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Game RTP %
Game Music
Game Design
Slot RTP: 96.3%
Min Bet: 0.20
Max Bet: 100
Reels: 5
Additional Details:
Paylines: 178
Software Provider: Elk Studios
Slot Type: Video Slot
Theme: Adventure
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Platooners by Elk Studios

Elk Studios presents the punters with the game of the decade – Platooners! As the name suggests, Platooners slot game comes with the theme of the Hollywood movie featuring a battle set in the jungle and the platoon involved in the battle.

platooners main screen

The whole set up of the game will present players with a similar vibe. The logo of the game features three minion-like characters posing with war equipment in their hands.

The game is definitely going to be a hit among the players who love some good action. So get your platoon together for an exciting game of Platooners slots! Let’s know more game details below.

Begin the Platooners Slot!

Platooners slots is a 5 reels game with an unusual 178 paylines for the players to win at. The game’s control panel features some amazing options for the players to set the game before beginning to play.

The setting options are on both sides of the screen. The spin button is featured by a round arrow which can be used to run the reels. The Autoplay option is also featured by a round arrow with ‘Auto’ written in it.

This option lets you run the reels for a predetermined number of times as set by the players. Button with Stacked Coins opens a separate panel. This is the betting panel where players can increase or decrease their bets.

Players can play the game from 20p per spin and can go as high as £100 per spin.

platooners home screen

Players can also activate a Betting Strategy in this section. This way the betting strategy will automatically set the stakes for the players. Players get different strategies and these are Optimizer, Leveller, Jumper, and Booster.

Optimizer Option: Players have to select a particular percentage of their balance and the Optimizer option will accordingly change the bet level for the players.

Leveller Option: If players pick the Leveller strategy, it is designed to raise a stake when players lose 5 times consecutively. If players lose again after this rise in stake, the bet gets raised by 2 levels again. This goes on until players come across a win, after which the option resets itself.

Booster Option: This strategy is designed to raise a bet after one loss by one level. This also goes on until players hit a win after which it resets. The increase in level is designed to go higher until four levels after the base bet.

Jumper Option: This strategy will increase the bet by 1 level every time players hit a winning round. This also goes on until four levels and gets reset after that.

The Platooners casino game can be played from different devices. Players can use any of their Android, iOS or Windows devices like smartphones, tablets, computers or laptops and access the game easily from any place instantly.

The game can serve as an entertainment form during commutations, long-distance travel, office or college breaks and so on.

Symbols of the Platooners Casino Game

The Platooners slot machine has different amazing symbols that add charm to the entire game. These symbols include Dog plates with Platooners written on them, Knives, Binoculars, and Medical Bags. These are the high-paying symbols of the game. The low-paying symbols of the game include Ace, King, Queen, and Jack.

platooners paytable

The Dog Plates are the highest paying symbols among the standard symbols. Land five of them on the reels to earn a payout of 1000 coins. For four of them on the reels, players earn 500 coins payout while three symbols pay 250 coins.

Next in line are the Knives symbols. Land five Knives on the reels to earn a payout of 500 coins. Four Knives symbols will pay 300 coins and three symbols pay 200 coins.

Five Binocular symbols come with a payout of 200 coins. Four symbols- 150 coins. Three symbols- 100 coins. Five of the Medical Bags symbols present 150 coins payout. Four Medical Bags pay 120 coins and three of them give 80 coins.

All the low-paying symbols of the game present a similar payout. For five of the Ace or King or Queen or Jack symbols on the reels, players earn 120 coins. Four symbols pay 80 coins while three of them present 40 coins payout.

Apart from these standard symbols, you will also come across Scatter and Wild symbols. The Scatter symbol is represented by Totem Masks. Wild symbols come with just ‘WILD’ written. Details of these symbols are in the next segment.

Bonus Features of the Platooners Slot Machine

The game comes with lovely bonus features which will keep players entertained for hours. These Bonus features include:

Wild symbol: Wild symbol has the ability to replace all but the Scatter symbol.

platooners wild win

Action Spins: Players will start seeing one of the Platooners as the game proceeds. The Platooner once landed on the reels, will fire his weapons randomly to produce many exciting features. These Platooners include:

  • Green Rockets Platooner: This Platooner is designed to launch rockets. So accordingly it will launch them on 1st and 3rd reels only. Once launched, these reels will fill with identical symbols. This, in turn, increases players’ chances of more wins.
  • Red Grenades Platooner: This Platooner is a powerful one since he has grenades which he throws randomly in any direction he pleases. This will cause the 3rd, 4th and 5th reels to produce wilds.
  • Yellow Bullets Platooner: This Platooner comes with a heavy machine gun. He will use it to fire on reels 2nd to 5th when the 1st reels come to stop. This will produce at least one of the five kinds of payline. If Players come across Yellow Platooner, they are ensured a win.

Scatter symbol: Totem Masks represent the Scatter symbols of the game. These are responsible to trigger the Bonus game along with 15 spins. Hence it is also known as Bonus symbol. Players have to land three or more of the Scatter symbols to trigger the Bonus game. The bonus game is known as Platooners Vs Snakes of Fortune.

Platooners Vs Snakes of Fortune: The game comes with three platooners. In this feature, these three platooners will attack the snakes one after the other. If players hit more Scatter (Bonus) symbols during this feature, they will win more attacks to tackle and play.

The main aim of this feature is to beat the snakes. So if players pick more than one platooners to beat the snakes, they will finish the task soon. When players achieve this feature, the weapons of the Platooners get upgraded.

This will help them beat more snakes and win the round. Players can also activate extra Platooners and ammunitions in the bonus game.

Whenever the players beat a snake, their game level increase by one. An increase in levels will help increase the payouts as well.

Platooners Slots Design & Theme

The Platooners slot game comes with the theme of the Hollywood movie set in the jungle. You will find platooners for fighting in this lush green jungle. Accordingly, the game features all the elements that support the theme awesomely.

platooners winnings

Players will find a jungle along with lighting equipment, cameras, and much more illuminating their screen. With the jungle background, the reels come placed on it. The graphics of the game come amazingly developed.

The animations and music run in sync making the entire gaming experience of high quality.

Play Platooners Online

Platooners casino game is one of its kind game developed by Elk Studios. The game is unique and has 178 payline giving more chances for the players to win.

There are different bonus features included in the game which will spice up the entire game for the players. For the players who love to have more features during slot gaming, Platooners is definitely one for them.

The game design, animations, graphics, and music, everything is superbly built. The Return to Players (RTP) percentage of the game is 96.3% which makes the game a medium to high variance one.


Is Platooners a High Paying Slot?

You can Make Massive Winnings from Platooners , depending on your bets and luck. Check out our game review to see all the features that will help with that.

Where Can I Play Platooners ?

We’ve selected the top casino where you can play Platooners at. Our selection is based on Quality of Bonuses, Swiftness and Safety of Withdrawals, and others. Read the review to see which is the best casino to play Platooners at.

Does Platooners Accept Players from My Country?

Different gaming providers provide different games, and some have specific country restrictions. To see if your location is accepted, visit our Platooners slot page and tap the Play button. Our system will automatically detect if you’re eligible to play and either allow you or deny you.

What is the Minimum Age to Play Platooners ?

The usual age for playing slots is 18+. But if you play in demo mode, there are no restrictions, unless you’re in the UK. UK residents under the age of 18 can only watch videos of the slot in action.

Are Free Spins Offered by Platooners ?

Many online slots offer free spins alongside their other beneficial features. We thoroughly investigated the featured of Platooners. You can find everything about them in the dedicated review.

Can I Play Platooners On My Mobile?

Game providers are now prioritizing the mobile gaming experience for their users. You can, for sure, play Platooners on your mobile device.


Play Platooners at The Best Online Casino Selected By Our Team!

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