Online Casinos To Replace Bricks And Mortar Casinos

online casino vs mortar casino

Online gambling gained momentum during the prolonged government travel restrictions imposed to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The deadly virus shut down land-based casinos and other gambling outlets for months, increasing the demand for online gambling platforms. People stayed in their homes with internet-based activities as their only entertainment.

Casinos worldwide needed to follow strict safety and health regulations during the reopening, causing a massive decline in guests’ attendance and revenue. Casinos needed to let go of some of their employees because of their limited operations. Most casinos resumed business, catering only 50 percent of their operational capacity.

Land-based casinos and other gambling facilities continued facing challenges despite loosened government measures. The industry is also facing its biggest competition, its online counterpart. Online gambling is expected to surpass bricks and mortar casinos very soon. The rapid growth of online gaming worldwide proves the potential of the industry.

Factors contributing to the growth of online casinos

One of the biggest factors that contributed to the growing influence of online gambling is its accessibility. People can play online slots, live poker, and other online games anywhere and anytime they want.

There is no need for people to travel to enjoy their favorite casino games since they can now play it online. Gamblers can save a lot of money since they no longer need to travel, pay for hotel bills, or purchase luxurious clothing to play in the casinos. Everything is accessible through their mobile devices.

Online casinos offer promos and bonuses to attract gamblers. Upon registration, gamblers receive welcome bonuses, and many companies offer loyalty programs for their regular users. Land-based casinos offer loyalty programs, but there are always reserved for high spending players.

Exciting competitions and tournaments

Many online casinos initiate competitions and tournaments to make the customer gambling experience more exciting. Gamblers can win luxury trips, new gadgets, and many more. Online casinos offer a higher chance of winning with bigger prizes.

Players in online casinos have more freedom compared to their land-based counterparts. Players are free to use any payment method, including PayPal and digital currencies. There is no time limit in playing online casino platforms. However, traditional casino players might not find full gambling experience on the platforms.

There is less interaction between players in most of the online gambling platforms. Live casinos could offer an interactive gaming experience, but it is far from the experience players get while playing in actual casinos.

However, experts believe that it will take time to go back to normal for the land-based casinos. They will continue implementing novel coronavirus preventive measures since the virus continues to spread around the world.

The virus has infected more than 22 million people globally, with nearly 800,000 deaths.

Health regulators worldwide report new cases of the virus every day despite the global campaign to stop its spread. Recently, Russia said that they had discovered a vaccine, but its effectivity is not yet verified.

The developments in the novel coronavirus directly impact both the land-based and online casinos.

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