Top High Roller Slots for May, 2021

  • Wonder Woman Slot
    Wonder Woman Slot
  • Wolf Gold Slot
    Wolf Gold Slot
  • Winterberries Slot
    Winterberries Slot
  • Wild West Slot
    Wild West Slot
  • Wild Spells Slot
    Wild Spells Slot
  • Wild Robo Factory Slot
    Wild Robo Factory Slot
  • Warlords: Crystals of Power Slot
    Warlords: Crystals of Power Slot
  • Viking Gods: Thor and Loki Slot
    Viking Gods: Thor and Loki Slot

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Best High Roller Casinos for May, 2021

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What Are High Roller Slots

Built for the veterans, high limit online slots are the real deal. In the world of gambling and bets, high roller slots are the class of slots that requires the higher bets than usual often ranging between a couple of thousands of credits. Even though risking higher amounts may seem a crazy idea for but putting higher bets online brings you a couple of perks.

One of the major advantages of playing at any of the high roller casinos and betting higher is that it will take you to the casinos’ VIP club. Being a member of a VIP club makes you worthy of unimaginable benefits including exclusive casino bonuses, free trips to exotic vacation destinations, personal account handlers, exclusive monthly and weekly promotions and much more.

Moreover, high limit slots are mostly associated with higher or even enormous payouts. These payouts usually reach thousands or in some cases, these machines have produced payouts worth of millions.

High Limit Slots Themes

Themes Featured by High Limit SlotsFrom 3 reeled classics to futuristic-looking 3D titles, high limit slots come in every theme, colour and shape out there. Usually, high roller slot machines carry a simple theme as punters playing these games are mostly looking for the money and not for the graphics.

Although providers like NetEnt and Microgaming do like to experiment with the graphics and that’s the reason that you will find one or two high roller titles in each of the slots categories whether its the good old classic slots with 3 reels and a single line or modern slots with multiple reels offering up to 1024 pay-lines.

Differences Between High Limit Slot Machines & Video Slots?

Differences Between High Limit Slot Machines & Video SlotsThere is not much of a difference between the two most popular genres of the slots that are high limit slot machines and regular video slots. In reality, high limit online slots are a further category of the video slots.

The only difference that you will find in both these kinds is of the betting limits.

In regular video slots, the highest you can bet is usually up to 100 credits. On the other hand, high limit online slots incorporate bet limits ranging between 500 to 50,000 credits. Other than betting difference the second difference that you may find between the two genres is of the payouts.

Most of the high limit slot machines out there pay in line bet multipliers and the more you invest the more you make hence payouts produced by high roller slot machines are considerably higher than the regular slots.

Finding a High Roller Casino

Finding a High Roller CasinoFinding an online casino to play these slots is more of an easy task. You can simply search for the high roller casinos and you will be overwhelmed by the never-ending list of choices. But the real task here is to find a credible casino that can give return value to your money.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of mentionable names that have seriously hurt the credibility of online gambling. As in the case of high limit slots, enormous amounts are to be dealt and you simply can’t do it by selecting a casino out of the computer-generated list. You have to dig deep yourself.

Always base your choice on the customer reviews for a casino where you are planning to play high roller games. In most cases, the issues that the players face are associated are of payouts.

Either the withdrawal limit is so small that players can’t take their money out at once or there are such odd withdrawal requirements that players surely have a hard time proceeding with the payouts. Secondly, the withdrawal time is another significant issue that most of the players face while trying to get their money out of the club.

Moreover, another aspect that you may want to dig into is the VIP club. As mentioned above higher bets come with the higher perks and one of these perks is the casino VIP club. Most of the online casinos handle their high rollers with care and significance offering exclusive bonuses including free trips, special weekly and monthly bonuses, new games recommendations even they provide you with a personal account assistant.

So you should look for a casino that is offering the best deal for you. All you have to do is to look deep enough and find the best deal for your self.

So before you decide to signup for a casino account, make sure it is credible enough that you can get your money out when you want, as you want. You can also have a look at the high roller casino list mentioned at the start of the review.

These are all some of the most credible casino brands offering high limit bets with excellent banking options with the minimum withdrawal times and tremendous perks of the VIP club.

Best High Roller Slots

Finding a high roller slot that will match your taste is an easy task as all of the major gambling brands offer a good number of these machines. Each machine has its own perks, some offer bigger bonuses other bigger payouts. Here are three of the best high-value slots that provide the perfect blend of quality, bonuses and payouts.

cool bananas high roller slotCool Bananas
Provided by Cryptologic, Cool Banana is a fun looking game with a serious payout potential. The game incorporates a fruit theme combined with the wildlife to create an excellent gambling environment. The highest bet that you can spin the reels for is of $180. The game offers multiple bonus rounds along with a jackpot of $200,000 for a maximum bet spin.

Red White and Blue 7s
Released by Bally Red White and Blue 7s is an all-time classic. The game features the classic fruit theme with three reels and a single central pay line. The highest can bet for a single sping is a whopping amount of $2,000.

The jackpot offered at this rate is of 1 million dollars that you can win by landing 1 White 7, 1 Blue 7 and 1 Red 7 on the central playline. The game has been out there for quite a long time but is still one of the best choices for high rollers.

space wars high roller slotSpace Wars
Last up we have NetEnt with crazy fun slot known as the Space Wars. Filled with funny looking creatures from another galaxy, this game offers a tremendous amount of entertainment.

The highest possible you can put on the lines is of $200 per spin and the highest you can get from the game enormous payout of $400,000. The game offers an RTP of 96% on 40 pay lines spread on a standard 5×3 grid.

Final Thoughts

If you believe in your luck and have some enormous amounts to play with than the high roller slots are the best choice for you. At first, the bets may look a little higher but also are the payouts. A single spin is enough to change your life once and for all.