Gold Rush Slot

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Game RTP %
Game Music
Game Design
Slot RTP: 96.5%
Min Bet: 0.25
Max Bet: 125
Reels: 5
Additional Details:
Paylines: 25
Software Provider: Pragmatic Play
Slot Type: Video Slot
Theme: Gold, Explorers
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Gold Rush Slot Review

The Gold Rush is an online video slot that is developed by Pragmatic Play. The Gold Rush slots are inspired by the hard work of miners in California gold mines, back in the 1850s. Once you click on the game, it shows a wooden entrance to a gold mine.

The mine has a soft musical sound that is suitable for the Gold Rush slot game idea. You can enjoy the free slots in its demo version or enjoy the experience for real money by opening an account with an online casino.

Get Immersed in The Amazing Gold Rush Kingdom

Pragmatic’s Gold Rush slot has the set-up of a mining shaft. The shaft is joining various playing cards (Axes and spades), a pit pony, a lamp and also a cart full of gold. The game has a large user base due to its complete unique gameplay theme.

A player has five reels that they can spin in the game. The Gold Rush also has 25 active lines in each round. A gambler is capable of winning up to $2,500 from the winning combinations.

The features of this game would always deliver a Scatter, a Wild and also free spins. All these have a progressive feature that allows players to advance in time.

gold rush big win

You can easily access the game from various casinos or slot machines. Also, if you need to play the game from the comfort of your house, just get any of the following viz., smartphones, desktops or tablets and getting spinning anytime!

There are several online casinos that offer individuals to create an account and enjoy playing the game online. Remember, you can always try out a demo version to see its workings before betting real money.

How to Mine Coins at Gold Rush Slots Game?

The game consists of five-reel slots and three rows. It has a total of 25 paylines which are an entrance to the gloomy mine. We need all those reels to open the door to get the gold down in the mine shaft.

Gold Rush slots have five symbols which are related to the theme of the game. The symbols in this game are a gas lamp, a cart of gold nuggets, and several tools. 10, A, J, Q, and K, are also symbols used in the game where A has the lowest value.

There are also sticks of dynamite in the game which substitute for all other symbols and help in getting the best winning combination.

Before you begin playing the Gold Rush Slots, you should set the betting range using the “+/-,” buttons which allows one to set the bet amount they need. The player can only set between 0.01 and 0.50 per bet line.
A player has an option to either play the game manually or select the autoplay option. If you go for the autoplay option, you have to ensure that you set the number of times the reel has to turn.

The slot machine will run for the selected rounds uninterrupted. You can also manually spin the reels. With ten coins of $0.50 in all available lines, you can earn up to $5 line bet and probably $125 for all possible paths.

In the game, the most rewarding symbol is a bearded miner. If you are lucky and they land in the 3rd, 4th or 5th reel, you can get up to 20 times your bet amount. Sticks of dynamites are useful since they help players in achieving their wins.

gold rush paytable

Dynamite sticks are also commonly known as the Wild symbol. They are capable of replacing or substituting any other symbol apart from gold nuggets and Scatters.

Mine is also known as the Scatter symbol of the game. Mine appears only on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. They are capable of producing free spin features and awards two extra spins for free. If you need to play a progressive game, you need to collect points through four different levels.

A player receives points by hitting the golden nuggets in the game. You can only do this during the bonus round. Each gold chunk gives a user one point. The points collected to decide the number of reels that one can use in the next spin.

Superb Bonus Features Found in The Gold Rush Slot Game

This game can offer a lot of features that can make your gaming experience to be enjoyable from the free slots and spins to rewards. The bonus features have old-school features used in the 1850 California gold mine.

Granite sticks. The entire stack of rods can be seen on the reels, which is a great thing. These are known to be the slots for Wild symbols, and they can substitute other symbols on the game. They offer more bonuses and wins to a player once they win multiple combinations. However, these Wild symbols don’t pay a player directly. They can’t also replace the gold nuggets and Scatters in the game.

Free Spins. A gambler can land three tunnels Scatter symbols during their play. These Scatters have to be on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. The slot machine gives you ten free spins, and when they scatter underway, it will reward the player two extra turns. Here the gold nuggets come in hand because you have to collect them. The more gold lumps you receive, the higher the prospects you get. A player needs the following gold nuggets each upgrade:

  • 0 – 4 Lumps add seven prospectors.
  • 5 – 9 Lumps add sixteen prospectors.
  • 10 – 14 lumps add a massive twenty-one more prospectors to the game.
  • 15+ Lumps give a whopping twenty-nine more prospectors.

gold rush free spins golden nugget points

If it’s hard for you to reach level four in ten spins, don’t despair. Each Scatter feature rewards a player two more turns. All the bonus rounds can pile up with spins and finally reward you with a win. The game is straightforward but also very volatile. All these bonuses aid you in getting the best.

Thrilling Game Design and Theme

The game is inspired by the 1850s Gold Rush which was in California. All the symbols that are in use resemble the tools of trade used in a gold mine: gas lamps, Carts of gold nuggets, spades and ax cards colored in sparkling gold color.

The theme has brought in a fair amount of use over a few years. The sound produced by the game is well-balanced and relates well to its theme.

Its design is impressive with a mine shaft setting that connects the golden-colored cards. The symbols are uniquely crafted and symbolize the ancient tools of trade used in a gold mine. They help by immersing a player in that beautiful moment during the gameplay.

The design also offers simple setup, and a player needs minimal guidance to play the game. The buttons are well aligned at the bottom of the screen where a player can easily play the game. There are also buttons for setting your line bets. All your credit and chances appear at the bottom left corner of the screen.

gold rush free spins win

For mobile device users, the smartphone versions are optimized for top-tech devices. The mobile industry is very dynamic, and so is the Goldrush application from Pragmatic. You should always expect the latest releases from the developers which match the current trends in the market.

It’s optimized to play effectively on new model smartphones and tablets. However, for individuals using older technologies, it might be a challenge to get the best from the game. Individuals using old model devices may suffer trying to play the online casino game.


The Gold Rush is a simple and very volatile game for Casino game lovers. It offers thrilling bonuses, and a player can get amazing prizes throughout the gameplay.

Its playability and sound effects are incredible, and they will keep you entertained all through. It will keep you entertained and can be recommended to any player who likes to be entertained when gambling on slot games.

Where Can You Play Gold Rush Slots?

Is gambling legal in your locality? If yes, then you can quickly get this game and various other slot machines in the online casinos. There are also online casinos where you can play this slot game along with many others with no restrictions at all.

You can also download the game from various mobile devices stores. For Android users, they can get the mobile application from the Google Play Store. iOS users can access the app from the Apple Store.


Should I Hope for Big Wins from Gold Rush ?

Some players report Massive Winnings made from betting on Gold Rush . To learn more about how much you can win from this slot, check out our review.

What’s the Best Place to Play Gold Rush at?

Many casinos offer both a demo and real-money play for Gold Rush . You can check out our top pick based on the Safest Gambling Environment and Fastest Withdrawals of Winnings.

Does Gold Rush Have a Free Demo?

Yes! Take the Gold Rush slot for a free spin on this very page. Press Play at the top of the page! You can enjoy free demo plays of many other games in our Free Slots Room.

Can I Access the Gold Rush Slot from My Country?

You can check for that on our Gold Rush Slot Page by pressing Play. If you’re not eligible, our system will return an error message. That’s because some gaming providers have country restrictions and require additional licensing.

Does Gold Rush Have Free Spins?

The Gold Rush slot has many great bonus features which we’ve introduced in our dedicated review. To see if it offers free spins and what other bonuses you can grab, just read our review.


Play Gold Rush at The Best Online Casino Selected By Our Team!

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