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Game RTP %
Game Music
Game Design
Slot RTP: 96%
Min Bet: 0.2
Max Bet: 100
Reels: 7
Additional Details:
Paylines: Cluster Pays
Software Provider: Play’N Go
Slot Type: Video Slot
Theme: Cartoon
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Reactoonz Slots Review

Cute characters together with power-ups and reels are getting to be familiar, and this casino slots game is one of the best. Reactoonz is developed by “Play N Go” and comes on a 7×7 grid. Crazy, sweet and funny creatures are the key elements in the game.

There are different symbols that a player needs to match for them to get rewards. ‘It’s based on an alien theme, and the title uses a cascading game engine. This video slot is growing in popularity across the world.

Let’s begin with the ticklish game of Reactoonz

Reactoonz is an alien invasion themed game that aims at giving gamblers massive wins. The Play N Go video generates bonuses in the form of cluster pays. The online casino game offers quantum and Gargantoon features which are run by a cascading game engine.

A gambler needs to have a minimum of five combos either vertically or horizontally on the 7×7 grid. When you match the symbols, new characters will appear to replace the disappearing combinations. All successful combos will fill the bar placed on the left-hand side of the game window.

reactoonz main

On the right-hand side of the Gargantoon is the quantum device. Through the whole play, winning combinations help in charging the Quantum Leap. Once ‘it’s fully charged, the Quantum leap can trigger all four features, and the alien leader adds more loads on the reels.

The massive alien in the game will add random wilds in the game frequently. The game has eight standard characters which are in green, pink, blue, orange, dark green, purple, and yellow. A gambler ‘doesn’t have to be a quantum physicist for them to enjoy the demolitions, alterations, implosions, and incisions.

How Can You Play Reactoonz?

Reactoonz is a slot machine game that uses modern and sophisticated computer programs to design the way it operates. A player needs to collect a minimum of five matching symbols on the ‘game’s seven reels and seven rows.

The more you receive these characters during your gameplay, the higher your chances of winning better payouts. In this game, you don’t place bets based on paylines. An individual is required to place a bid of between 20p and £ 100 on all the reels as a set.

Once you get a combination of five or more combinations right, then you get a prize for that combo.

The game has impressive prizes for the gamblers, where one can get a reward up to 750 times their bet. When you match the winning combos, new symbols replace them in the reels.

Once a player receives four combos in a square, then the combination becomes a Giantoonz. Here a player can get rewards with a multiplier of 2.

reactoonz stack


All the game commands are easily accessible, making the mode of play to be simple. Once you decide on your Bet, you can click on the “Spin” button, and the game will be ready. Make sure you hit the best combinations frequently if you need better wins.

If you don’t get anything on a spin, Gargantoon can drop 4 – 8 symbols on the ‘game’s grid. This feature helps a gambler in getting better chances of having a higher hit on their prizes, in a single spin. The thrill of playing the game is very high due to the cartoon features or characters.

When you get several wins in a row, the quantum leap meter fills or charges. You can quickly fill the meter when you combine 25 characters in a single spin. Charging the Quantum leap generates special bonus features.

Reactoonz Offer a lot of Bonus Features

The game has lots of features that give players several chances of winning. The bonus features that the online casino offers are:

1.Quantum Leap

During the gameplay, each moment that you dispatch 25 symbols or characters at a single spin, you fill the quantum meter. You can also fill the Quantum leap in four rounds of play by joining more than five combos. Quantum leap gives you bonus features like:

  • Alteration. This one-eyed feature or monster can transform a group of matching symbols to a different character. The new features can accumulate and generate winning icons.
  • Implosions. If you get between three and six monsters, they are converted into wild symbols. The characters can replace any other images when hunting for winning clusters. Any symbols that are nearby are destroyed then new ones reinstate them.
  • Demolition. Any matching symbols vanish from the ‘game’s playfield, and new characters replace them. These new characters create new winning chances of winning.
  • Incision. Once you get a monster in the middle of the ‘game’s playfield, it turns to a wild symbol. The wild symbol usually has two electric lines that are created across the screen.
  • Fluctuation: If the player lands any one of the low valued symbols randomly in a combination of winning sets, the Fluctuation feature triggers. This feature gives the player two awesome wild symbols on that grid.

2. Massive Reactoonz

During your gameplay, if you manage to hit and fill all the five meters, you can get a massive Reactoonz which is similar to a 3×3 wild symbol. These symbols can offer a lot of rewards when combining with better premium rewards symbols. A player can get compensation with a multiplier of up to 1500 the betting stake.

reactoonz Gargantoon

3. Wild symbols in the Game and Multipliers

The game comes with wild symbols, and they are not designed to appear naturally on the reels. The wild symbols appear in the game in two ways:

  • The Gargantuan adds between four and eight wild characters to the game’s reels if you get a non-winning spin. It helps in improving your winning chances.
  • In every spin, a symbol that is marked ”fluctuating” will appear as a glowing figure. If a character combo comes from the symbols, they will leave a wild symbol behind once they disappear.

An Awesome Game Theme and Design

Reactoonz slots have amazing graphics, and the video rendering is impressive. It comes with plenty of animations that help one in winning prizes. The characters come in different colors like; green, pink, blue, orange, dark green, yellow, and purple.

It has a cartoon-theme which makes the video colorful. The video slot machine would remind you of the various animated videos. Gargantuan is the head of the cartoons that appear on reels of the game.

The Gargantuan stays on the right side of the reels and appears on the reels as a wild symbol. The game comes with a one-eyed wild symbol that appears regularly on the reels. Gargantoon has an army of eight different aliens who have high values; four of them are two-eyed, and the rest are one-eyed.

reactoonz super big win

The music in this slot machine game is not so different from the other slot video games. ‘It’s well balanced and invasive. The online casino comes with an option where a player can turn the music off when they are playing. Some of the players may find the sci-fi sound effects a turn off.

For mobile users, Reactoonz is very popular in the inline domain. ‘It’s accessible on both mobile and tablets or PCs. It’s browser-based and well developed to work on any mobile devices. The gaming experience on any mobile device is similar to a slot machine.


Reactoonz from Play’N Go is making a rumble on online-based casinos. It’s known for being the pioneer of mobile gaming platforms. They were the first to develop mobile-based casinos.

The wins from this online Reactoonz video slot would make a player ‘wasn’t to spend more time playing. The game is user-friendly, and the benefits prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are worth a try.

The cartoon theme and alien style make the game appealing. Gargantuan and his battalion ‘don’t look dangerous. However, ‘it’s not a simple task to get him and his army.

Where Can One Play Reactoonz?

Reactoonz by Play N Go is accessible from any smartphone or casinos. For you to play the online video slots, you need to be in regions where gambling is legal.

Gamblers in the UK can play the game since gambling is legal in most of the countries in Europe