Maryland Casinos Reopen After Near Three Months Shutdown

maryland casinos reopen

Casinos in Maryland welcomed back patrons on Monday after nearly four months shut down due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. The casinos reopened despite reports of new cases of the deadly pathogen. The fatal virus stole almost 149 million in gaming taxes of the state.

The novel coronavirus continuously plagues nations around the world. Government leaders decided to resume their economic activities despite the spread to caution the falling economy. Businesses were allowed to continue, given that they follow the health regulator’s health and safety protocols.

The novel coronavirus infected not less than ten million people worldwide, taking away the lives of nearly half a million. Nearly 300,000 people caught the virus in the US, and more than 130,000 died. The deadly virus rapidly rises every day in the absence of vaccine and cure.

Maryland and the coronavirus

Maryland reported 305 new cases as of June 30. The total number of confirmed cases in the state reached 67,559 since the pandemic started, with more than 3,000 deaths. On June 30 alone, the state reported 14 new additional deaths.

The state reported 500 hospitalizations within five days. Other US states also saw a rapid increase in cases within the last five days. State leaders urged the business sector to follow the mandated health and safety protocols in their operations. They are also advising everyone to help curve the spread of the deadly disease by strictly practising social distancing, avoiding mass gatherings, and wearing face masks when they are outside their homes.

John Hopkins University coronavirus resource centre reported that Maryland is at the bottom five of the state with high positivity rate in the recent two weeks.

On June 30, the institution reported that the state is in the 25th place in terms of lowest positivity rate among US states.

Casinos resumed operations following health and safety protocols

The state advised business operations to implement sanitation and hygiene standards strictly. The two biggest casinos in the state started accepting back clients. MGM National Harbor casino opened doors to clients on Monday, requiring every one of their safety precautions.

The reopening became possible after Maryland Governor Larry Hogan placed the state under Phase 2 of the state’s reopening plan. The governor ordered casinos to put firm rules, including the mandatory wearing of masks and limiting their operations to 50 per cent of their capacity.

Before entry to the casinos, the guests should submit themselves to temperature checks. The casinos are also required to place sanitizing stations in every part of the casino. Casino operators in the state hoped that clients would go back to the gambling floor despite the strict implementation of new rules.

Reopening of casinos in other states like Nevada turned successful. Guests felt comfortable going back to the casinos because of the new health guidelines.

The swarm of people during the reopening in Las Vegas showed that they are willing to go back to the gambling facilities. Survey also revealed that gamblers want safety measures in place before going back to the casinos.

Maryland lost 149 million in gaming taxes during the shutdown. The government now plans to recover the losses by reopening the casinos.

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