Online Gambling Industry Grows, Online Casino Pops Up


Mobile phones made it possible to purchase human needs just by swiping on the screen. The rapid developments in mobile technology paved the way to new opportunities for other industries.  

Bank loans and money transfer is now possible trough phone applications that link clients to their banks.  Communication is far more interactive because of the developments in mobile phone cameras and of social media applications.  Industries like accommodation, travel, and gambling also moved in line with the fast change in technology development.

Gaming has been part of the culture of almost every nation in the world.  The modern popular culture revolutionized the gaming industry.  Hundreds of new games, which vary from simple online Tetris battles to interactive online casinos, are released every day in the market.

Online gaming attracted leading casino investors in the world. Investors rallied to fund developments of online gaming platforms in their goal to extend their influence anywhere in the world. Online casinos became popular because it is more accessible to a broader market, and it doesn’t bring with it additional burden like real-estate costs.

State of Online Gambling and Online Casino

Online gambling is one of the youngest and most successful industries in the market.  UKTN, a UK-based independent publication, estimated the net worth of online gaming at around $50 billion a year and predicted its compound annual growth rate at 11.5% at the end of 2025.  The news agency described the industry’s success as a very positive picture to the players and the industry operators.

The online gambling industry gained popularity because of innovations brought by faster internet download speeds and high-end gadgets on which they can be played.  Games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat are now played through “live” casino.

Because of the dominance of mobile devices, players are now capable of enjoying the casino experience wherever and whenever they want.   The online gambling industry also sees a change in trend in terms of players.  The adult-preferred industry now attracts younger customers, as well as females, who spend their time playing slots and bingo sites.

Finding a Trustworthy Online Casino

The online casino industry is expected to widen its influence in the future.  The online versions of almost all entertainment known to man appeared in the market like a plague. It is now difficult to determine if which site is reliable.  Customers usually choose online casinos that the real ones because of their availability.

Reputable online casinos are available any time of day of you have a smartphone or a tablet.  Trustworthy online casinos allow clients to manage their money directly without too much stress.  The platform should ensure that the client’s account is secured and their billing information is precise.

Gaming platforms need to secure the transmission of online data.  Advisable platforms place limits on clients’ accounts.  Platforms using 128-bit SSL encryption technology in data transmission are guaranteed secure.  The excitement of winning blinds people, especially in terms of security.

Investigating on the online casino’s operation before joining the platform is essential. Users’ claims of fraud experiences from online betting platforms spread on the internet.Only users can protect themselves from fraud and fake platforms.


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