House of Fun Slot

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Game RTP %
Game Music
Game Design
Slot RTP: 95%
Min Bet: 0.2
Max Bet: 150
Reels: 5
Additional Details:
Paylines: 30
Software Provider: Betsoft Casino Software
Slot Type: Video Slots
Theme: Horror
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House of Fun Slots Review

Do you love fun and adventure? Well, House of Fun slots casino is one of the best that can keep you entertained with the hundreds of casino slots you can play.

Playing these variously-themed slots can be thrilling just the same way you can enjoy gaming in a casino. Betsoft is behind this slots game which boasts of a large player base across the world.

Chances of winning in this slots casino are random, and you can’t influence the winnings.

Enjoy the Fun Brought by House of Fun Slots

A simple look at this online casino slot shows the real thrill that you can experience as you play. The game features a 3D graphical design, and brilliant sound effects, which are some of the top-notch features of the game.

A player or user will get the chance to play these excellent slot games online and join the different communities where they can meet and make new friends.

Users with both Android and iOS-based devices can install the House of Fun slots on them. The casino games can earn a player great rewards and huge bonuses.

Players or users can receive notifications daily via the mailbox in case there are new rewards. You can play the game in both online and offline modes. Your device needs to be connected to the Internet if you need to buy coins to keep the game lively.

How Can I play House of Fun Slots?

Slots games are popular across the world and are exciting to play. You can easily play the House of Fun slots online, and all you need to do is first create an account. If possible, have a steady WIFI connection, which will ensure you will have a seamless connection to the gaming world.

The game might be exciting and thrilling, but you need to know the rules of the game first. It lowers the risks involved and increases your stakes when playing the online slots. If you understand all the rules and you are okay, then you can join the fun world.

On the interface, you will be able to see the bets, credits, and also the balance. Once you win, you will be notified at the top of your screen. The 3-row, 5-reels game is played by triggering three or more boxes on the reels.

It has a Jack Free Play Spin feature which you can use to turn the central wheel to a wild, and it’s vital in generating wins.

After getting three or more Hatter symbols, they trigger a crazy ‘Click Me’ feature. This feature gives users bonuses, which are accessible by clicking. There are three symbols looking like doorknobs that are on the pay lines.

A player can use them to escape into the bonus world. If you activate this lock, the game will assist you in rescuing Paul and Jane from the creepy mansion. You can place a bet of up to €150. These bets will help you secure a win of €3,750.

What Are the Symbols used in the House of Fun Slots?

The game has around nine theme-related symbols, where Paul and Jane are not symbols used in the game. It offers four mysterious male symbols found in the game.

Two of them can activate two Bonus games in the casino slots. Jack appears when a player gets free wins. The mad-host, on the other hand, seems when you get the ‘click me’ bonus mini-game.

You can also find other symbols like a Candelabra, Cheshire cat, paintings, Gargoyle, a Box which contains a question mark, and a mirror. All these symbols are used to give the player winning advantages during the gameplay.

house of fun paytable

All these symbols are in 3D which deliver high-quality graphics. Also, some of these symbols in the game are animated to make the game more interactive.

The animated symbols have scary poses as Paul, Jane and their dogs are cowering in fright. It makes the whole gaming experience fun as they increase the amount of money one can get in the final jackpot.

Bonus Features in the House of Fun Slots

There is no fun with no rewards in the House of Fun Slots. Apart from rescuing Jane and Paul, there are a lot of bonus features which come with amazing prizes. There are three bonus features that can activate the bonuses. They include:

Jack Free Spins. You can initiate those free spins if you land three or more of the “Jack in the Box” symbols. If the spins are on, the center reel remains wild until the whole round is over.

Escape Bonus Round. For you to get this reward, you need to get at least three door knockers. The door knockers should be on an active payline. Once you get these symbols, they lead you to a room that has five doors. You have to pick at each entrance and find out which door would let you out. If you tap on the wrong door, you get a “Jack in the Box” which carries the reward with it. The escape doors can be clicked more than once.

Mad Click Me Feature. This bonus is activated when you click or earn three madman symbols. You can get these ‘Ringmaster’ on three paylines; 1, 2 & 3. Once you get the ‘mad click me’ features, you will be prompted to pick one of the ringmasters. Each of the rings comes with a special price. You can pick the features until you get a ‘collect’ prompt. It would mean that the bonus feature of the slot machine is complete.

All these features are accessible, and you can earn them throughout your gameplay. They make the casino game experience more fun. As you play the slots, you will be able to get all these free slots features.

Superb Gaming Design

This casino game is designed on a story based on a teenage couple who are out on an adventure. Its skins offer stylish graphics throughout the gaming session. Once you log in, the first screen immerses you in a horror-themed environment.

The theme is dark and dirty. It features the two teenage couples and their dog. The couple, together with their dog is just about to enter the mansion, as depicted in the picture.

The mansion in the background offers a haunted atmosphere which makes the game to be exciting. There are dogs that guard the palace, and they have wings that make them look tough.

It has special effects that improve the gaming experience. The online casino game is fun to play if you love adventurous games. The music too coincides with the graphical view in front of the players giving them a wonderful experience of thrill slots game.


This game is designed to offer the best entertaining casino slots that you can get online. There are a lot of features and bonuses that you can earn during your play.

Playing the game is easy, and the graphics are very interactive. It’s one of the games that you need if you need to have a fantastic gaming experience.

Where Can You Get House of Fun Slots?

House of Fun slot is accessible from different platforms. The online casino game can be downloaded directly from the Google Play store and Apple store. For PC users, they can get it from the Microsoft store.

Ensure the slot game is from Betsoft Gaming. In the UK, you can enjoy these games at several casinos. Some of the slots worth giving a try are and There are some restricted regions, but if you are in Europe and any other country where gambling is legal, look for the game, and let’s have fun!


Is House of Fun a High Paying Slot?

You can Make Massive Winnings from House of Fun , depending on your bets and luck. Check out our game review to see all the features that will help with that.

Where Can I Play House of Fun ?

We’ve selected the top casino where you can play House of Fun at. Our selection is based on Quality of Bonuses, Swiftness and Safety of Withdrawals, and others. Read the review to see which is the best casino to play House of Fun at.

Can I Play House of Fun for Free?

Yes! Simply visit our House of Fun Page and press Play. You can enjoy other Free Play Games on our website by visiting our Free Slots Room.

Does House of Fun Accept Players from My Country?

Different gaming providers provide different games, and some have specific country restrictions. To see if your location is accepted, visit our House of Fun slot page and tap the Play button. Our system will automatically detect if you’re eligible to play and either allow you or deny you.

What is the Minimum Age to Play House of Fun ?

The usual age for playing slots is 18+. But if you play in demo mode, there are no restrictions, unless you’re in the UK. UK residents under the age of 18 can only watch videos of the slot in action.

Are Free Spins Offered by House of Fun ?

Many online slots offer free spins alongside their other beneficial features. We thoroughly investigated the featured of House of Fun. You can find everything about them in the dedicated review.


Play House of Fun at The Best Online Casino Selected By Our Team!

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