Norwegian Government Eyes Online Casinos

Norwegian Government Eyes Online Casino

The ruling of the Oslo District Court favored the Ministry of Culture concerning online gambling in Norway. The ruling said that the Ministry of Culture possess the powers of preventing payment processors from helping gamblers that access international gambling sites that do not have Norwegian gambling license.

The measure would begin from April 24. As stated by Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority (NGA), the flow of money from seven gambling companies was more than $256 million last year. The alleged firms have stated that they continue to offer online gambling to Norwegians, as the tactics used by them are not legal.

According to a report from The Jerusalem Post, the NGA released an order that requires the banks to stop payments processing from those online casinos starting April 24. The order also followed an audit on what the government called as irregularities.

NGA Ruling

Norway is country that has a history of keeping strict regulations within the entirety of the country’s gaming industry. Mainly the activities were kept for the state-owned Norsk tipping. The Norwegian government has considered the idea of possibly opening up their gaming industry market to international casinos.

The idea was considered but was never materialize. In December, it assumed that a large number of private casino operators would not comply with the guideline of the government that outline social responsibility. The NGA said that the flowed that was over $256 million in a year is a shock by looking at the scale and rate.

This information pushed NGA to ask the banks to comply with their measure in regards to this matter. In spite of this, the accused firms said that they continue their offer on online gambling since the tactics are not legal. The gambling companies have made a unanimous agreement among themselves.

They also form a collation for the attempt that they can continue on their business by offering their gambling services to Norwegians. The legal battle with the government resulted to the court keeping the decision. The ruling of the Oslo District was favorable to the Ministry of Culture.

The same ruling said that the Ministry of Culture possess the power of preventing payment processing from helping gamblers in accessing sites that do not have gambling licenses of Norway. Yet, some casinos manage to be able to accept cryptocurrencies without being notice.

Oslo Economics is a non-governmental agency.

The agency published a report claiming that if the Norwegian government decided to shift to open market like Denmark, the government would end up losing the revenue from the casinos. It could suggest that many less tax revenue is collected.

The decision could also lead to the growth of gambling activity that is being view as problematic. The same report have something to say about the efforts of the government in getting rid of online gambling operations.

The report said that the government would be more successful due to restrictions in place that do not permits operators to advertise their casinos locally. One downside of the restrictions was been mentioned in the report.

This downside is about local broadcasters that would experience losses of up to $55 .5 million a year because of not running advertisement for online casinos. In a way, it will hinder the ability of local broadcasters of producing new content that could affect other related industries.

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