Reel Rush Slot

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Game RTP %
Game Music
Game Design
Slot RTP: 97%
Min Bet: 0.5
Max Bet: 100
Reels: 5
Additional Details:
Paylines: 3125
Software Provider: NetEnt
Slot Type: Video Slot
Theme: Retro
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Reel Rush Slots Review

Do you love candy and fruits? Reel Rush welcomes you to a world of fruit and sweet, in plenty. The game has an impressive combination of video game graphics from the ’90s.

It’s a product of NetEnt, and the graphics take gamblers back to the popular game of Super Mario since they are almost similar. However, Reel Rush a player can gather wins up to a total of 480,000.

Get Immersed in the Reel Rush Slot World

This slot game features a 1-3-5-3-1 reel formation which gives a player around 45 ways in which they can win. The game has a total number of reels to be 5, and it has a total of 5 rows.

It’s still similar to other video slots games which can be played on several online casinos. The reel structure has more than 3,000 ways a player can get a winning combination.

It shows that winning in the game is simple. You can get the game in most of the online casinos hosted by NetEnt.

reel rush main

The game works smoothly on most of the operating systems meant for desktops and smartphones. In Super Mario, a player will be afraid of the turtles which could quash your winning dream.

Reel Rush slots don’t have the dangerous creatures and turtles which makes super Mario a tough game. The developer uses fruits as symbols where a gambler has to spin them.

There are Lemons, Pineapples, Strawberry, Watermelon, Plum and also Grapes. There are candies that are of different colors, and their value is lower compared to the fruits.

Begin the Game of Reel Rush Slots Game

The game is straightforward to play, and a player needs to match or combine symbols and characters which are similar. You need to create an account where you can deposit the coins you can use to play the game.

You will also get many slot games to play for free in the demo version, but if you need to get wins, you need to place bets on the spins.

The game screen comes with a “coin value” button which can be used by players to choose the coin value, ranging from 0.01 to 0.2. The player sets the level which is between 1and 10 using the “Level” button on the screen.

You can choose the “Spin” button which gives a player the option of initiating the game once. If you want your Bet to run several rounds uninterrupted, you can choose the autoplay option using the “Autoplay” button on the screen.

You have to pre-set the number of times to turn the reels before you get the reward. The slot game also has a “Max bet” button that can be used by players to spin the reels in the game at its maximum stake.

How can you win from the bets you place during your game? Well, once a player gets a successful combination of similar characters that gives them a win. A winning combo can generate one re-spin to a maximum of 5 re-spins.

reel rush respins

Each re-spin makes a double win and more symbols fall on the reels accordingly. If you don’t get any winning combo in your free slots, then your re-spins will be over after using the last one. If a player receives a successful arrangement after the last re-spin, the slot machine offers eight free slot spins.

However, free spins can’t be awarded when you are using the already awarded free spins options. A Reel Rush slot win generates stake wins of between £0.50 and £125.00.

Superb Bonus Features in the Slot Game

Nothing is more mesmerizing in a slots online game than its extra bonus elements. They give a gambler better winning chances. Some of the fantastic bonus features you can get from Reel Rush are:

  • Jackpots & Free Spins

Reel Rush free slot element is one of the best you can get from this slot video game. Its free re-spin feature is simple, brilliant, and its implementation in the game mechanics is intuitive. Once a gambler gets consistent or repetitive, wins two extra rows.

It allows you additional fields where you can get more winning combinations and extra spins. Getting five re-spin wins in a row gives you eight more re-spins. Each turn opens a chance of winning vast chunks of rewards.

A player should aim at getting extra re-spins. The main free re-spin has one hundred and thirty-five methods in which you can land succeeding arrangements. The second re-spin expands the gaming grid and offers up to four hundred and five means you can get a victory.

reel rush mega win

In Reel Rush’s third successful re-spin, the game offers six hundred and seventy-five combos which can generate a win, whereas the fourth offers 1125 suitable winning combinations. The values go higher from the first re-spin to the fifth, which has 1875 ways to generate wins.

If you win the fifth spin, it opens up the sixth re-spin. The reels will expand fully and a bettor will gain three thousand, one hundred and twenty-five ways in which they can get a victory. 3125 ways to win! Imagine that!

  • Wild Symbol

If a gambler gets a win, the non-active characters on the second and also fourth reel get active, and a re-spin occurs. This process occurs in each win where the non-active symbols on the second and last two reels become active. It’s responsible for activating the non-active symbols.

All these unique features appear in a mesmerizing way, and it might make you play the game for extended periods. The best part is that the player offers players an RTP of around 97%.

Reel Rush Theme & Design

The online slot gaming arena is very competitive, and developers are trying to attract more players in different methods. One of the conventional ways is prioritizing the graphics and design of the slots video games.

NetEnt considered this when developing Reel Rush to produce a harmonious and perfect slots video game. The visual presentation, soundtracks in use and brilliant gameplay show that the game has it all.

The theme is based on sweets and fruits, where some may think it’s limited to a specific group of people. There are also varying kinds of treats in the game like bonbons, which are in different colors.

Grapes, watermelon, lemon, plum, strawberry, and pineapple are the top-paying characters. There are more than just sweets and fruits offered by this masterpiece from NetEnt.

The design and graphics are modern, colorful and compelling. The theme creates a classic fruit machine feeling throughout the gaming time. Its visual identity is precise, clean, well defined and has vibrant color pallets.

reel rush start free spins win

The music in this game is slow, but when you start smashing the correct combo, the tempo increases, making the experience to be thrilling. The design is neat, and it’s what every player would want to enjoy. Reel Rush slot is accessible on a wide range of platforms together with Androids and iOS mobile devices.

Its gameplay is also is minimalistic, and there are no extra features that are different from other slot casino games. However, when you play the game for a few minutes, you can see that the elements are addictive and the game mechanics are excellent. It’s fully developed and with five rows and five reels.

The game, however, doesn’t have paylines and a player has to start with thirteen active fields that are in a diamond shape. The inactive fields have letter “R” marks, which break when you hit a win.

Only two areas can become active per every triumphant success. There is a wild symbol that appears as a golden star on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and also the last reels.


Are you a video game newbie making new steps in various fantastic video slots or experienced gambler, Reel Rush from NetEnt might be what you need. It’s unique and offers a low house edge.

It seems to be more of a 90s game thanks to its graphics and soundtrack. If you get winning combos, additional spins will make your winning process to be faster. A gambler can easily play the game while on the move from their mobile devices.


Where Can I Play Reel Rush?

The casino game gives an exceptional gaming involvement which no other slot video game can provide. You can easily access the game from numerous devices like mobile devices and tablets.

The website uses advanced programming languages, which makes it accessible from all these devices.

You can also visit our lobby to feel the thrill offered by Reel Rush slots in a demo, without betting real money.