Mega Fortune Slot

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Game RTP %
Game Music
Game Design
Slot RTP: 96.6%
Min Bet: 25p
Max Bet: £50
Reels: 5
Additional Details:
Paylines: 25
Software Provider: NetEnt
Slot Type: Progressive Slot
Theme: Luxury
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Mega Fortune Slot Review by NetEnt

It’s time to get rich and fabulous- Play the grand Mega Fortune slot game and experience casino gaming like never before! The casino game comes with an awesome theme of riches and grandeur which is magnificently displayed on the screen.

The logo of the game features splendid sea and beaches right next to the luxurious city with palm trees bordering the roads. You will also find expensive items like a yacht, aeroplane etc on the logo.

The same items will be part of the symbols of the game. Let’s learn more about this glorious game.

mega fortune slot main screen

The Lavish Mega Fortune Slot Game

Mega Fortune slot game by NetEnt comes with five reels and a striking 25 paylines. You will be delighted to know that the game comes with the progressive jackpot feature.

The game showcases a control panel placed below the reels with which players can adjust their game settings. The options in this control panel include:

Level: Level is used to adjust the Bet level.

Coin Value: Use this option to adjust the coin size ranging from 0.01 to 0.5.

Max Bet: Use this option to wage a maximum bet as allowed in the game. This can be set to £50 per spin.

Auto Play: Autoplay option can be used to spin the reels for a predetermined number of times, without interruption.

Spin: Spin button is placed in the middle of the Auto Play and the Max Bet option. You can use this option to spin the reels each time.

Bet: Bet features the total bet you have waged on each spin.

The Mega Fortune game is playable from 25p and to a maximum of £50 per spin from any device of players’ choice. These include smartphones, tablets, computers as well as laptops.

These devices can be supported through Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. The best part of accessing the games through these devices is that you won’t be required to visit any land-based casino. Also, you can access these games anytime and anywhere during your leisure period.

mega fortune slot win

Symbols of the Mega Fortune Casino Game

Owing to the theme of the Mega Fortune, you can expect some of the lavish items to be on the symbols list.

These include a dashing white Limo, Cash symbol with a Golden Dollar sign clip on it, a branded Gold & Diamond Watch and Brandy snifter with Cigar placed near it. These constitute the high paying symbols of the game.

The Wild symbol of the game is represented by a red and white floating Yacht. The Scatter symbol represents a Champagne Bottle with two Champagne Glasses.

The Lower valued symbols of the game include the card symbols which are also presented awesomely in this game. You will find different gold and silver rings with different Gemstones representing the lower value symbols.

These include Emerald in a Gold ring representing Ace, Aquamarine in a Gold ring representing the Queen, Ruby in a Silver ring representing the Jack and finally, Yellow Sapphire in a Silver ring representing the King.

You will also come across a Bonus symbol with three wheels and ‘Bonus’ written on it.

Bonus Features of the Mega Fortune Slots Game

Along with the symbols, the bonus features of the game are also enticing. These include:

White Limo Symbol: White Limo symbol is the highest paying symbol of the game. Land five of them on the reels and win whopping 1000 coins instantaneously. For four of them, you get 200 coins reward.

Cash Symbol with Dollar sign Clip Symbol: This represents the second-highest symbol of the game. Land five of these symbols on the reels and earn 500 coins. For four of these on the reels, you are rewarded 100 coins.

Gold & Diamond Watch Symbol: The Gold and Diamond Watch is the third high paying symbol of the game. Five of them on the reels will pay you 300 coins instantly.

mega fortune slot wild win

Brandy Snifter and Cigar Symbol: Brandy Snifter and Cigar symbol is the last high paying symbol of the game with five of them on the reels producing 200 winning coins.

Wild Symbol of Yacht: Wild symbol comes with the privilege of replacing all the symbols of the game except for the Scatter symbol and the dynamic Bonus symbol. Land five of these wild symbols on the reels to win a massive 10,000 coins payout. For four of them, expect 1000 coins rewards. Likewise, for three of them, 100 coins and two symbols present 10 coins.

Scatter Symbols & Free Spins: Five of the Scatter symbols on the reels, present a payout of 100 coins. For four of them, expect 10 coins. For three symbols, three coins and for two of them, two coins.

Along with payouts, Scatter symbols also produce Free Spins. Land three or more of the Scatter symbols to trigger the Free Spins rounds.These free spins come with multipliers ranging from 1x to 5x and get applied on all your wins.If you land two or more Scatters symbols during the Free Spins rounds, you win additional Free Spins rounds or Multipliers.

Bonus Wheel Symbol: Land three or more of the Bonus Wheel symbol moving from left to right on the reels on an active payline to trigger the Mega Fortune Bonus round. Players will receive only one Bonus game per spin. The symbol comes with three concentric wheels which correspond to the game further.

Mega Fortune Bonus Game: The three Concentric Wheels are set into motion when players click on the Spin button. They are responsible for producing the progressive jackpots of Rapid, Major, and Mega.

Rapid Jackpot: The outer-most reel comes with cash rewards and arrows. You can expect a Rapid jackpot of €800. Also, the chances of entering into the next wheel (Major Jackpot) are about 9.28% with the maximum bet. This is paid by the local casino.

Major Jackpot: If you win the Arrows, you enter into the second wheel (the middle one) which also has cash rewards but bigger along with the chances of entering into the third wheel. The Major Jackpot paid here is a huge €75,000 while the odds of entering to the next stage are just 0.0928% with the maximum bet. The Major Jackpot payout is a pooled progressive jackpot which is the responsibility of the NetEnt.

Mega Jackpot: Players who luckily enter into the third reel must try to achieve the Diamond-studded Arrow. That Arrow is the key to the grand Mega Jackpot. You can expect a splendid Mega Jackpot valued €3,750,000. Also, the chances of this jackpot getting triggered are 0.0102% at the maximum bet by players. The Mega Jackpot payout is also a pooled progressive jackpot which is paid by NetEnt.

mega fortune slot bonus feature trigger

Theme & Design of the Mega Fortune Slot Game

The theme of the Mega Fortune slot game features the riches and grandeur in the most magnificent way possible. Every aspect of the game oozes the gloriousness of the game in the classiest way possible.

The graphics of the game are striking and the entire set up presents a chilled-out vibe. The animations are designed to work corresponding to the game music. The music of the game is stylish and also presents a chilled-out vibe.

The reels come with royal greyish tint with the background of the luxurious yacht on sizzling waters.


The theme of the Mega Fortune game is strikingly unique and is interesting to the players. You will find the game designs matching the theme explicitly. The music corresponds to the game perfectly.

The game being progressive, the players get three massive jackpots to win at. But of course, the chances of winning these jackpots are slim. However, the symbols of the game along with Wild and Scatter will also pay lucratively even if players don’t win the jackpots.

This means players have several chances to win apart from the jackpot. The RTP of the game is 96.6%. Overall, the game is enjoyable and you will earn appropriately for your wagers.

You can play the Mega Fortune slot machine both for fun and for real money. If you’re looking just for fun, simply try the Mega Fortune free play in our slots room. But if you want to go after the sweet rewards from betting and play for real money, make sure you sign up for a reliable casino!

mega fortune slot scatter feature trigger