Online Gambling Faces Crackdown In Multiple Countries

Online Gambling Face Crackdown In Multiple Countries

Internet speed and reliability brought many changes in people’s choice of entertainment. Hours of movie download cut to minutes or directly streamed on websites. People no longer need to wait on the line to watch their favorite movies in theatres because it is now freely available online.

Fans can now watch their favorite athletes play their sport on the internet wherever they are and whenever they want. The internet allowed people to search, listen, or watch music videos of their favorite artists and bands. People can now view and practice their arts because of the various videos on Youtube posted by different artists.

Gambling is among the industries that benefitted a lot from the internet. People’s attention shifted from land-based gambling activities to online gambling platforms. Online gambling attracted people’s attention because of its accessibility. It even gathered more followers during the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic because major sports events were canceled, and land-based casinos were closed.

The fast rise in the number of registrations and log-ins in online gaming platforms globally alarmed governments in multiple countries. Many countries are now heightening their regulations to control or shut down online gambling in their territories.

Online Gambling Around the Globe

In the UK, offline port betting gamblers are now shifting to online casinos because of the lockdown restrictions imposed by the government. According to reports, the gambling industry in the UK was severely affected by the pandemic. The lockdowns hardly hit online gaming companies in the territory. According to 888 Holdings, the cancellation or postponement of big events like Grand National and the Premier League hit their profit directly since the company usually earns 16 percent of the total revenue from sports betting.

Ukraine implemented stricter measures to regulate online gambling by intensifying its method of tracking down unauthorized online gambling platforms. The country’s Cyber Police announced that they established a team that will track down illegal online casinos in the territory. The regulating body noticed that other illegal operators pose as legitimate IT development companies to operate in the country. The Ukrainian government discovered a Kyiv-based online casino service disguised as a software company in January.

The Spanish government joined the battle against abusive online gambling operations. The country implemented strict guidelines on advertising and marketing. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs advised the Council Ministers of Spain to stop gambling advertisements until the lockdowns are lifted in their aim to prevent operators from abusing gamblers during the pandemic.

Impact of the rise in online gambling

As the number of online gamblers continues to rise, the government takes wiser actions to prevent consumers from getting addicted to entertainment. In Europe, the government placed the daily betting cap to £50 to control problem gambling. According to experts, the gambling disorder brought by online sports betting is higher, around 2.5 percent, compared to other types of entertainment like online casinos, bingo, and sots.

The result, however, showed that the other types attract more potential addicts by around 9.2 percent. Industry experts believe that the number of online gaming gamblers will continue to rise while people are staying at home.

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