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What is a No Deposit Bonus?

A no deposit casino bonus seems like the best thing that casino players could get. They allow you to test the casino waters before you begin playing in the casino using your own money. It also establishes trust between the casino and the player, especially if a player has had a bad experience with a previous casino. Generally casinos attract players with all kind of bonuses.

While a no deposit bonus casino will have certain terms and conditions for handing out the free cash bonus, these are very real and many players have been able to benefit from such bonuses too. Let us find out how you can benefit from a no deposit bonus offer as well.

What Makes No Deposit Casino Bonuses the Best?

what makes no deposit casino bonuses the bestThe best no deposit casino bonuses are those that outline the terms and conditions very clearly for the audience. Ambiguity in the casino terms and conditions can spell trouble for the players.

This is because sometimes, not reliable enough casinos pop up in the online space every now and then, offering big bonuses and lots of goodies online to eventually confiscate player winnings with little or no explanations.

Always look for casinos that have been around a long time and have a good reputation among its players. You will find a lot of player reviews as well as professional reviews that you can go through to find out if a casino offers fair play and lives up to its words.

It is also good practice to check if the casino is legal or not. Go through registration details and if you feel that something is wrong, then avoid such casinos. They may not be worth your time or money.

Since there are few casinos that offer free no deposit bonus, be sure to go through the reviews before you register on a casino. Here are a few more things that you may have to keep in mind while picking a casino that offers a no deposit bonus:

Country Restrictions

Does your country qualify for the no deposit promotion?

Many no deposit bonuses are country-specific. Casinos practice this rule to reduce losses and attract customers from specific countries. It is also known that in some countries, a majority of players are more likely to only play for free cash and may not deposit real money to play further on the casino.

So casinos usually restrict players from such countries to enjoy the no deposit bonus. If your country is not included in the list of eligible countries, then you can talk to a casino representative about it.

No Deposit Bonus is Limited in Time

Is there any time limitation to the no deposit spins bonus?

time limitation to the no deposit bonusPromotions, where a no deposit required bonus, is paid may have some time limit before the bonus expires. Whether it is free spins credited to your account, you must check if there is any time period within which the no deposit promotions benefit must be used.

A no deposit bonus offer may last you an entire month, others can expire within 24 hours. This is why the terms and conditions of your no deposit casino bonus are very important. Go through the terms to check how long you have to use up the bonus before it expires or will be removed from your account.

Games Eligible for No Deposit Bonus

Which casino games do you have access to?

A no deposit bonus casino is most likely going to provide you with a list of games where the no deposit spins can be used. If you get no deposit spins, then there are some slot machines with high RTP (Return to player), which may not be included in the list. This is done to make sure that you have access to specific games and can make limited money only.

Your bets may also be set to a minimum so that you can earn lots. Jackpots are usually off-limits when it comes to playing in a casino with your no deposit bonus. If you are playing slots, then you will also find that the free spins awarded by the machines may be limited only to one free spin.

These measures are taken by no deposit bonus casinos to reduce high earnings from the games. After all, the aim is to get a player to like the casino and like the games so that they can continue paying and playing further.

Maximum Cash Amount Limitations

What is the maximum amount that can be cashed out?

maximum amount to cash out from no deposit bonusIt is good to take the time to learn how much of your winnings will you actually be able to withdraw. When a casino offers you a bonus, it usually tends to tie it down with a maximum cash out limit to make sure that the bonus does not lead to huge losses for the casinos.

So if a casino’s maximum cash out limit for your winnings from a no deposit bonus is $100, then that is all you will be able to withdraw. If you win $200, the casino’s bonus terms will require you to forfeit $100 and only take out $100 in cash.

Some find it unwanted that they have to give up on money that they won, but it seems only fair that casinos set a maximum withdrawal limit to reduce risks of losing out too much.

Wagering Requirements

Do you have to fulfill any wagering requirements to claim our winnings?

Wagering is one of the biggest concerns for players who win money from a no deposit casino bonus. If one of the terms set by the casino for giving out a bonus is that you will have to wager your winnings a certain number of times before you can withdraw it, then you will not be able to cash out your money until you complete the wagering requirements.

When you play and win from a free no deposit bonus, the casino will want you to use your winnings to play other games in the casino. This is known as wagering your winnings against other casino games. A casino may require you to wager anywhere between 20 to 100 times before you can cash out your money.

The more number of times you have to wager, the lower your chances of cashing out your winnings since you may end up losing a lot on the bets you place. A threshold of 20 to 30 is considered ideal for wagering requirements, but anywhere over 30 may make your winnings unattainable.

Reputed casinos will keep realistic wagering requirements to make sure that the players will find it fair to wager before they can withdraw their winnings from a no deposit bonus.

Which Game To Play to Fulfill Wagering Requirements?

To fulfill wagering requirements, which games have the maximum converted value?

fulfil wagering requirements of no deposit bonusAn additional aspect of wagering requirements is that you will have to find out details about how much a game’s contribution is towards your wagering goals. Different types of games are treated differently when it comes to meeting your wagering goals.

For example, if you have won $100 and a company requires you to roll over your winnings 20 times, then it means that you have to place bets for a total of $2,000 before you can withdraw the $100.

All you have to do is make sure that the money from your winnings continues to roll over. Now, if you are a slots person, then this is all good, but if you are into table games, then this can get even more complicated. A casino does not treat every game equally when it comes to meeting your wagering requirements.

Slots contribute 100% to meeting your goal. If you bet $2 on a slot then you will have effectively reduce the wagering goal by $2. Table games, on the other hand, have a small contribution to your wagering goal.

This means that if you bet $2 on a table game with a contribution of 20%, then your wagering goal will be reduced only by $0.40. This means that you will have to wager more time on table games if you want to cash out your winnings from a no deposit bonus casino.

Mostly because of the ease with which slot games offer to roll over your winnings, players tend to stick to slot games to meet their wagering requirements.

Do You Need To Deposit Before Withdrawal?

verification depositDo you have to pay some amount of money as verification deposit before you withdraw your winnings?

Some casinos will let you cash out your winnings from a no deposit free spins offer only if you deposit a certain sum of money, which is often known as a verification deposit.

The reason for this can be either if a casino wants to pay out only to the players who are truly interested in playing the casino games in the future. Or there can be a possibility that the casino may end up relieving you of your money. This is the part where you have to be very careful.

If a casino does not mention anything about a verification deposit in the terms and conditions but later asks you for a deposit before the winnings can be released, then you must check what other players are saying about the casino. Check if other players were able to get their money or not after paying a verification deposit.

It is always good to verify if the casino is legal and how long it has been functioning for. If you notice anything amiss, then it may not be advisable to put up a verification deposit. If other players have faced a problem in withdrawing their winnings, then it is possible that the casino may not have the best intentions.

How Does a No Deposit Bonus Work?

A no deposit bonus will usually be advertised clearly by the casinos who offer such promotions. When you register with a casino that offers a no deposit bonus, then you will receive the bonus either as free spins for the slot machines or as a free cash bonus like $10 to be used on specific games in the casinos. Other occasions when a no deposit bonus offer can be claimed are:

  • When a casino is celebrating an anniversary;
  • On your birthday and anniversary, as a gift from the casino;
  • If something had gone wrong and you had a bad experience with the casino.

how does a no deposit bonus workA free cash bonus allows you to try playing a variety of games, usually mentioned in a list of eligible games for the no deposit offer. These can even include table games. The advantage of having a cash bonus is the independence of being able to spend the bonus on the games you like.

On the other hand, if the no deposit bonus is made up of no deposit free spins, then you will be limited to certain slots machines only. Casinos usually prefer this type of no deposit promotions because it has a certain level of control on the games that you can play.

The no deposit free spins will usually get credited to your account automatically, but for the free cash bonus, you will be sent the no deposit bonus code on your email address or phone number, which can be redeemed for free cash deposited to your casino account. Such a no deposit bonus code may be valid for a limited period of time so make sure that you use them before the codes expire.

What are the Advantages of No Deposit Bonuses for Players?

Even though a no deposit offer may involve a lot of terms and conditions, players are always happy to get a no deposit promotion or no deposit free spins to get started in a casino. The advantages of such a bonus are:

  • You get to familiarize yourself in the casino and its rules;
  • You can try out different games in a casino.

You Can Only Claim “One Bonus Per Player”

one bonus per playerThere are lots of players who may have this question in their minds that if the bonus comes in for free, then you can surely claim it through different registration IDs. Casinos have been very vigilant about such acts and they prohibit players from trying to use duplicate accounts to collect the free bonus more than once.

If you are using the same IP address to sign into multiple accounts on the same casino, you will most likely be banned from using the casino and you will not be paid a no deposit bonus either. The same way when you cannot prove your identity then you will not receive the no deposit bonus code.

For a casino, it is important to ensure that people do not use unethical means to collect a no deposit casino bonus. This is why some of the casinos limit the countries which can claim the bonus.

Every casino offers several promotions for its customers. So even if you have used up your no deposit bonus, you can check for other offers in the casino and still enjoy your play.

If you try to outsmart a casino by using different names or IDs then you may end up getting blocked from being able to use the casino and all other casinos managed by the same group. So avoid trying to get claim the free no deposit bonus more than once from the same casino.

Why Would a Casino Give a No Deposit Offer?

why would a casino give a no deposit offerJust like most other casino promotions, the no deposit offer is a marketing technique intended to attract casino players. Many players find it difficult to trust a casino with their deposits because there is a possibility of the casino forfeiting your winnings or taking too long to transfer the winning to your account.

So casinos give players the chance to experience the casino games without spending money from your own wallet. Like we discussed, a casino doesn’t usually offer a huge amount of money in terms of the free cash bonus. And it would also limit that maximum withdrawal amount to make sure that they do not incur huge losses.

As a result, the amount of money that they would give away in a no deposit casino bonus will profit them if the customer stays on and continues to play more at the casino. This is also one reason why countries from where players are more likely to play for the free bonus only are usually not eligible for the free no deposit bonus.

There is no catch in the no deposit bonus offer. It is only intended to attract more customers to the online casino. If you are eligible for a free no deposit casino bonus, then carefully go through the terms and conditions to understand details like maximum winnings that can be claimed, minimum bet, or time limitations to the no deposit promotions.

When no deposit bonuses are used by new casinos to attract customers, it is better to check the experience of other players before you play at the casino. Many new casinos may not be legal. Some may take too long to complete withdrawal requests. If players have had problems related to withdrawals or if the wagering requirements are too high, then you are probably not going to make much anyways.