iSoftBet Dominates the Release Map with New Features


Lately, the popular gaming developer iSoftBet is on a roll with releasing new features and games. It’s packing its portfolio full of new titles that promise to enhance the fun and winning opportunities. The Racetrack Riches Slot is the latest of them. There’s a lot you can look forward to with this game!

It’s introduced as a “horse racing extravaganza” fittingly themed for the upcoming Cheltenham Festival. By introducing a completely new and exclusive feature, iSoftBet expects to turn into the talk of the week.

iSoftBet’s Megaboard Feature

The gaming developer is known for its unique gaming approach and awesome features. The Megaboard introduced in the Racetrack Riches slot makes no exception. The mechanic looks quite promising and offers a fun twist to the classic slot feeling.

Racetrack Riches bets on the lucky Irish theme combined with leprechaun gold, and various symbols of different values. It is dominated by an Irish jockey who’s part of the Megaboard feature. Said Megaboard surrounds the slot reels, and the jockey is set to randomly make laps around the reels.

Here’s where the fun begins – if you get the jockey to make three laps on the Megaboard, you’re in for a huge money multiplier that can generate massive wins. With the addition of this feature, iSoftBet strives to offer even more lucrative and beneficial chances to the players who choose to test their luck with their slots.

The Opportunities of the Megaboard Mechanic

Racetrack Riches is the first released iSoftBet slot that features the mechanic. The game developer is optimistic about it and expects it to become a fan-favorite. That’s why they plan to add it to a host of other games to be released in the future, including in the upcoming The Bank Job slot.

That’s not the only fun-boosting feature we have here, and it’s far from the last we hear from iSoftBet’s innovative developers. Racetrack Riches comes out soon after they put out another exciting game – the Fishin’ for Gold slot.

All of this goes to show that iSoftBet’s goal is to keep its name as one of the leading gaming developers. For 2020, they plan to develop even more exciting games with high potential for massive winnings. They are currently on a very promising streak.

Head of Games at the company, Mark Claxton, said in a recent interview that they plan to “continue to push the boundaries” in order to give players not just what they want. But to provide them with more and fresh opportunities that would keep them coming back for more.

That is in tune with the goals and vision of the company. iSoftBet has been in the industry for more than 6 years now, gradually establishing itself as a leader among the competition. They operate in 16 regulated markets, some of the largest in the gambling world.

If you want to get a taste of their games, you can do so in our slots room. Their slots are a popular part of casinos’ slots libraries. Here, you can test them in demo mode, completely for free and without registrations. See just how fun they can be!

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