Top High Roller Online Casinos 2020

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What Are High Roller Casinos

Are you new to the VIP gambling world and desperately seeking ways to explore the biggest wins of all time? Well, you have come to the right place, as in this article you will find all the important things one must know before starting with a high roller casino.

Now, thinking about a high roller online casino, you may imagine luxury, comfort and, of course, the elegant ambience of a brick-and-mortar casino, and here you need to know that these casinos can be both virtual or land-based.

This article will give an insight into the luxurious and lavish online high roller casinos.

You might be thinking that how can an online casino be lavish? That’s what these VIP venues are all about. They provide the utmost level of service through its perks, features and variety of games to their special players.

Being a high roller, you would want to go for a top high roller online casino, which are certainly the most worthwhile casinos as they give remarkable gambling experience to their clients.

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top high roller casinosThe next question you might be thinking is what exactly is a high roller? Well, a player is called like that when he plays gamble for a substantial amount. High bets, higher stakes, and high potential winnings, which are way ahead than the average player’s.

The most common mistake done in casinos is with the calculation of such gambling amounts. People are left with the impression that a gambler can become a VIP player only if they put at least a hundred dollars on a single bet.

This might make you concerned, as these are no small amounts. For that reason, you need to guarantee yourself you’ve chosen the best place to bet a lot of money. Where you’ll be able to make the best out of your high bets, and feel safe doing them.

The casinos in question need to provide the right array of high roller games so that their players can feel like it’s truly worth the risk. These players are divided into two types:

  • the ones with a humongous amount of cash just for betting on the favourite casino high roller games;
  • the gambling maniacs who are ready to take a sensible risk backed with a planned strategy.

These punters aim towards massive wins through substantial deposits. No matter what is your perspective on these opportunities, it’s the special treatment on part of casinos that such VIP players receive for the risk they carry and the bets they make, that adds the cherry on top of the experience.

How to Recognize a High-Roller Casino?

high roller online casino elementsIn recent years, online casinos have gained massive trust and appreciation from punters throughout the world. These casinos have given a run for their money to traditional casinos with their modern strategies to attract gamblers.

These enticing strategies include the welcome bonuses, free spins, cash bonuses without deposits and much more. However, there are no players who look for an online casino with great bonuses as much as the players of high roller slots and games. That is the reason why many prime online casinos provide exclusive bonuses for VIP players.

These might include additional cash, significantly larger bonuses, loyalty points, participation in special promotions, faster financial transactions, and more. But these types of casinos and their respective players are known for the significant risks involved. Since you bet more, you might lose more.

That’s why it’s so important to recognize the best high-stakes casinos, and here are several elements to look for.

Reputation in the Market

Any casino can grow its name into the top high roller online casinos selection only by having a great reputation in the market. You must look for the reviews of such casinos at multiple sites, including ours.

Also, a reputation can be examined with the background of the particular casino. While selecting a casino you have to make sure that the casino brand belongs to a reputable operator in the gambling industry.


high roller casinos licencingYou can easily make out whether a casino is legitimate or not by looking at the licences it has got and the approval from the country’s concerned body in which it is operating.

The affluent bodies that provide licensing to the casinos are the UK Gambling Commission, Alderney Gambling Control Commission, the Isle of Man Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority and the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority.

There are more in the list depending upon the country, however, these are the most prominent ones.


While exploring different high roller casinos, you must look for their respective features and efficiency. These features include payouts, language accessibility, games, offers, and payment options.

A reputable high roller casino would excel in all these features along with adding something extra to all for its VIP clients. The comparison of the layout of the website, number of bets and wagering conditions among different casinos will help you make a decision.

Benefits of Being a High-Stakes Player

Benefits of Being a High Stakes PlayerThe thought about a special treatment that comes with your high bets is what attracts many gamblers that can afford it. However, when they move into the reality of such gambling, then they tend to backstep.

The risk of losing substantial amounts makes them scared. Now at this point, a gambler needs to know the main benefits of being a high roller that makes all these efforts and money worth spending.

A player can evolve to a greater status easily by extending their playing limits which will give them more opportunities and access to exclusive offers and promos for VIP players, much like with exclusive casinos.

You must assume this like the points you receive for using your credit card or the air miles you receive on reaching to a particular limit. Similarly, as much as you will wager, your status as a high roller will grow for that specific program.

Multiple advantages are there for the bettors in a high roller casino. Online functions make it easy to assess the perks and bonuses a gambler would get from betting online and this happens as the VIP programs are clear and transparent in terms of “what they ask” and “what they will provide”.

Here’s what high-stakes gamblers have to look for:

Higher Bonus Offers

high roller casinos bonusesWhen we talk about bonuses and offers in gambling, every gambler deserves a bonus, although not everyone deserves a special bonus with added perks. The best high roller online casinos bring you the most exclusive bonuses for acknowledging your passion for gambling.

The online casinos are the service providers who never fail to surprise their customers. They want to do the best and therefore, you get an opportunity to explore even more winning opportunities when you spend for higher bets.

Being among the high rollers, you get the opportunity to claim many bonuses and promotions without compromising your security. The top high roller online casinos give star treatment to their exclusive players by excelling the quality and experience.

Well, maybe you won’t be getting a red carpet, but you are definitely getting a host on these online casinos, and an account manager. You can get help regarding the withdrawals and deposits from your casino host and also ask for the timely reminder of exceptional deals and bonuses.

If your motto is to get all the exclusive offers and perks then there is no better choice than to become a VIP and grab such a bonus to enjoy.

Exclusive VIP Support

high roller casinos supportIn some of the average casinos, which are quite a lot in number, gamblers always have complaints of unprofessional behaviour and ignorant attitude. And if you have faced anything like that, then it’s the correct time to switch to one of the top high roller online casino sites that take the concept of support to a different level.

Here the support depends on the money you have. The best benefit of being a special client is that you get a private support number. This support number gets to only a few of those lucky players who can make it to the list of high rollers. These support teams are specially placed for you and give you quick responses for any type of query.

Private Tournaments

high roller casinos private tournamentsThe high rollers get the chance to become part of some private tournaments and win great cash prizes, but that depends on what place you belong to. Such tournaments can be played for any game from blackjack to poker, however, only selected members get the chance to enter the tournament.

You get the chance to win massive amounts on selected odds. By performing such activities, the high roller casinos try to put efforts for giving cash to their high paying gamblers, although there is still a need for little initiative from the player’s side.

In addition to that, the private tournaments let the players play some of their likely favourite games which later turns in favour of the casino.

Enhanced Withdrawal Preferences

Deposit & Withdrawal Preferences in high roller casinosBeing a high-value customer gives you extended limits when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. But the advantage provided by the casinos over here is the accommodation of such higher deposits and withdrawals, to facilitate comfort and ease to their players.

Although if the comparison is done between the efficacy of deposits and withdrawals, then sites are more inclined to pursue deposits rather than withdrawals, still the biggest advantage is an increase in both the limits, especially for high-value accounts.

Apart from all other things, the high-value players get the benefit of shorter payout times. And this happens as these gamblers are carefully examined and are trusted by the casino sites.

In case the increased limit is not available on the site for VIPs, then you must contact the support team of the site.

Top High-Roller Casino Games

If keeping everything else aside, then what would be the most desired thing for high rollers? Yes, you are right, the games, after all, that is the biggest concern of any gambler. No matter if you play on big stakes or the smaller ones, games are the major factor which drives everyone’s interest.

Being a high roller or an aspiring one, you must know what are the games that attract higher bets and provide massive wins. Here are some of the major popular games that provide additional benefits to the high-stakes players.


play blackjack at high roller casinoThe gambling world is truely incomplete without blackjack. It is not just popular but also one of the most loved games in gambling history. The game may not sound complicated but surely is a tricky one to win.

Every gambler has their own sense and way of playing it. The best high rollers casinos offer a great range of selection for this game and make it more interesting with unique add ons. The online casinos do offer some exquisite versions of the game with increased risk and wins.

The quickness of hand makes it the most desirable game for high-betting players. The quickness can be seen with the super speedy hand that gets completed in just a minute. You would certainly want to earn money in lesser time as possible.

High Stakes Roulette

play roulette at high roller casinoWhile talking about the high-stakes players, is it possible to forget the biggest games of risk? Not at all, roulette being the game of risk and luck always stays at the top of the list.

For high-risk-high-reward players, the casinos have made provisions for higher stakes, so that a much better experience and thrill could be enjoyed. When playing in a high roller casino, you must look for the VIP entrance for the roulette game so that you can enjoy the benefits accordingly.

Usually the table limits are not specified in a casino, however, the limitation on an inside bet may range from $100 to $5,000, and the limitations on outsider bets go up to $10,000. So you must enjoy this highly thrilling game with much higher bets.


play baccarat at high roller casinoThis game gained its popularity from the character of James Bond when picturised in such an elegant and classic visual. Also, you won’t find any other game than Baccarat so old in the history of card games. This is also another speedy game, with not many complicated terms of gaming. All you need is to have is luck and a good strategy.

And certainly, its speed and minimal complication make it one of the most played games by high rollers. The number of hands gets increased with the speed of the game, hence baccarat gets its slot in the list of desirable high roller casino games.

Some of the online casinos provide a separate version of baccarat, especially meant to facilitate bets with higher stakes.

High Roller Slots

play slots at high roller casinoIs there any single gambler out there who does not enjoy slots? There isn’t. Slots are the most desirable games for all ages, they are so fun that one could never calculate when the time passes.

In context to the slots, the brick mortar-and-casinos would take you as a VIP client only if you bet a minimum amount of $500 on a single spin, although with online casinos, you can start with just $45 per spin.

So the online casinos play better as they give you the advantage of having fun from your home by investing comparatively smaller amounts. Depending upon your region your casinos will offer several perks and bonuses in their slot games.

What attracts most of the high-stakes players are the jackpots, which vary from thousands to millions. If you are willing to try your luck, go for such interesting slot games.


play poker at high roller casinoBeing in the list of the world’s most popular games, poker is considered self-made. It is a game of competition and people who love winning get easily attracted to it. The high-stakes players get engaged in the game for its ability to procure higher stakes and its bluffing feature. One cannot resist it for its competitiveness and gaming style.

Poker is not just a game of luck it is about the strategy and your abilities. That is the real fun and thrill all combined. Not just the higher earnings but the pride of winning this game attracts most of the high-stakes players out there.

Coming to the end, we hope you have got the answers you were looking for. High roller casinos provide you with the utmost opportunities and comfort that could turn the gambling experience into an amazing entertaining and refreshing activity.

All these years the technology has come so far that the virtual casinos have become a great option for earnings among gamblers. You deserve all the VIP treatment and exclusive bonuses for your gambling experience and for that you have the chance to become a high roller player in the top online casinos for high stakes.