Las Vegas Casino Executives Plans New Covid-19 Safety Measures, Macau Casinos Reopens

Las Vegas Casino Executives Plans New Covid-19 Safety Measures, Macau Casinos Reopens

Executives of casinos in Las Vegas plans to implement new safety measures during their reopening. City officials said they will consider the rates of infection and deaths in their plan to reopen the casinos. 

Meanwhile, casinos in Macau reopened their operations on Thursday despite coronavirus health warnings.

Casino Executives Considers New Health Measures

Casinos in Las Vegas might require gamblers to wear masks and gloves while playing inside the gaming venues as part of the city’s coronavirus precautionary measures.  Operators in the city are anxious to reopen because of the prolonged closure of their businesses.

The new measures will require customers to sit one seat apart during the games.  In an interview Bloomberg, the operators might implement fewer entrances to the gaming venues and guests might undergo temperature checking upon their arrival in the casinos.

The casino executives also plan to build facilities where their employees will be examined for Covid-19. The tests and the facility will be prepared for also for customer use.  The new rules were adapted from the measures implemented by casinos in Macau. Macau-based casinos reopened their operations after 15 days of closure in February.

Meanwhile, the closure of casinos in Nevada was extended until April 30 following a 30 day shutdown in March.  The state of Nevada’s governor, Steve Sisolak, said that they are not close to the reopening of their casinos to tourists and gamblers.  He said that it is not a political decision whether to reopen the establishments, ensuring that they will take slow, steady and sure steps in deciding to reopen.

There was no sure date of the reopening of the gaming venues in Las Vegas, but their governor said that they will consider Covid-19 figures in their decision.

Macao Casinos Reopening an Example to Others

Casinos in Macau were back in operation on February after 15 days of closure despite having few gamblers on the floor.  Customers practiced social distancing inside the casinos as mandated by new measures implemented by casino executives in the tiny Chinese territory.

On Wednesday, 29 casinos opened their doors to customers while practicing heightened measures including a mandatory temperature check, wearing of masks, and the submission of health certificates through their mobile phones.

The government allowed the casinos to open because there were no new cases of Covid-19 since the shutdown of casinos were imposed due to a case of a hotel worker who fell ill.  It is, however, observable that few people go to play even in known Casinos like the Grand Lisboa.

The casinos assured that clients are following social distancing as mandated by the new safety measures.  Games have few players scattered distantly.  A baccarat table that usually caters seven players now plays with three players.  The employees of the casino ensure that the new rules are observed by the players every time.

Players and employees can testify to the quiet atmosphere of the casinos.  According to a gambler, the Grand Lisboa usually have dozens of tables for baccarat but now only one is occupied.

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