Best Gambling Sites in Japan 2020

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Online Gambling in Japan

Japan is an archipelago with a magnificent medley of traditions. Renowned as the Land of the rising sun, it is famous for its technological progress varying from bullet trains, innovative robots. They’ve been recognized for their historical culture, the Samurai, Ryokuchi tea, and the Geisha. The country is known for its impressive artwork and artists of origami, manga, and anime.

But where are they with gambling?

One thing is clear. The ability to play online is in high demand. The local authorities, though, make a poor job out of meeting that demand. Unlike European countries, where people are open-minded to gambling and online casinos, Japanese communities show an aversion and a distaste.

Even though the conventional nature of the locals may stop the players from engaging in any gambling activities, gambling is considered a great source of income by the Japanese legislators. Despite all of this, there are about 20,000 gambling halls which offer recreational services.

Are Online Casinos in Japan Legal?

are online casinos in japan legalOnline gambling is not a priority for local legislators. And the laws they have in place for land-based casinos are significantly strict. This might sound disheartening, but avid gamblers have found a way.

The first steps were made in 2016 when lawmakers passed a law that allowed the operation of land-based gambling halls. This has opened the country to many new opportunities in terms of generating revenue from casinos. But there are a lot of challenges when it comes to every online casino in Japan that the government needs to tackle.

The most pronounced of the is the legitimacy of gambling services as a business. Many players are wary of the establishments and fear this shady area with unclear regulations and monitoring might cost them money.

Other limitations include the separation between state-sanctioned games and operators, and the more popular iGaming opportunities like Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and slots. It is very hard to find safe and legal games in these categories when it comes to land-based operations.

Due to this complicated nature, international operators are the ones who offer secure and safe services to players. There are no licenses the local government provides for overseas operators, but the best of them hold licenses from the largest and most renowned European authorities.

Gambling Sites in Japan

As discussed earlier, the laws do not legalize the access to any online casino in Japan, operating overseas, or issue licences of any kind. Due to this, players can access misleading foreign websites and won’t be safeguarded or assisted by the government.

That’s where expert teams like ours come in. Because don’t take this the wrong way – gamblers from the archipelago can play online. All you need is a safe website with a proven track record. We were able to identify the best casinos that accept players from your region. Don’t hesitate to browse our list if you want to join the fun!

Those gambling sites that reached our selection, will provide a satisfying experience and bonuses to their players. We are confident that you’ll find the desired experience, overcoming the governments meddling and hassles.

Accepted Currencies

best online casinos in japanThe best Japanese-friendly casinos provide an excellent environment for gambling online. They work with international players and, thus, accept a wide variety of currencies. From Pound sterlings, Euros, Dollars, you can even join the ones accepting the Japanese Yen.

This makes the payment easier for the players and gives you more comfort when playing online.

Games for Japanese Players

There are also a wide variety of games to choose from online. Poker, even though it is illegal, is making an impact in almost every online casino in Japan. The most popular ones, though, are admittedly slots. You can try some of the best in our slots room. Completely for free, without registration, just to get a taste of what you’re getting yourself into. Having fun is guaranteed!

The Japanese online casino entertainment business is still a fresh one and has just recently begun to prevail. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find the best games, best services, and superb bonuses in Western casino operators.

Language Accessibility

Given the specific nature of the Japanese language, finding casinos that have been translated into it might be daunting. But a top online casino in Japan for sure provide access to Japanese players in their native language.

Payment Methods

payment methhods in japanese online casinosThe best online casino in Japan would offer you the privilege to deposit, play, and withdraw in your local currency. If you want the comfort and security of the Yen, you’ll have it.

Alternatively, you’re free to deposit in any of the other accepted currencies in the casino of your choice.

MasterCard/Visa debit and credit cards and e-wallets like Venus Point, ecoPayz and iWallet are accepted in these reputed gambling sites in Japan. Creating a casino account does not require paying cash and is absolutely free. The players can access free sample games in the good examples for an online casino in Japan and try them before they get into the real money game.

Once the players get lucky and have hit a big jackpot, they will want to withdraw their winnings quick enough. The players should be aware that they must go through a player verification process before cashing out the wins.

Money laundering and other illegal activities should be absolutely avoided as it may pose a risk when it comes to the withdrawal of cash.

Some necessary documents are required to be submitted while taking a huge amount of money. It may take around one to three days for the casinos to process the withdrawal request. The time frames might vary, depending on your payment method of choice. Your passport, national ID, driving licence or proof of your address will be asked to complete the verification process.

Gambling History of the Country

gambling history in japanBack in the early 1900s, the gambling entertainment business in the country was not as restricted or diverse. In 1907, the country approved the first-ever gambling law and this makes it one of the oldest passed gambling bills in the world.

However, only horse race betting and bicycle races were recognized at that stage. The national lottery that was first established in 1630 was also a gambling opportunity that is fairly legal here. It got outlawed in the year 1842.

The betting services are wholly owned and administered by the government officials of Japan to this very day.

Legal Gambling Age

It is curious to note that the age of adulthood is 18 years, but to be able to gamble as a Japanese national, you need to be 20 years old at least.

So What Now?

top online casinos in JapanIt sounds complicated, we know. But there is a solution. If you want to join an online casino in Japan, you can. Just make sure that the site you’ve chosen for that is safe and secure. Always compare your choice with our selection to ensure you’ve chosen the best and safest gambling venue possible.

Don’t fall for pretty promises, huge bonuses, and flashy graphics. Because of the lack of proper legislation, it is even more important to be careful, your government won’t be able to help you if something goes wrong.