How to Win at Online Slots?

how to win at online slotsWe all know that in theory, it’s impossible to beat the house – especially when modern slots use software that randomly generates numbers for each game. But, there are actually plenty of people who have discovered ways to greatly increase their odds. In fact, in some documented cases, players have even learned how to win on slot machines every time that they play.

To help our readers out, we’ve compiled some of the best strategies below how to win at slots. And even if they don’t work, you’ll have plenty of fun. At best, you’ll crack the code for how to beat slot machines and make some serious money in the process!

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Strategies To Win at Online Slots

Different players take their own angle when building a slot machine strategy. For example, you could pick the most lucrative games, develop a gaming strategy that puts you ahead, or look for glitches in the software.

Perhaps you might have the time and inclination to combine a range of strategies and maximise your chances of a win at slots. Whatever your level of experience and commitment to online slots success, here are some approaches to try:

1. Pick Slots With the Biggest Payouts

pick slots with the biggest payoutsOK, it’s an obvious point, but many players wondering how to win jackpots on slot machines forget the basics in a bid to find a hidden strategy! If you are new to online gaming, then it’s time to invest in some knowledge and find out how slots are powered and how they operate.

Wondering how to win at slots? You basically need to find a machine that will payout consistently more than others. The calculation that allows you to find this is the Return to Player percentage (RTP). This figure assesses how much wagered cash is repaid to players by a slot.

It’s important to note that this figure doesn’t represent an automatic return. But, it does increase your chances of success. Look online to find the RTP, which is usually at between 92-97%, and pick one that offers at least 96%. This flags up a better chance of a slot machines win.

2. Skip Those Branded Slots

Branded slots are wonderful to look at and play. Featuring your favourite films, bands, shows and entertainment experiences they combine excitement with high bets and – surely – a high payout record too? Actually, no. To win on online slots, these branded slots should be avoided.

They are designed to attract players with their enticing brand offer – and they definitely fall into the ‘obvious choice’ category. Remember, the casino wants your money. And what better way to do that than with glossy marketing! To win at slots, avoid the glossy branded options.

3. See What Other Players Think

One of the surprising approaches that players have discovered when considering how to win at slot machines is learning to trust their fellow players. It seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? After all, a win on online slots comes at the expense of other players, and any traditional strategy for how to win will mean keeping your distance!

But it’s interesting to note that you can trust other players when you choose a slots game in a way that you absolutely can’t when playing poker. Here’s why. If a slot game is paying out poorly, players will chime in to call it out.

So read those ratings and reviews and check out the comments. Go onto social media groups and ask for advice. Use online forums and the online gaming community to get leads so that you can learn how to beat slot machines!

4. Win at Slots by Calculating Volatility

win at slots by calculating volatilityWhen you want an online slot machines win, you can also work out the volatility of a winning slot – also called variance or risk level. It refers to the risk that you will take on when you play a certain slot machine for real money. If the slot you are interested in has a low volatility score, you will typically see smaller wins more often. High volatility slots don’t pay out as often, but the jackpots are bigger.

You can use this information to choose your preferred amount. Low volatility slots can be a good approach if you want to wait for big wins without really risking your money. It’s harder to find this calculation for winning slot machines online, but some reviewers post them. You can also work out your own rough calculation by playing a test slot with free spins bonuses, to give you valuable experience and insights without risk.

5. Look for Hidden Gems

When it comes down to it, any online casino wants your money. So to win at online slots you need to be smart. Look for the slots that are difficult to find, and you’ll be looking at one that a casino isn’t making much money on.

If your slot game is advertised on the online casino homepage and being promoted with lots of banners, it can be a sign that it’s a fantastic money-maker for the casino and not a great choice for you. For an online slot machines win, look for slots that are hidden and not being promoted. These are often the ones that are more likely to payout and with bigger jackpots too.

6. Ramp Up Your Bets

When players ask how to win at slot machines, one of the approaches that tends to separate new players from more experienced ones is the amount of money that they are confident in wagering. Knowing how to win often requires a slot machine strategy such as higher betting. Think logically. If you are playing a slot which allows you to bet just a few pence, then is it likely to payout a huge jackpot? No.

When asking how to win on slot machines, look at your own bet. Payouts relate to your wager. Low wagers offer safety and fun, but without the big wins. Of course, big wagers can see you burn through your bankroll quicker – but they do increase your chance of winning, and you can apply a stop limit for safety.

Consider trying a higher denomination slot if you are confident at your game, particularly where progressive jackpots are involved (as you’ll often need to make the maximum bet in order to be in with a chance of hitting the jackpot.)

Do note, however, that this slot machine strategy is riskier, so you must be clear about your own tolerance to risk and set yourself rules to avoid losing your cash.

7. Find Those Free Spins!

online slots free spinsAnother great strategy to win on online slots is to take full advantage of those lovely free spin offers! Although there are fewer ‘true’ free spin offers around today (many have complex wagering requirements which are more like a buy-one-get-one-free deal in the supermarket!), you can find free spins if you hunt hard.

Look out for free spins upon registration, with no deposit needed or no winnings cap. It’s an easy way to potentially enjoy a profitable win and also a great approach if you are new to online slots and want to learn how to win without losing your money through inexperience.

You can also sometimes get free spins as a more regular customer, so sign up to emails, smartphone push notifications and other types of advertising contact if you are keen to receive offers as they go live. Casino social media accounts are a good source of promotions and you can check these proactively yourself if you prefer not to receive inbound marketing communications.

8. Geek Out & Find a Tech Glitch

Another way to win at online slots is to look for a software glitch – but this tends to be the realm of software developers, hackers and tech geeks only! Sometimes these glitches do occur. For example, there was a case in New York where a woman hit a whopping $42 million jackpot on a machine that paid out a maximum of $6,500. The casino refused to pay, however, and said she was only entitled to $2.25!

This is the reality of software glitches. Yes, you can scour for them, build complex tech algorithm detectors if you have the know-how, sign-up for programmes that promise to find glitches or scour online forums for leads, but they very rarely exist.

Even when they do happen, casinos very rarely pay and usually find some small print to justify their decision. And remember too that ‘glitches’ can actually be a front for dubious casinos to encourage punters to part with their cash, and to never pay to anyone on the grounds of a ‘technical issue’. So to win on online slots, there are easier strategies – such as the ones described here – to try instead.

9. Only use Legitimate Casinos

It’s an obvious one to more experienced players, but the value of legitimacy can often be overlooked by newer players. Only use online casinos which are legitimate, trusted by other players and regulated.

Look for online security software protocols, payment protection and trust marks, regulation information and ‘softer’ signals such as ready customer service, great reviews from other players and a track record of consistent, transparent payouts.

A great casino will invest heavily in its player experience because competition in the industry is higher than ever, so it will offer slots games that pay out regularly in order to build its brand and reputation. Try playing on several casinos to find the ones that suit you best, and the ones which tend to result in a slot machines win more often than not!

What About Finding A Win At A Physical Slot Machine?

Finding A Win At A Physical Slot MachineRemember the days of pushing coins into a moving slot machine at the local penny arcade? The allure of a win at slots has been there for years and long before online casinos came along! Unsurprisingly too, there have been years of cases where people have done frankly illegal things to try to win at slots.

After all, when it comes to wanting to know how to win jackpots on slot machines, the motivation is high! People have shaved coins, tried the ‘yo-yo’ trick when the coin is on a string, the famous ‘Monkey Paw’, fake coins and other tricks to beat physical machines.

It’s worth noting though that most ended up prosecuted for breaking the law! It’s rarely possible to beat a physical slot machine, so even if your quest to win at slots is pushing you to the limit, don’t find yourself pushing things into illegal territory. After all, cameras are always watching your every move in a physical casino and casino operators take an incredibly dim view of dubious behaviour.

Can You Really Win On Online Slots Every Time?

The honest answer is, realistically, probably not. Not every time at least. You might be the one person to find a glitch that results in a jackpot win at online slots, which then is actually paid out by the generous casino who recognised their mistake.

Can You Really Win On Online Slots Every TimeYou might be the one person who designs an algorithm so complex and revolutionary that it can somehow get past the random number generator software employed by most modern casinos and beat the house every time.

But, for most people, the goal is to beat the odds more often than not, and have plenty of fun in the process. After all, what is more satisfying than trying to find the perfect slots strategy that beats the house?

The Best Approach To Win At Slots

In conclusion, our advice on how to win at slot machines would comprise the tactics described above. All are legitimate, simple to pursue, and part of creating your own gaming strategy for the longer term and as you learn more about online casinos. In summary:

  • Pick the slots with the highest payouts – and find the RTP in order to help you to do this.
  • Skip branded slots and look for the less ritzy, glitzy options – using the other measures described.
  • Look for casino reviews, comments and ratings to find out what other players have experienced with each slots game. The more you invest time into this, the better your results!
  • Work on your numbers and learn to calculate volatility (or scour online for this information).
  • Look out for hidden gem slots: a.k.a. those ones which are hidden away by the casinos!
  • If you are an experienced player, consider ramping up your bets to be in with a better chance of being eligible for the jackpot.
  • Look for online casinos that offer ‘true’ free spins and take advantage of these to build up your experience and – hopefully – win a bit of ‘free’ money in the process.
  • Attempt to find a tech glitch and leverage it before anyone else discovers it (in the realistic knowledge that this rarely happens and that the casino are very unlikely to ever payout!).
  • Use legitimate casinos only, noting that disreputable casinos are not regulated and may simply run off with your cash. See our recommendations on the latest tried, tested, and most highly reviewed casinos operating online today for total confidence.

Final Tips

playing slots online tipsRealistically, it is hard to win at slots, as the entire online gaming industry is designed to pay the house rather than the customer. But, there are plenty of players who find that they can enjoy regular success by employing a careful online slot machine gaming strategy.


Work on your knowledge

If you can invest time in really getting to know and understand slots, then you will be at an advantage. Find out how online casinos work, what technology they use, and how they are powered. Learn about player algorithms and payout ratios, and absorb as much information as you can to become informed and smart in your decision-making.

Remember, many players will simply go online with a bit of weekend cash to have some fun and pass the time on an occasional basis. But if you are keen to become a successful player, the time and effort you put into your research and education on how to win at online slots can be considered an investment.

Take the long view…

Take your time, start slow and don’t blow your cash all at once. Use the features available on the online casino you choose such as stop limits, free game trials, tutorials and blogs. Read gaming blogs, watch videos and learn advanced strategies on forums. Build up your experience and make notes of the slots that you play at and the results that you have. But, most of all, have a good time.