Best Live Online Casinos 2020

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What Are Live Online Casinos?

Hundreds of thousands of people play at online casinos regularly and they love the experience. Yet a lot of enthusiasts choose to opt-out of the online fun for two reasons:

  • They are sceptical about the random number generators that determine the numbers and outcomes of each spin of the slot wheels, every draw of cards and every roll of a dice.
  • They started out gambling at physically established casinos, played while being surrounded by a crowd with real dealers on real tables. Playing on a screen doesn’t appeal to them the same way and might even make them sceptical.

If you are someone who feels the same way, let us tell you that there are live dealer casinos online that aren’t devoid of human interaction like others. There are live casinos online with real dealers and games ready to take you on an online casino experience like never before.

Here you can find our selection of the best live dealer casinos you can enjoy yourself at. We selected them after a strict assessment process that covered quality of connection, the class of the dealers, and the overall experience with the live games.

These are, without a doubt, the best casinos with live games you can choose this year. Our expert team is convinced that you cannot err if you go for a top live dealer casino.

How Does a Live Online Casino Work?

how does a live online casino workLive dealer games provide gamblers with a pleasant change from the less personal RNG-guided games that have been a staple for quite a long time for all the online casinos one can find on the internet.

Live casino online gambling works on the screen in the same manner that it does on an actual casino table. Everything the dealer does like shuffling the deck, drawing cards, spinning the roulette wheel, is done in front of your eyes live.

The best part is that the dealer isn’t automated, the cards are chosen fairly at random and the roulette wheel is also not encrypted. This works in favour of the members who do not believe the trustworthiness of the cards chosen at random, the wheel spun or the decks shuffled online through codes.

For example, when playing live blackjack, each gambler is dealt actual cards chosen at random. And each player can watch as the others are dealt cards all around the table in real-time.

As for another example, live casino roulette allows members to watch the wheel spinning and the ball dropping on a number instead of being presented with a computer-generated number.

Most of the live dealer casinos provide a chatroom for their members’ use so that they can talk to each other at the table as well as the dealer while playing.

Although it is not the same sensation of entering a brick-and-mortar casino, feeling your game and sitting at the blackjack table, it is relatively close once players get the hang of it.

We would like to believe this brief description of how a live dealer online casino works have made you less reluctant to join a live game online.

Why Join a Live Dealer Casino?

There are several advantages that attract people to the section with live games in the casino they choose to play at online.

  • Imitates real life – you don’t have the time or the desire to go to a brick-and-mortar casino? Enjoy the same engaging experience from the comfort of your home, along with other people and real dealers.
  • Available 24/7 – dealers never sleep. Well, they do, but online casinos make sure the live games they offer are always available. No need track time, play whenever you feel like it.
  • Various tables – you just want the experience? No worries, there are low-limit tables. Or you’re a high roller? You’ll definitely find games with high stakes!
  • Significant variety – you’ll be able to enjoy all land-based casino games from the comfort of your home, live.
  • Live bonuses – online casino bonuses are not reserved for slots players. Live games also come with great bonus offers.

But how should you select the best live dealer online casino to make sure it really offers all of that? Rest assured as we have made a list of some tips that you can use, in addition to our top choice.

Do a Background Check

do a background check of live dealer casinosWhen selecting a live dealer casino online, you must perform a background check just to be sure that each of them has one or more verified and recognized licenses that comply these platforms to stick to the standards of fair play in casino games and slots.

Another thing to research about is that it should have fully encrypted software and that its website is secured over SSL. Finally, you should look at the presence of the casino operator in the market and understand its history and reputation properly to know who is trustworthy.

A wise thing to do is to consider users’ feedback and reviews, readily available on the internet. We’ve created our review section specifically for the purpose of introducing you to the top online casinos operating right now, so make sure you take a good look at that as well.

Live Bonuses & Wagering

live bonuses and wageringQuite possibly, the most exciting part of the whole process of registration and becoming a member in a live casino online is walking in on the welcome mat while being greeted with the generous promotional offers that are specially reserved for newcomers.

However, what most newcomers don’t know about is that when they submit their first deposit in a live dealer online casino is that every casino has different terms and conditions on their welcome bonuses and promotions that are to be compulsorily fulfilled before a newcomer can start withdrawing money.

Therefore, a lot of newcomers are rather disappointed when they find out they will not be getting any money or endless free spins which they can avail at any time. Most casinos include terms and conditions on their deposits with a wagering requirement that every newcomer must fulfil before they can start to claim their wins.

Keep in mind that wagering requirements can be a bit tricky when it comes to live games because the stakes and the sums bet there are higher.

Purpose of Wagering Requirements

To avoid being targeted by this new breed of online gamblers known as the bonus hunters, a lot of live dealer casinos have started putting restrictive terms and conditions on their bonuses and promotions to ensure that a new member sticks around for some time before they withdraw their winnings and move on to another casino to repeat the process.

But, of course, this isn’t the only reason why such requirements are taking place. The live dealer casinos also want to give people a chance to try their hand at various other offers, bonuses and, in some cases, even loyalty programs before they move on to another casino.

Therefore, for the newcomers to start making withdrawals, they need to bet a specific amount of money, which usually also includes the bonus amount and deposit multiplied by a number.

How Do Wagering Requirements Work?

how do wagering requirements workAlthough the amount of money you need to put down as a wager depends from casino to casino, you will come across a similarity. When bonuses are offered, there’s a multiplier that indicates how much times you have to wager a specific sum. Be it only the bonus amount, the bonus plus your deposit or something else.

One thing newcomers need to be specifically careful about before they start to place bets is that there are some games that are included in some promotional offers. Some of the best live casinos restrict the number of eligible games and in some cases. There are specific wagers that need to be put down to meet the different wagering requirements.

These casinos also list all specific games that can qualify you. Most of the time, there is a similar case for free spins where mostly you can only use a predetermined number of free-spins per day while playing a respective game and all the winnings you generate during this are, of course, are subject to some wagering requirements too.

What would be the requirements of live dealer casinos, depends on their policies. One thing you need to make sure on your part is that you are well aware of the bonus terms, conditions, and wagering requirements before accepting one.

The best casinos offering live games are always transparent in their bonus policy, so you shouldn’t have troubles with the hand-picked casinos in our selection.

Live Dealer Casinos Cashback Bonuses

live dealer casinos cashback bonusesWhat’s the fun in live gambling if there is not that good old thrill of а cashback bonus? There aren’t many things better than when a player gets a part of their losses back. Cashback bonuses provided by any live dealer online casino are a subdivision of regular percentage bonuses.

That being said, the rest is self-explanatory. Live dealer cashbacks are based on the principle of reclaiming what belongs to the players rightfully.

Sometimes players are required to deposit money when they’re gambling live and maybe they lose all of the sums that they wagered. Live dealer casinos don’t want their audience to become disheartened like that with them. That’s why they offer a cashback. In short, if you lose all you placed on a bet, you can get a chance to win a portion of it.

Are Cashbacks Worth It?

This question is not as easy to respond to, hence, it’s better to give an umbrella answer for it. Cashback bonuses are made to fit the requirements and needs of different kinds of gamblers.

Although when playing online, each player would expect a little money back if they lose their deposit, there are always going to be the ones that are sceptical. And for that reason and the others discussed above, each player must decide what works for them.

Cash Rewards of Live Dealer Games

cash rewards of live dealer gamesCash rewards offered by the online live casinos are carried out just as they claim without any unpleasant surprises. These casinos provide their members with cash rewards when they fulfil a specific condition.

For example, let us suppose the best live dealer casino online gives out its members a cash reward when they hit several blackjacks in a row, or at random, for spicing up the game and creating even more excitement.

Such rewards are given out by live online casinos and usually have a predetermined minimum bet and capped cash rewards that are all clearly mentioned in the terms and conditions. However, most cash rewards do not have any wagering requirements and the amount is to be kept fully by the player.

Jackpot Slots

Are you in search of playing at a high-end jackpot slot?  We have listed online live casinos that keep a proven track record of all their players who have hit massive jackpots.

It is considered an honour and rightfully so when a player is lucky enough to hit that life-changing amount of money. Live gambling sites usually announce such winners very quickly to the entire gambling community as they take great pride in their winning members.

What are the Chances of Hitting a Live Jackpot?

what are the chances of hitting a live jackpotIn theory, each player that opts for a jackpot game stands a chance of hitting the jackpot as much as the next person. In such a case of a jackpot, there is absolutely no clear advantage. Still, there are a few factors one should keep in mind regarding the terms and conditions of the game’s mechanics and of the jackpot slot you select.

A major contributor to determine how quickly a slot can be won is the RTP or Return to Player Percentage, and the hit frequency. RTP is the players will get on their bets if they win them and the hit frequency that shows how frequently and easily one can win on any slot machine. Such wins can range from proportional payouts to hitting the full-sized jackpot.

The lower the house’s edge and the higher the percentages, the bigger a player stands a chance of winning more. Every software provider is obliged to display the RTP on each game they introduce. A player can easily find it in the given game description details within the interface of the slot.

Do bear in mind that almost all jackpot slots are very volatile machines, which means that their RTP along with their hit frequency is already low, to begin with in comparison to non-jackpot slots. This enables a game to collect a relatively higher progressive jackpot as it is considerably harder to win.

Software Providers For Live Dealer Casinos Online

Live casino games online might sound magical, but they aren’t just presented in front of you out of thin air. There is a team of people responsible for creating these fascinating games that gamblers love to play on their desktops, laptops and even mobile phones.

There are a lot of game providers that do this for a living. Probably the most popular provider for live games is NetEnt, but there are a lot of options and it depends entirely on the casinos to choose their providers.

We’ve selected the casinos with not only the top live experience, but with the best providers as well. A good provider is a guarantee of sorts that your live gaming experience will be stunning.

Live Casino Games

We’ve already discussed at length the best live casino games you can join, but here’s a little reminder of what delights the best live casinos support:

Live Blackjack

It is fun, easy, and interactive. If you know the fundamental rules of the game then you won’t need hours of training for playing Live blackjack. You can enjoy the game simply by choosing your preferential variant of blackjack, starting it and placing your bet.

New players can learn and polish their skills by playing games that have step-by-step instructions in the rules and other features.

live blackjackLive blackjack aims at beating the dealer by acquiring a higher hand than the dealer, but without crossing 21 points. You can find a set of buttons to choose from, on the screen, when it’s your turn to make a bet.

Generally, these buttons are labelled as Stand, Hit, Double, Split or other moves based on the variation of the blackjack game you have opted. After you have placed your desired bet and have dealt a hand, you can either choose to continue with the original hand and Stand. Or you can press Hit to get a new card from the dealer, and lastly, you can go for typical blackjack actions.

Live Roulette

Another of the table classic game that finds its place in the best live casinos is the Live Roulette. This game is all about taking a chance. The players make their bets according to their assumption of where the roulette ball will be landing. The spins happen in real-time.

Live Baccarat

Compare, win, and enjoy. Baccarat is a casino game that has great popularity and demand among gamblers, ranging from the high rollers to the lower ones.

At present, in the live dealer games, the race has gotten a whole lot tougher. Therefore choices like live Baccarat is must-have in a casino for gamblers who do not think twice before moving on to a new casino.

live baccaratPunto Banco and Chemin de fer are a few famous Baccarat versions that are played. In live dealing or online set-up, there is a high possibility that one will come across the Punto Banco form of Baccarat.

It isn’t difficult to see why Baccarat is so famous among the gamblers from all age-groups and backdrop. The fact that one can learn the game by playing a couple of demo/ tutorial rounds makes the learning curve gently climbing upwards.

Refer to our Baccarat guide and strategy compilation, if you feel like diving into the game headfirst.

Mobile Live Casinos

The developers and the live dealer casinos provide these games in such a way that the can be accessed through multiple platforms. This has been made possible because of the high demand that players have for better accessibility and gaming on-the-go.

There are numerous providers of live casinos online. One might even come across apps that are specifically designed for Android or iOS processors.

There is a lot of scope for having fun and enjoyment while playing live dealer online casino games through your tablets and phones, but the experiences might vary. Playing on smaller screens of phones and tablets might be a bit difficult to adapt to the people who are habitual of playing on laptops or computers. There won’t be a lot of change seen in the basic steps.

Software Downloads

best live dealer casinosWhether or not you’ll have to download software to your phone or desktop device, depends on the live casino you choose. Some have dedicated apps you can use for mobile gambling, others are accessible directly through a browser on your phone.

The experience you’ll have will vary according to your device, how powerful your smartphone is, and your internet connection. Especially with live dealer games, having a stable internet connection, preferably through Wi-Fi, is crucial.

Slower internet connections can affect the playing experience of the player at any online casino game. To get the best live dealer casino experience with all the games which are being streamed in HD quality, a good internet connection speed should be maintained at all times. You must not let the games lag and spoil the fun. That won’t happen if the connection is fast and retained for a long time.

Avoid Blacklisted Live Dealer Casinos

Playing at authentic gambling sites and live casinos is important to safeguard your personal data and banking details. This is why we have a rigid set of rules by which we assess casinos. If a live casino passes our testing process, it gets enlisted. If it fails at any step – it gets blacklisted. Make sure you stay away from blacklisted live casinos, and only follow reasonable advice.


top live dealer casinosNo matter how safe, secure, and fair online casinos can become, there are always going to be some people who are unsure whether live games at online casinos are worth their time. Our expert team is of the opinion that such opportunities should not be dismissed lightly. But the final decision is up to you.

The interaction of a dealer at the game table makes the games much livelier and exciting to play and for the same reason, there are now a lot of online live dealer casinos that can make you experience the same sensation from the comfort of your home! If you’re ready to join the fun, make sure to check out our top selection!