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What is Neteller

With the rise in the online gaming industry, the online players have flown for the online playing sites, and for that, they need reliable online paying methods. Considering such growing needs of online players, many companies have introduced online payment methods, and among them, Neteller is one such method which is also recognised as an e-wallet.

The e-wallet company became recognised in the year 1999, and its office located in Canada. Later, in the year 2004, the company moved its office to the Isle of Man. Today, it is one of the widely recognised and used money transfer method by the players, and it is used for depositing as well as for the withdrawals.

On par with Skrill, this is one of the most common payment methods you’ll come across when joining an online gambling site.

The best thing about it is that many online casinos prefer to set as one of their payment methods because it is safe, secure and regulated by the trusted authorities.

So, let’s look into services and gauge their beneficial services. In providing the best services for Neteller online casinos payment methods, in 2014, the company won Prepaid265 Award.

Create Neteller Casinos Account

Create Neteller Casinos AccountTo avail its services, you need to have a Neteller account through which you can make transactions to your favourite online casino sites. To create an account, you need to visit its official website. At the top right side is ‘Click for free’ button, after that they ask you to provide your email address, create your personal password, choose the suitable currency method.

They also require you to provide information like your full name, gender, date of birth, home address, contact number. After filling in the required information, you need to submit this online form by clicking on ‘Open Account’.

Next step is that they send you the account verification email. Your account will set up right after you click the verification link.

Once you have created your account, you need to connect the account with this e-wallet, like your bank account or your credit and debit cards. You can also go for other options such as Giropay and Ukash. The time of depositing through different methods may be different.

After setting an account and depositing in it, go for the reliable gambling sites and set your casino account with Neteller payments.

After you log into your casino account select the Neteller payments option and deposit your money from your Neteller card.

Withdraw Through Neteller Casinos

Withdraws using Neteller payments is easy, as you need to visit your casino withdrawal page and select it as your withdrawal method. It usually takes some time to get your withdrawal but mostly it is not late than 48 hours.

Once, the money is in your e-wallet account you can transfer it your bank or debit and credit card. Otherwise, you can again deposit it to your casino account.

Neteller Card

Neteller CardLike other ATM cards, the e-wallet service offers its card in conjunction with MasterCard that is usually mailed to the applicant within 10 business days from the time you send your application.



How to Get an Online Casinos Card

After your Neteller casinos’ account verification, you can apply for its card through the following steps:

  • Sign-in to your payments accounts and click ‘Net+cards’ that is at the left side.
  • Click the green icon “Get Net+Prepaid Mastercard”.
  • Confirm your e-mail address or update it if you want to change it. Then hit Get Net+Card icon.
    In the next step, you have to select your Neteller payments currency and it is best you should choose the same currency that you set for the account in order to avoid unnecessary Neteller fees for currency exchange.
  • Now set a four-digit PIN for your card.
  • After confirming the currency and secret PIN, click to confirm. After 2 to 10 business days, your payments card will be mailed to your address.
  • The card shipment may charge you some fee, so either Neteller fees of 10 EUR may be cut from your account.

VIP Facilities

VIP Facilities NetellerThere is no doubt that this is one of the widely used methods among the online players and through its VIP people are enjoying special offers and discounts.

The VIP members not only get relaxation on the currency exchange fee but they can also avail special discounts on their transaction fees. There are VIP membership tiers for users of the e-wallet that include Gold, Platinum and Diamonds, and the members from these tiers receive instant and high limit discounts.

A personal manager is assigned for the VIP member who assists the user in his/her language and the user can access the customer support 24/7. Moreover, the users can also redeem the earned points for the cash and get the annual rewards.

Neteller Charges

As long as you keep using your account you won’t be charged any fee. That means you must use your account for payment by your choice, and you must make a transaction from it once a year.

Otherwise, the service charges you $5 from your account. Moreover, Neteller charges also the currency conversion fee of up to 3.99%. As for the VIP members, the company show some relief and for them, currency exchange Neteller fees are 1%.

Neteller Online Casinos Payment Method Security

Neteller Online Casinos Payment Method SecurityNeteller payments use the electronic pathway and this method creates a shield for your online banks and other payment cards. That means you can use this method without any trouble for your online gaming sites.

Moreover, this method itself provides safe pathways for the transactions, as it is encrypted through 128-bit SSL security protocol.

Advantages of Using The E-Wallet

Neteller casinos transaction option has many benefits for the online players, that include it provides the utmost security and secrecy. That means you do not need to disclose your personal information to the gaming site while you choose Neteller payments.

Through this method, your deposits at your favourite online playing site reflect immediately, and in turn, you do not need to wait to play your game. This payment company from time to time also offers some promotional packages that get you some special discounts.

Disadvantages of Using E-Wallet

Disadvantages of Using E-WalletMoney transaction at Neteller online casinos has a single disadvantage, and that is for every transaction you must pay some fee. Through this method, your deposits are instant, but for withdrawing, it takes some time, usually 24-48 hours.

The other thing is that this online transaction company puts some limits for you per day withdrawal. So, you need to wait to cash out all your withdrawal. But it is far from the most disadvantageous payment method. On the contrary, it is one of the best choices you could make.

Customer Support

This payment method company is always at the service of its customers, and for that, it has an active customer support portal through which it answers the queries and assists the matters such as the card loss.

It provides guidelines to the people who want to create their new Neteller account or want to make deposits and withdrawals. If the customers face some problems and want to send a complaint, then the customer support team assists them to fill the complaint form for that and submit it to their website.

On the whole, you can access its customer support portal either through the provided email or telephone number.

To Sum It Up

top neteller online casinosThis is a widely used money transfer method that comes with unlimited benefits for the new and existing users. There are multiple online casino websites that offer exclusive bonuses when their players use Neteller as a money deposit method.

Other than that, regular users get special to enter into the VIP program and enjoy the unlimited VIP benefits.