Roulette Betting Strategy

roulette betting strategySince roulette became popular, people have sought to beat Lady Luck to win at roulette; some have succeeded, some have not! The best strategy is the one you are comfortable with and works for you.

Yet, it is a better approach to learn different betting strategies as circumstances can change at a table at any time. Read on in the article to explore some of the strategies that other players have used.

Let’s start proving Albert Einstein wrong when he said; “The only way to beat a roulette table is to steal money from it while the croupier isn’t looking”. Not an actual option for online players!

Find In This Article:

Roulette Strategy: Constant Bet

Remember To Consider Volatility & RTP!

As we start to explore the different strategies that will help you win at Roulette, we will first take a moment to look at variance or volatility. This describes how often you might win at any game of chance and how large the win can be. We have:

  • Low Volatility – where the wins come fairly frequently but tend to be on the lower side.
  • High Volatility – is the opposite when the wins are not as often, but when they do land, they tend to be worth the wait.
  • Medium Volatility – lands you somewhere in the middle of the other two.

roulette strategy constant betThe most volatile bet you can place in roulette is a straight bet at 36x your bet, the statistics saying you could win once every 37 spins. A low volatile bet would be an even chance bet which payouts 2x the bet. The RTP for roulette is 97.3% for European Roulette and 94.74% for American Roulette.

Statistically, you get the same money back whichever bet you decide to go with. Remember the RTP is always below 100, so you are always losing money, the house edge. Still, indicators show that placing higher volatility bets will potentially bring in a better return than playing low volatility.

Why We Bet At Roulette

Seems a simple thing, but there are as many reasons to play as there are players, some play simply for the fun of it. For others, it is a chance to win big. The thrill of watching that ball spin around the wheel, the anticipation is the reason they play. It is also a great way to have ‘time-out’ from daily life. These come in all forms of combinations and as such so does a roulette betting strategy.

The Constant Bet

the constant bet rouletteThe first strategy you can consider is often used by players even if they are not aware they are doing so. This strategy is about placing a constant bet, giving you the name. This is maybe the simplest of the strategies for roulette, but it can be effective given the circumstances.

It is dependent on the bets you want to place, how much or how little, how long you want to play, and how much you would like to win. As you step up to the roulette table, you need to decide what you want.

  • Play for around an hour and have a possible chance of leaving with more money in your bankroll than when you arrived?
  • Do you want to double your bankroll?
  • Do you want to win big?

For the first two options, the constant bet strategy is probably the best strategy for you. The last one, not as much, there are better strategies which we will get into later.

A Little More Detail Of Constant Betting Strategy

As mentioned this is not an overly complicated system, but it is essential that you select the best bet type and bet amount to expect to have a chance at winning. There can be enormous variation in the results of different bets and how much of your bankroll you allocate to your bet.

At the core of constant bet, is a decision to be high volatility bets, and chance winning big or seeing your bankroll deplete rather quickly. Or, play low volatility for the chance to be playing longer with a regular smaller return for your bet.

So you can sit down and decide to play £1 on black or red bets, and you could probably play all long as you want without losing your bankroll but, statistics show you will also not have any significant wins either.

Bets To Place

The roulette strategy below is about playing online or at a land-based casino. The roulette game is with a single zero and no special rules.

  • Colour – red or black with an x2 payout and a winning chance of 18/37.
  • Corner – placing your chip on the corner of four numbers. This has an x9 payout and a 4/37 chance of winning.
  • Straight Bet – play on one number, the payout being x36, the winning chance 1/37.

roulette bets to placeLooking at one statistical survey is probably the best way of examining the experience of using the constant bet strategy. As with any statistical research results can show deviations, but they would significantly affect the results.

This example is over 100 games with a bankroll of £100. It is the ratio of bet to bankroll that is relevant. So if a player played £1 of £100, it would be the same as a player playing £10 of a £1,000 bankroll.

Using the above bets with a £4 bet, the results in the survey’s simulations, using 1,000,000 players, showed:

  • Colour – the majority of players played through all 100 games without losing their bankroll, but also did not show any significant profit. Those who did show a profit rarely managed to double their bankroll. If you increase your bet size to say £10, then the odds of winning increase slightly. While the number of players reaching the 100 games decreases significantly. This being due to the lesser number of plays with a £10 bet as opposed to a £4 bet. The higher the bet, the more is lost due to the higher house edge.
  • Corner – a difference in playing with this bet can be seen almost immediately. The percentage of winners increased by 10% to those betting on colour. it also showed that players betting £1 on every bet stood a small chance of doubling their bankroll. Players betting £2 could even show a 100% profit after playing all 100 games, that is a 4% of players. 6% lost to the higher risk associated with higher volatility bets. The best bet for this land-based or online strategy is between £3 – £5. The higher the bet, the higher the risk but also the chance for a bigger reward. Also dependent on the size of your bankroll.
  • Straight – a thrilling, adrenaline rush comes when you play your favourite numbers. There are many options for selecting that number, of this the most volatile of bet types. The survey showed though that this type of bet had the better chance of winning with £1 bets. Once again, the higher the bet, the more risk involved, as the number of spins is reduced.

The stats used in these examples are pretty clear. This is a betting strategy for longer more fun play. Keeping the bets between £2 & £4 appears to be the optimum choice if you are going for longer playing time with the chance of keeping your bankroll fairly secure. If you want more from you roulette game, then check out the following strategies.

Roulette Strategy: All-In

roulette strategy all inAnother consideration for the best strategy would be an ‘All-In’ roulette betting strategy. How it works is all in the name, no complicated maths involved. You decide what you want to bet and the win you are hoping to achieve.

This strategy is highly volatile and therefore, risky, but the rewards can be high. There is no mistaking the adrenaline rush from playing this strategy, yet caution is still recommended, as you can lose a bankroll in a very small amount of spins.

How It Works?

The All-In strategy works by looking for the most direct path between your starting bankroll and the amount you want to walk away with. To do this start by making a clear decision for yourself or how much your bankroll is and what end result you want.

Next, the maths part, work out what bets you need to place to achieve your desired result. Finally, follow your series of bets and hope Lady Luck is with you.

A Strategy Example

Let’s give a player a bankroll of £100 and a win expectation of £10,000. To achieve this, there are several series of bets you could choose from including:

  • Place a Straight bet at £100 x 36 = £3,600. Bet this win over 3 rows to win £10,800.
  • Place a Split bet at £100 x 18 = 1,800. Bet this win on a six-line bet to win £10,800.
  • Place a street bet at £100x 12 = £1,200. Win this and bet on a corner x 9 to win £10,800.

With any of these bets the obvious is true, lose your first spin, and the plan is gone. If all goes to plan after two spins, you could be walking away with your target amount. In terms of return to player, not really in the equation here. In single-zero roulette that is, as the RTP is the same for all the bets chosen.

Bet Limits

bet limits on rouletteBefore starting to play at any table where you want to win at roulette with the All-In strategy, check the table limits. Not much of a problem with the lower limits but you need to know for certain what the maximum table limits are.

Using our example should not be a problem, but if you are playing with a higher bet, you need to make sure you can place the second bet in the series that the table limits allow you to do this. Some casinos also have differing bet limits for the different sort of bets, e.g. allowing you to bet more on a colour bet than a straight bet.

This is an online strategy and a land-based one, the main element being you have to win your first bet to achieve the 2nd & 3rd bet to find your wins. Going over a longer series of best increases the house edge, as applied to every win, and the potential to lose more in the long term.

Some Statistics Of All-In Betting Strategies On Roulette

Using single zero wheel and no special rules, plus a £10 starting bet to showing the winning average and cost:

  • Place a £10 bet on Street bet at x12. The return win equals £120. This has a 32.43% or a 12/7 probability of winning, with one house edge cost at 2.7%.
  • Place a £10 bet on a Straight bet at x36 with a return win of £360. This has a 2.7% or a 1/37 probability of winning, with one house edge cost at 2.7%.
  • Place a £10 on a Straight bet at x36 then place the winning £360 on a colour bet at x2. The return win equals £760. This bet series has a 1.315% or a 1/37 + 18/37 probability of winning. Two house edge here so a cost of 5.33%.
  • Place a £10 bet on a Straight bet at x36, then place the winnings on Dozen bet at x3. The return win equals £1,080. This bet series has a 0.877% or a 1/37 +12/37 probability of winning. Again with two house edge applied, the cost is 5.33%.
  • Place a £10 bet on a Straight bet at x36, then place the winnings on Corner bet at x9. The return win equals £3,240. This bet series has a 0.292% or a 1/37+4/37 probability of winning. Two house edge applied makes the cost 5.33%.
  • Place a £10 bet on a Straight bet at x36, then place the winnings on another Straight bet at x36. The return win equals £12,900. This bet series has a 0.073% or a 1/37+1/37 probability of winning. Two house edge applied makes the cost 5.33%.
  • Place a £10 bet on a Straight bet at x36, then place the winnings on another Straight bet at x36, then again on a Corner bet at x9. The return win equals £116,640. This bet series has a 0.008% or a 1/37+1/37+4/37 probability of winning. Three house edge applied makes the cost 7.89%.

Think the first thing that comes to mind with this strategy is it is a highly volatile slot and risky. It is not for those players who want to spend some time playing the game. It’s a fast, furious, adrenaline rush, where you could be walking away after only three spins and achieving some very big wins.

Conversely, you could be leaving with nothing. Strategies do not guarantee winners. Unfortunately predicting where a ball should land is not feasible without equipment that would see you thrown out of a land-based casino.

Plus it would not work online due to the RNG, Random Number Generator. RNG is the systems used by online casinos to ensure the results of spinning a ball or a slot is random. In roulette online as you watch the ball spin, behind the scenes so to speak, a complicated algorithm is ongoing, this is to generate a sequence of ‘random’ numbers as it is mathematically possible to do.

Once you place your bet, the RNG gets to work and produces from a seed sequence a winning number. If you are concerned about the fairness of this, don’t be. Regulated casinos have independent auditors, like world-class eCOGRA that monitor this system for fairness.

Roulette Strategy: Constant Proportion

roulette strategy constant proportionFor many roulette players, the best strategy is Constant Proportion. Similar in some ways to Constant Bet strategy with one different element. Where Constant Bet keeps the same bet amount throughout, with Constant Proportion, your bet is a constant percentage to your bankroll. If you want to use the Constant proportion roulette betting strategy, it’s not overly complicated, but you do need to do a little maths!

For instance, if you have a £100 bankroll and you place 10% on a Colour bet at an x2 return. That is £10 if it wins you get back £20 making your bankroll now £110. Your next bet would be £11, and so on. The difference between the two strategies can be seen in the playing time; as you keep winning your bet increases, but the reduction on your bankroll remains the same.

If you start to lose, your bet amount decreases, effectively slowing the reduction on your bankroll. This is a slightly more interesting bet as you have some choices to make, gets you far more involved in your gaming. It actually feels like you are employing a roulette strategy.

As with Constant bet, this betting strategy is about finding a balance between high volatility bets and low volatility bets. Betting on high volatility would bring in a higher win but also can accelerate your exit from the roulette table, due to insufficient funds with which to play, not the best scenario!

Your Bankroll

Maybe at this point, it is a good idea to remind you that as a player you are responsible for managing your money. Not the casino, not the dealer or Lady Luck. To make sure that your gaming does not become a problem set yourself some rules or boundaries, whatever works for you.

These can include keeping your gaming budget separate from a household budget. Remember you are gambling for entertainment, treat any losses as the cost of the entertainment, just like a few drinks with friends.

Set your limit for loss and for winning and stick to it, the last part important, it is so easy to get caught up in the adrenaline, especially if you are winning. It is at that time you need to walk away and enjoy your win at roulette. You can also set a time limit for your gaming, and that also helps you decide your choice of roulette strategy.


roulette strategy betsIt is not always possible in this system to round off your bets neatly. You also need to watch out for the lower limit of the table. If your bet drops below, then play the minimum table limit amount. As in the other examples let us look at some stats of what could happen on certain bets.

For this example, it is the single zero, no special rule roulette, like no ‘La Partage or en prison’. The bankroll is £100, and the survey used one million players, but the results would be similar with larger bankrolls with a different percentage of the betting amounts being placed.

Colour Bet

Placing a starting bet on Colour, the least volatile option, using from 1% to 50% as the starting bet. It was found that:

  • A 1% bet gives a 35.5% overall chance of winning between £100 – £200 at the cost of £2.7
  • A 2% bet gives at 35.4% overall chance of winning between £100 – £200 and a 0.0054% chance of winning £200 -£500 at the cost of £5.3.
  • A 3% bet gives a 33.8% overall chance of winning, with a 33.5% win of £100 – £200, + 0.3% win of £200 – £500 at the cost of £7.7.
  • A 4% bet gives a 31.9% overall chance of winning, with a 30.4% win of £100 – £200, + 1.4% win of £200 -£500 at the cost of £10.2.
  • A 5% bet gives a 29.5% overall chance of winning, with a 26.7% win of £100 -£200, + 2.8% win of £200 -£500, + 0.0074% win of £500 -£1K at the cost of £12.6.
  • A10% bet gives a 22% overall chance of winning, with a 14.1% win of £100 – £500 + 7% win of £200 – £500 + 0.75% win of £500 – £1K + 0.13% win of £1K -£5K + 0.0002% at over £5K at a cost of £23.8.
  • A 20% bets gives a 9.75% overall chance of winning, with a 3.9% win of £100 – £200 + 3.9% win of £200 -£500 + 1% win of £500 – £1K + 0.8%win of £1K -£5K +0.07% win of over £5K at a cost of £42.
  • A 50% bet gives a 0.137% overall chance of winning, with a 0.017% win of £100 – £200 + 0.058% win of £200 -£500 + 0.028% win of £500 – £1K + 0.018% win of £1K – £5K + 0.016% win of over £5 at the cost of £90.

What does all of that mean? with a Corner bet, players placing 1% – 5% of their bankroll had the optimum chance of playing their whole 100 spins, whereas at 10% they 0.6 chance of not finishing 100 spins, at 20% that goes down to 25.6 and at 50% of the bet it a whopping 99% that won’t finish their 100 spins.

In fact, at a 50% bet the stats show that 57.2% of players lose everything before 30 spins! Looking overall at these stats, you could choose to play safe at a 1% -5% bet and avoid the 20% -50% bet, leaving the interesting 10% bet.

This, while still slightly risky, does seem to offer the opportunity to make your play exciting and the potential is a lot better for the higher wins.

Corner Bet

roulette corner betWhen the same comparison was carried out on corner bets, it was clear that the higher the bet, (20 and 50% stakes) the bigger the losses, as players often did not get to spin past 30 spins. The lower bets revealed wins of £100 – £200! 0% was still a risky choice as 12.6% of players did not make it past 50 spins.

The optimum play seems to be 5%, where you will get to 100 spins with a small chance of winning £1,000+ wins. A 4% bet seems the optimum bet to stake with a better RTP, but little chance of going over £500 wins.

Straight Bet

The most volatile of the bets for any strategy. Using this bet type results indicate that the top range 10% -50% is way too volatile. The lower range 1% – 2% the returns are minimal for improving your bankroll. The optimum amount appears to be 4%, bringing a chance at some high winnings.

This is a reasonable strategy to use for a land-based or online strategy but would stick to Corner or Straight bets for the better chance of a good return. Using 3% or 4% bets on Corner bets and 4% or 5% on Straight bets.

Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy

reverse martingale roulette strategyOur final strategy in this article is the Reverse Martingale strategy. Most players have heard of the Martingale strategy where you increase the size of your bet after each loss. The Reverse Martingale is the opposite; you increase your bet after each win.

This is an interesting strategy which can be seen to meet all the requirements of enjoying your play and gaining a win at roulette.

  • The RTP with the Reverse Martingale system you can place basic bets on the whole with limited higher bets and see a good return on your overall strategy.
  • The chance of winning big is a good possibility, depending on the target amount you have set. Remember, the higher the target amount, the lower your chances of hitting it are.
  • The thrill of playing the Reverse Martingale strategy is great because of those opportunities to make those higher bets.
  • The length of playtime can be fairly well predicted depending on the choice of bet.

How To Play The Reverse Martingale Strategy?

For many players, this is the best strategy due to it fulfilling all the four elements that make playing roulette such a good experience. Before placing a bet a player needs first to decide four elements:

  • Your Bankroll – how much you can afford to lose;
  • Your basic bet;
  • What bet types you are going to use;
  • Your target amount – how much you want to win.

A point of note here; a lot of players baulk at the idea of betting all of their win in one go, considering it too risky! An option to consider is to place a percentage of the win on the next bet.

how to play the reverse martingale strategyFor example £1 on a straight bet return you £36, you could then bet 50% as in £18 or £9 as in 25%. If this suits you better, you need to remember to maintain the same percentage for every bet, no swapping and changing! So, for the 50% bet your £18 for £648, the next bet in this strategy would be £324.

Some call this adjusted version of the Reverse Martingale strategy the Progressive Bet strategy. But let us go back to the classic Reverse Martingale strategy. As an online strategy, you need to consider bet sizes.

This is due to the table limits; you must check maximum table limits as the bets can rise rapidly when you are winning. To enable this system, unless you have VIP status and higher table limits, you may have to adjust your target amount to accommodate your bet size.

Remembering also, there can be different limits imposed on the type of bet you select. The strategy involves deciding on a sequence of bets that will achieve your target amount.

Bet Sequences To Consider For Reverse Martingale Strategy

Placing a £1 bet the choices for the target amount of:

  • £200 – place the sequence as Straight bet – Six-line. Calculating at £1 x 36 x 6 = £216;
  • £500 – place the sequence as Straight bet – Split. Calculating at £1 x 36 x 18 = £648;
  • £1,000 – place the sequence as Straight bet – Straight bet. Calculating at £1 x 36 x 36 = $1,296;
  • £2,000 – place the sequence as Straight bet – Straight bet – Colour. Calculating at £1 x 36 x 36 x 2 = £2,592;
  • £3,000 – place the sequence as Straight bet – Straight bet – Dozen. Calculating at £1 x 36 x 36 x 3 = £3,888;
  • £5,000 – place the sequence as Straight bet – Straight bet – Six line. Calculating at £1 x 36 x 36 x 6 = £7,776;
  • £10,000 – place the sequence as Straight bet – Straight bet – Corner. Calculating at £1 x 36 x 36 x 9 = £11,664;
  • £20,000 – place the sequence as Straight bet– Straight bet – Split. Calculating at £1 x 36 x 36 x 18 = £23,328.

If we consider the three-bet types we have been using for examples, Colour, Corner and Straight bets. Using the Reverse Martingale as your strategy to place Colour bets shows the number of winners gets lower the higher the target amount is.

bet sequences to consider for reverse martingale strategyWhen playing increasingly higher bets, the cost or house edge rises as well. The average cost of places colour bets is higher than the other two with Using this strategy to place Corner bets and Straight bets also show that the higher the bet so to the higher the cost and a lower chance of achieving your target amount.

Although using Corner and Straight bets is a much better roulette betting strategy than using Colour bets. This is due to the higher number of bets needing to be placed, a higher number of wins needing to be found and bet sizes tending to be higher.

Using the Reverse Martingale strategy, the higher you set your target amount, the less likely you are to achieve it, so remember set realistic targets for a better chance to get there. Using Reverse martingale strategy you could, with a 0.2% probability win £4,665.6 with a starting bankroll of £10 and using the basic bet of £0.1 in 3 spins, with an average total cost of £ 0.87.

  • Place your Straight bet for £0.1.
  • Win £3.6, place this all on Straight bet.
  • Win £129.6. Place this all on another straight bet.
  • Win £4,665.6.

The higher average cost of playing higher bets can be reduced by altering your bet type. Placing higher volatility bets in your roulette strategy, you can reduce the number of spins and increase the level of wins, lowering your costs.

For the optimum play in Reverse martingale strategy go for the straight bets, the downside being you do not get the chance to play high bets very often, plus the play is over quickly win or lose!

Play at lower variance if you want to extend your playing time and the fun you are having placing your bets, but statistically, the straight bet offers the best chance to meeting your target.

The Reverse Martingale is a reasonably flexible strategy where you can increase your bets in percentages instead of the whole amount, maybe something to consider starting with if you are a novice at Roulette and its strategies.

Roulette Strategy Recommendations & Sum Up

roulette strategy recommendationsDid you know there is a strategy known as YANS, an acronym of ‘You Are Nuts System’ that some players are convinced is the only strategy to use at a roulette table. It has no discernible rhythm or sequence other than intuition, better known as a ‘gut feeling’.

Not a strategy we can analyse or advice on! We have shared the reasoning and stats behind the strategies in this article, but the final choice has to be yours. Selecting your strategy for land-based or online casino play is about what you are comfortable with.

To discover that you need to try them out; online casinos are perfect for this as you can indulge in some fun play while experimenting and not lose a penny! One point to note with most of the strategies, especially All-In and Reverse Martingale are the table limits, both minimum and maximum and affect your intended results. Faites Vos Jeux!