GVC Warns About Black Market Trade After Germany Passes New Gambling Regulations

gvc holdings black market

GVC Holdings, an industry leading in the gaming sector, recently aired its concern about the new gambling regulations imposed by the German government.

The company said that these new regulations will push players into embracing black market and underground gambling platforms.

The new gambling law pushed by the German government will take effect in July 2021. Under the new legislation, there will be no limit for virtual slot machines, sports betting firms, and online poker rooms.  Moreover, the law will also put a limit on the operation of online casino game providers.

A general consensus from all states

The new gambling law was formulated, agreed, and signed by all of Germany’s federal states. This also allows each state to individually define the limits of the law within their jurisdiction. Moreover, the states also have the power to design which particular gambling product and gambling advertisements will be allowed in their jurisdiction.

Some critics have noted that the new gambling law is imposing harsh restrictions when it comes to gambling operators. One particular stipulation of the new law totally bans the live streaming on all betting sites. The stake limit on all virtual slot machines was also limited to just €1.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the new law is imposed upon advertisements. Once the law takes effect next year, all commercial advertisements for online poker, casino games, and online poker will be completely banned between 6am and 9am. This goes for commercial advertisements on both radio and the internet.

The new law will also impose delays on various user activities. For one, the new law will impose a one-minute delay when users switch to a different game as long as they are on the same website. Additionally, users will be forced to wait for five minutes when they are trying to switch to a different casino website.

Effect on gaming experience

GVC said that these new rules will have a huge impact in terms of player experience. The company said that the delays will not deter players from excessive playing, but will be quite annoying instead. In turn, this will create a disappointing experience for the user.

The company stated that one of the main concerns about these new law is that it will make gambling services and products less attractive to users. For this reason, players might opt to use the services of unlicensed gambling platform since these platforms do not adhere to these new restrictions. This will push users deeper into the black market.

GVC believes that the new law poses a huge risk of driving people into the black market. If this will happen, it will be a huge loss in tax revenue for the country and also for casino operators.

Moreover, the new law also allows each state to craft and impose their own restrictions. GVC believes that this will create a competition among states and it will develop into unfair advantages.

Lastly, the new law also requires players to submit personal data to casino operators and authorities in order to prevent parallel play on different platforms. Some believe that this is a clear violation of the European Union’s user data protection law.

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