Players in Sweden are in for a Treat – Svenska Spel Goes Retail


Sweden is one of the countries with the heaviest gambling regulations for casino operators and Swedish players. It also has one of the largest gambling economies on a global scale, and the Swedes are known to be avid players.

Well, they are all in for a treat, after Svenska Spel expanded its operations and kicked off March with a new partnership. It’s reached a deal with the Swedish retail chain Elon to make its scratch cards and other physical products there.

Svenska Spel’s Distribution Channels

This is not something new for the state-owned gambling company. They are already offering up for sale their physical goods at gas stations, grocery stores, and classic gaming and cigarette stores.

But to provide them in retail stores is a first. Elon stores across the country are going to gradually add Svenska Spel’s games and products to their variety of products. First up are the stores in Stockholm.

Owners of Elon stores in Stockholm are looking forward to the newly established relationship. They think that is a great opportunity to boost their own business operations. Even though the start is expected to be slow, until people get used to the fact they can get Svenska Spel products at Elon, the mood is optimistic.

Why Collaborating with Elon is Expected to be Beneficial?

The newly established partnership between Svenska Spel and the retailer is expected to be of great use for both parties involved. Carolina Swaffer, Head of Retail at Svenska Spel, said that their scratch cards are often bought as gifts. That would make them both more accessible and a reason for customers to return to the stores when they have to redeem their winnings.

That works for Elon owners, as well, since they rely heavily on loyal and regular customers. They view the Svenska Spel products as complementary ones, that might often be bought as impulsive purchases and gifts. The Triss scratch cards are expected to fit well in the range of products people can find at Elon.

Svenska Spel Expanding Its Reach

The gambling company is taking steps to achieve growth and better results, after a tumultuous revenue year in 2019. Its network of agents that resell the available physical projects continues to expand, and Svenska Spel also looks for new retailers to enter into partnerships with.

That’s part of the development plans of the company. The expectations for the collaboration with Elon are significant since they are entering a whole new niche of partnerships that can pave the way for further expansion of the network.

Realistic assessments point that it might take some time for the new partnership to bear fruits but the prognoses are good. Elon store-owners hope to attract new customers and make their existing ones return more often. At the same time, Svenska Spel is looking forward to results in the hope of continuing the expansion of its distribution network, if they are positive.

Elon store-owner Kalle Cers expressed his excitement not only of the potential increase in regular customers and more impulsive purchases, but also about the chance of being the store that sells that big-win ticket or scratch card. In all honesty, that would most definitely be some useful positive publicity.

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