’s Get Going with the Exclusive Gemix Arcade

Gemix is on a 7×7 grid where after every dice, the matching characters on the slots are replaced with new gems. If you land five or more similar figures, you get a reward.

If you get up to 15 matching elements, you can get massive benefits. For a gamer to move to the next world, they need to clear three patterns, which make the game challenging.

It allows one to stake values from 50p up to a maximum of £100 in a single spin. The stake can earn you a payout of up to 1000 times which is worth a try.

The game doesn’t have a payline, and all you have to do is match at least five characters. Gemix’s slot machines have cascading reels, where matched characters disappear as new ones replace them.

The theme of the game shows or depicts a fun-filled environment that has bright colored squares and swirling candies. All these features are in every level that you play. The main characters are a small girl who is licking a lollipop and a wizard.

They move with you through this confectionary world from one level to another. The game can run on different devices smoothly with fewer challenges.

How to Play the colorful game of Gemix?

In the first few minutes with this game, it might look clustered to a player. As you keep interacting with the game, you will get used to the interface. The game controls are at the bottom of the gaming screen.

It has buttons for changing the coin values, starting a spin, autoplay and paytable features. On the left, the game shows your win history and on the right the game shows which symbols pattern you have to create.

The crystal charge meter is also on the right-hand side of the gaming screen. There are eight symbols that are in the game.

gemix slots welcome screen

For you to play the game, you need to set your bet value on the quick betting panel. The panel allows you to set the stake by clicking on the denominations on the control board.

You can select an amount like 1, 10 or even 100 before running your bet. You can also set the coin values by pressing the plus or minus signs. They are next to the stake dominations on the control panel of the game.

For you to run a single spin, you have to press the “start” button which activates the reels. You can then choose or select the shown patterns on the right-hand side of the window. The characters drop from above when you hit the start button.

For you to win, you need to land five or more symbols that are similar. Icons like the star and the heart are usually high paying. Triumphant combo bursts and new ones take their place on the grid.

If you are tired of making the dices, you can select the autoplay option on the control panel. Selecting this option opens up a second screen, where you can set the spins the game should make.

Once all is set the reels of the game begin rotating till it achieves the set number of turns. You can also stop the game from making further turns manually.

gemix level up world progression

Gemix has a world shape feature where you can venture into when you level up. The meter is on the left-hand side of the slot gaming screen. If it’s filled up, a player goes to a different world of fun.

Keep your eyes on the prize or the meter, which will be your getaway to the new world. Wins will take you up the ladder to new levels.

Gemix Bonus and Special Features

This online casino game is the center of bonus features, and they help a player in gaining more wins. The development and the ideas used in this game are different from all slot video games in casinos.

The game has three wild symbols but doesn’t have scatters, and therefore, this makes the game unique. Some of the standard bonus features in this game are:

Crystal Charge: If you can collect at least 20 gems in a single spin, then this bonus element will become active. Four of these features appear randomly in the spinning ball which is at the right side of the slot’s grid. The features are:

  • Nova blast: A single gem blows off, and the impact destroys any symbol next to the treasure.
  • Chain lightning: A lightening feature flashes through the whole grid and connects two opposing edges. It alters the elements in the affected cells to form a lightning symbol.
  • Crystal wrap: For the crystal wrap feature to activate, you have to match one of the elements, and it enables all other symbols in the function.
  • Light beam: A character blasts and releases a horizontal and vertical ray which converts the affected elements to corresponding ones.

World Progression: The Gemix slot video game has three worlds where a player will be required to play three levels to make it through. For you to complete these levels, you need to match the gems in the expected patterns. The ‘world bonus’ increases with each successful combination that you make. However, if you hit the combos faster, the benefits will be lower.

gemix wild

World Wilds: If you go to each world, you will get different and unique wilds. The wilds appear randomly and can be on non-winning spins also. The benefits are:

  • First world: Get a maximum of ten miner lamps symbols.
  • Second world: A lollipop feature goes through the screen.
  • Third world: Get eight sticky spell book characters on the gaming grid. The characters will at all times be on the reels provided you are getting the combinations right.

Stunning Graphics & Design

The developer, Play’N Go, offers players a graphic-rich slot video game for arcade game lovers. The colors are well balanced and sparkling to bring out the theme of the game. The animations are also well done, making the general display to be amazing.

The characters who guide you through the three worlds are well crafted to keep you thrilled throughout the game. All images used in the game are in 3D to improve the visual output. All graphics generate incredible anticipation in the game.

The soundtracks in this game are relaxing and perfectly match its theme. You can effortlessly regulate the volume from the game’s settings.

The reels display different colored gems and are of eight different types. The characters include yellow stars, red hearts, blue triangles, Purple Square, and orange flowers.

Its reels are on a mystical cottage at the backdrop improving the ambiance of the game. Purple and blue are the vital colors in this game. The general effects in the game are mystical and magical, and the general design of the game will mesmerize a gamer.


The game is designed to suit all types of slot video players. Anyone who enjoys fairy-tale themed or innovative casino games, Gemix slot video game can be what you are looking for on the slot machines.

It’s unique; however, it doesn’t offer a different taste from what other slot games are offering. You can play Gemix at your own pace, and it’s quite unpredictable, which makes it more fun to play.

gemix win

If you are a fresh bettor, you will love the graphics and its simplicity. All the controls are easily accessible, and the grid reel is unique. Good news!

You can play your game on any device you have, from smartphones to PCs. If you are looking for free spins, then Gemix doesn’t offer, instead of winning combos explode and new icons replace the smashed ones.


Where can I play Gemix from Play’N Go?

Gemix is one of the well-developed games in the slots gaming niche. You can play the game on any device. It means the game is also on different online casinos where you can access it.

Give it a try right here in our lobby, learn more about the developer Play’N Go, or browse the best casinos online and your favorite once for it to play it for real!