Your Guide To Japan’s Booming Internet Gambling Industry

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Japan’s views on gambling are slowly changing from a conservative perspective to a more open market for operators. Japan has strict laws when it comes to gaming. The Japanese government legalized entertainment they consider as “skill games” and proclaimed luck-based games illegal.

Japan currently has more than 20,000 gambling houses that offer prized entertainment to customers.

Japan’s gambling industry is projected to earn around $8 billion annually if regulated by the government. Estimates noted that the country could grow into the second-largest online casino market in the world if given a chance to operate fully.

In Japan, you can only enjoy games that the Japanese government finds socially acceptable. These types include bicycle race, motorcycle, lotteries, and horse betting. A recent addition to these games includes public sports like boat racing and motorbiking. There are many things that you need to keep in mind if you want a successful Japanese gambling experience.

Japan’s Gambling Industry

As of today, Japan is still divided on whether to legalize casinos in some areas of the country. The recently proposed Casino Bill, the bill that promotes the implementation of specified integrated resort areas, is still being debated. The Casino Bill aims to legalize casinos around the country. The current law limits other types of gambling from operating in any part of the country. Japan has a large pachinko industry, but it restricts different kinds of luck games.

Some believe that laws in the country are obsolete since others are dated back at the beginning of the 20th industry and do not apply to modern Japan. Gambling in Japan is prohibited because of Article 185 of Japan’s Penal Code. The law prohibits games that are based on events of winning or losing decided by chance or accident.

The current law also criminalizes opening a gambling house in any part of the country. Under Special laws, four public sports, including bicycle racing, motorcycle racing, horse racing, and powerboat racing, are legal. Public lottery and Japanese Soccer Pools are also allowed in the country.

Anyone who wishes to operate the permitted gambling types needs to acquire a license. But as of now, only government-owned entities are given licenses to work in the country. Japan Racing Association runs the major horse racing activities in Japan.

Some local governments in the country also run race track for horses.

How to Choose Trustworthy Casinos in the Country

Lottery and betting sites are the usual gambling entertainment in Japan. Joy Casino, Manekichi, Cherry Casino, Casino-X, and Royal Panda are some examples of known gambling sites that you can visit in the country.

Casinos can attract gamer’s attention by the number of clients they have and through advertisements. Casinos also attract clients because of the games and services they offer. To experience fun and hassle-free gamer experience in Japan, you need to check the reliability of the casinos. You need to check first that they provide a registration bonus with no deposit.

You also need to check for casinos that offer more number of games with new games and bonuses every week. Reliable casinos offer quick payments and withdrawals. You can also avail of VIP and loyalty programs, and they usually have a 24/7 customer support.

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