Top Movie Slots for May, 2021

  • Wonder Woman Slot
    Wonder Woman Slot
  • Tomb Raider Slot
    Tomb Raider Slot
  • The Wizard of Oz Slot
    The Wizard of Oz Slot
  • The Nutcracker Slot
    The Nutcracker Slot
  • The Invisible Man Slot
    The Invisible Man Slot
  • Terminator 2 Slot
    Terminator 2 Slot
  • Tarzan Slot
    Tarzan Slot
  • Tales of Dr Dolittle Slot
    Tales of Dr Dolittle Slot

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Best Movie Slots Casinos for May, 2021

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Movie Based Slot Games

Film Slots can be found for almost any game with a famous or cult following. All your favorite franchises, including Ghostbusters, Avatar, Rocky, and Lord of the Rings, will have a movie slot designed for fans.

This is great for an immersive, reactive, and personalized gaming experience. Top Movie Slots are any movie or film slots that are based on ‘top’ movies, be they box office hits, or those of critical acclaim.

You can typically filter for movie slots on an online casino, or simply search your favorite film to see if your casino features a fun slot machine to match!

Bruce Lee Slot

bruce lee slotBruce Lee is wildly regarded as one of the world’s greatest martial artists and cultural icons. “The Dragon” was around during the cinema’s golden age and delivered hard and fast stunts and punches to bad guys right across the silver screen.

This game is no different! With hard-hitting sound effects, loud and catchy music, and a vast array of Bruce Lee fighting kicks, you will have a wonderful time!

The most popular Bruce Lee themed slot is by WMS and features a massive 60 pay lines. It also features an unusual reel layout, and Bruce Lee themed wilds!

Gladiator Slot

gladiator slotWe love Gladiator! This Oscar-winning film has inspired numerous slots, such as those by Playtech. Within these slots, players come across many of the main characters, can interact with the awesome ancient Rome theme, and see clips from the movie.

Gladiator tells the story of a betrayed Roman General who enters the colosseum as a gladiator to exact his revenge and triumphs. You, too, can feel triumphant with great winning opportunities and jackpot options in this super exciting slot game.

Look out for Playtech’s Gladiator slot, which features exciting bonus rounds and five reels. It’s an action-packed game to match an action-packed movie.

King Kong Slot

king kong slotThe King Kong movie claimed its giant gorilla was the 8th Wonder of the World, and we think it’s themed video slot is pretty wonderful too! The gaming giant Playtech has a copyright agreement with Universal studies, meaning this video film slot version includes HD clips from the movie!

Move through reel spins set in the jungle on Skull Island or New York City and the iconic City Tower scene, allowing you to follow the movie characters on their epic journey! Playtech’s slot game features a Wild Kong symbol which has the power to move other symbols out of the way to form winning combos.

Amongst additional bonus and unique symbols are other characters such as Carl Denham (played by Jack Black), and Anne Darrow (played by Naomi Watts).

Rocky Slot

rocky slotBased on the Rocky movie starring Sylvester Stallone, this slot category features all of Rocky’s opponents from across the franchise. Just like Rocky, you can go round for round against the machine with opportunities for big wins.

The game also features cheering crowds, exciting sound effects, and impressive graphics. Not to mention high odds! These slot games are plenty, but one of the most popular is by Playtech.

The Playtech Rocky Slots feature 25 pay lines across 5 reels. It also offers bonus rounds, and a Sylvester Stallone Wild Card. If you see his scowl, then you’re in luck! Remember the old Rocky quote, “Going in one more round when you don’t think you can. That’s what makes all the difference in your life.”

That being said, responsible gambling and budgeting are essential when dealing with online slots.

Tomb Raider Slot

tomb raider slotIt’s no secret Lara Croft stole all our hearts upon her video gaming and cinematic debuts. Whether played animated in game-form or acted by the stunning Angelina Jolie, the Tomb Raider holds a considerable appeal

Dig for a treasure of your own and spin the reels with some high return to player odds and multipliers. Tomb Raider is licensed to the Microgaming Slot company. They’ve made an impressive slot game featuring old school gaming Lara for those who owned a PC in the 90s!

The gameplay is responsive, charming, and features an excellent return to player rate. Not only that, Tomb Raider was one of the first licensed slots to feature a franchise star. For that reason alone, it could be considered cult status.

Narcos Slot

narcos slot“The bad guys need to get lucky every time. The good guys just need to get lucky once.” That’s the iconic quote from character Steve Murphy, a cop on the tale of the infamous drug lord, Pablo Escobar. Narcos follows the rise (and fall) of Colombian drug dealer Pablo Escobar as he establishes his ill-fated empire.

Just like the quote says, all you will need is to get lucky once to win big on this themed slot. You can expect the memorable quotes, tense music, and powerful graphics in this awesome game. The Narcos slot machine came is licensed to NetEnt and is set up similar to a 243 Ways-to-Win slot game.

The game features consistent thematics and cinematic references to the game, backed by an HD reel background, interactive clips, and diverse character interactions. This feels like a whole other dimension to the Narco’s TV series and is sure to enchant many a fan.

Justice League Slot

justice league slotSuperheros are popular for a reason. Everyone likes to see good triumph over evil, and you can expect good to prevail in this great Justice League themed film slot. These movie slots are based on the 2017 action movie that expanded DC’s cinematic universe to included new heroes and characters.

Another themed slot from Playtech, this film slot brings your favorite heroes to life. Expect epic sound effects, big graphics, and attention-grabbing sound bites! It’s a super good time based on a super movie.

Batwoman and Wonderwoman unite to defeat evil and are assisted by your gameplay, Aquaman, and Flash. The more you spin, the more characters appear, and the more you help, the heroes defeat evil.

Jungle Books Slot

jungle books slotRudyard Kipling’s’ Jungle Book was made an instant classic when it was immortalized by Disney. It follows the story of Mowgli, an orphan boy found by a panther in the jungle. He is taken to be raised by wolves, and over time fights a tiger, discovers his own kin,d and saves the jungle.

The original tale features extended lore and meandering life lessons but was shortened by Disney for mainstream viewing. Many Jungle Book themed slots also take artistic liberty to craft their own versions of the lovable characters, such as Baloo.

Yggdrasil Gaming, for example, twists the classic character designs to allow for original and beautiful graphics! This game, in particular, will enable players to move through the Jungle Book storyline, accompanied through each spin with a different central character.

Beauty and the Beast Slot

beauty and the beast slotThis slot belongs to the Yggdrasil Gaming company and offers enchanting gameplay. Forget the Disney cartoon! This game takes a classic storyline and reinvents it with luminous colors, HD character clips, free spins, and random wilds.

It truly is a magical time as you head through the creepy castle to meet the Beast! Follow the story of Beautiful Belle, sacrificing herself to save her father from captivity.

What happens next is a tale as old as time! Move the story along, save the cursed servants, and bring the two soul mates together by playing the slots and searching for wilds and scatter symbols.

Man Of Steel Slot

man of steel slotYou need a super game to claim the name of SuperMan. The Man of Steel slots are just as super as their main character and feature graphic, music, and characters from the 2013 Box Office Hit Man of Steel. When playing, you may recognise the faces of Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, and Amy Adams’.

So, if you’re an avid movies fan and like diving into the atmosphere of cinema, movie slots are the slots you’ll probably have the most fun with!