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Game RTP %
Game Music
Game Design
Slot RTP: 95.50%
Min Bet: 0.01
Max Bet: 20.00
Reels: 5
Additional Details:
Paylines: 20
Software Provider: Playtech
Slot Type: Video Slot
Theme: Movies
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King Kong Slot Review

Have you heard of the movie King Kong a film from the year 1993, as well as the remake (in 2005) by Peter Jackson? Well, Playtech came up with their slot game from these films.

King Kong, by Playtech, is known as the 8th wonder of the World – such are the game’s daunting features and awesomeness. King Kong casino slot video game came to the limelight in March 2011.

According to the movie King Kong, an individual would think that the game is scary due to the gigantic gorilla and the special effects that are presented in the films. But in reality, the slots game is pretty entertaining and both new and experienced players will love it!

king kong slots main screen

Welcome to King Kong Slot, the World’s 8th Wonder

King Kong the film was based on the story about a gigantic beast (gorilla) in search of love has remained a classic movie till date. Its remake by Peter Jackson was highly popular since he managed to earn twice as much as its budget. Fans of this classic, however, pointed out that something was missing and hence the developing of the slot game.

It’s vital to point out that there are 2 similar slot video games that are in existence; Crypto logic’s and Playtech’s King Kong. The game is labelled as the eighth Wonder of the World on different online casinos. The Playtech’s Kong is the most common between the two and it has a five-reel grid and 20 possible paylines.

The game has two modes; the Jungle Mode and the Dramatic Big City Bonus Mode that cover two significant scenes of the King Kong film. From the two ways, you can win the same pay-table prices, but for the bonus games, you have to line up three up to 5 matching symbols.

You can earn 300 coins from Captain Engle horn symbols, five hundred gift coins for Carl or Jack Black, six hundred coins from Adrien Brody and a maximum of 1000 coins from Naomi Watts.

The Jungle mode comes with two amazing bonus icons. One is the Wild Jungle free dice. It activates at least three King Kong logos on active reels. The feature can give a punter up to three re-spins. The second icon is the Skull Island. It pops up when a gambler gets 3 Kong symbols.

The second gaming mode, Dramatic Big City, has two special elements; the Wild Kong Re-dice icon and the City Bonus element. These two icons work as the Jungle mode feature. Wild Kong has the power to cancel the ability of other symbols, taking them out of the way if the Wild Kong wants to make a winning combo.

king kong slots skull island bonus feature

How to Play King Kong?

The slot game comes with three amazing scenes which include the Jungle, the Big City, and climbing on the top. One commences in the Island, then if you select the ‘click me’ extra game (with wins roughly 10x your bet), the casino game with take you to a different grid.

The grid has five reels and brings one to the City. To move back to the Island you need to get a click me bonus again.

It has stunning features, but one wastes more time wanting to be on different reels. What helps it to be more playable is that all set of columns (the City and Island) has its free dices.

The resemblance between the two is that the rewards are activated by getting three wild icons on any position on the screen. Three free spins are awards in the two modes which guarantee your free play.

When on the Island, any wild character that emerges during the free dices stick around making it easy to achieve free slots. The big wins are always disguised in the City as one gets expanded wilds starting on reels 1 and 5, followed by reels 2 and 4 and on the final rotation, the 1st,2nd and 5th reels have wilds.

One enters the Big City Mode after leaving the Skull Island feature. This active mode has two extra rounds; the Wild Kong element which is achievable by receiving a minimum of three wild symbols. The other icon is the City Tower that can be activated if you acquire at least three King Kong logos.

It is commonly known as a “Pick Me” feature whereby King Kong is being attacked while at the top of the City Tower. To reveal your prizes, you have to pick up 1 or 3 planes on three occasions. As soon as the bonus round is over, you go back to the Jungle Mode.

king kong slots skull island bonus feature gameplay

Bonus Features in King Kong

  • Wilds: The wild icon in this game is represented by the King Kong logo. The wild symbol and can swap all elements apart from the scatter. Another of its function is that it triggers free spins.
  • Scatter & Click Me feature: To change from Island to City, one uses 3 Kong Logo scatters, which also works for improving the City back to Island.
  • Three Extra Spins with Wilds: It’s among the features that are hard to land. It is triggered when one gets 3 Kong symbols, regardless of whether you are in Island or City Mode.
  • Wild Kong Additional Dice: It activates when you are on City Mode. For the first three spins, reels 1 and 5 are rewarded as comprehensive wild. On the 2nd spin, the 2nd and 4th reels are covered equally. Reels 1, 3 and 5 are expanded in the third dice.
  • Wild Jungle free spins: As for these, they take place on Island Mode. The symbol freezes randomly, and it can occur at any time on the screen until all three free spins are depleted.

king kong slots skull island bonus feature win

King Kong Slot Game Theme & Design

For a film-based cinema game, this slot game has a stunning idea. The casino game is way better in comparison to the film. It maintains that cinematic outlook not far from the original movie.

It is easy to spot the vivacious sub-character, the wrecked captain, the dashing hero as well as the easy to spot blonde. It does not forget the giant gorilla, which was the main character in the movie.

The game’s logo features the mighty Kong gorilla in its natural habitat. The five reels of the game are set on the background of lush-green jungle bringing out the essence of the theme. The entire gaming set-up oozes the nature and other features which were seen in the movie.

It is difficult to spend extra time in the Town as much as we like and vice versa if you prefer the free slots in the Island Mode. The general fact that it has two modes sets differentiates it from other video slots.

The gigantic gorilla makes it scary in film, but in the casino game, it makes it more interesting. It gives you the thrill considering your heart is owned by the creature which can quickly disappear in a minor “click me” feature. The imitation of the film King Kong gives the slot casino video game a cinematic feel.

king kong slots wild win


There are a lot of things that the King Kong cinema game has to offer to its players, like the fact that you can choose between the Jungle Mode and City Mode. What makes this game hard to love is the fact that it is hard to win big prizes. The free plays offered by the free spins are what make one stick around longer.

In my opinion, this Slot video game is more entertaining when compared to the wins. So for a player that wants bigger wins, it will be a lot harder to achieve with this cinema game. The fact that this game has no personality would be a reason to not recommend it as one of the best games. However, it is a decent game as it serves by hitting all the spots that one would like a slot to hit.

Where to Play King Kong?

This casino slot game is widely available in many casinos. King Kong is accessible on different devices like laptops, PCs, and smartphones for those casinos offering mobile gaming. If you want to play King King online for real money, you need to be of legal gambling age and open an account with a casino. Check out our recommended casinos to make the best choice for a gambling site.

If you’re looking for a King Kong free play option, then don’t hesitate to give it a spin right here in our slots room!